Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Is Here &, Almost, Gone

It's been a whirlwind month. 

Work has been busy (thank goodness), & my days off seem to fly right by. 

On 1 of my days off, I took a ferry over to the City by the Bay to spend the day as well as attend a SFGiants baseball game with friends that night.

I spent another afternoon watching a friend win money on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine at Cache Creek Casino within 20 minutes of us arriving. And then gorge ourselves at the buffet with part of her winnings!! Lol 

I took my dad to Mikuni's Japanese Restaurant & Sushi in Davis for the best sushi!! 

Celebrated Fathers Day with my family at Cattlemen's in Dixon, an excellent steakhouse. But I ate Chicken Teriyaki!

My parents & I spent a day with my cousin, Jessica, in Castro Valley & Dublin. We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant called Casa Orozco in Dublin where Happy Hour is ALL DAY!! 

I  saw only 2 movies this month: 22 JUMP STREET and JERSEY BOYS. I did have plans to see THINK LIKE A MAN tonight, but my asthma (caused from allergies) has been acting up the last couple of days & I can barely get through my shifts let alone sit through a movie!! Hopefully I'll see it sometime this upcoming week. 

I've read 3 books this month: W IS FOR WASTED (Sue Grafton), and both THE COLD HEART & MYSTERY ( Jonathan Kellerman).  I'm currently reading THE NIGHT CIRCUS ( Erin Morgenstern). 

Last Saturday a co-worker asked me to walk Relay For Life with her. And, soooo, since my dad has cancer again I of course said YES!! After working my shift at work I walked....and walked!! I'm definitely doing that again next year!!

Besides all that I hung out with friends and family & continued to work on our upcoming Family Reunion scheduled for next month. And I ate out a lot!! 

And now going back to cancer.... My dad was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer yet again. I believe it's the 5th time in 1 1/2 years. His surgery was yesterday. When they found it this time they found 2 spots on his bladder. Yesterday there were 5 spots!!! So, either they didn't see 3 of them originally OR they appeared in the few weeks since they found the other 2 spots. He came through the surgery just fine and was home a few hours later!! now it's 6 weeks of the bladder wash.... And hopefully this is the last time.

Well, that's my June 2014 so far. Here's wishing everyone a great weekend!! 

Until next time........