Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday......I'm baaaack!

I've been off of my computer since February.  It started as something I gave up for Lent.  But then even after Easter I've been so busy I haven't had the time to even try to blog.

A quick synopsis of my life right now:
(1) I'm still working 2 jobs (5 shifts at one job/2 shifts at my other job)
(2) My step-dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer.  Well, they found a tumor back in Feb when he finally had an MRI after he fell off of a ladder in December.  They did the biopsy.  The doctor initially told my step-dad they didn't find anything.  However, a few weeks later when he was still having the same issues he called the doctor back.  She profusely apologized to my dad and explained that she just got the results back from the pathologist and my dad did indeed have cancer......He was immediately started on a chemical wash for 6 weeks.  He's almost done. Hopefully it will be successful.....
(3) My brother is not well.  My mom said he has been looking exhausted for monthes.  He finally listened to her & had a physical. The doctor told him that he had an enlarged heart due to extreme stress and if he didn't make drastic/immediate changes to his life, he would get worse & possibly die.  My mom saw him a couple of weeks ago...she said he is looking a little bit better. I guess that's better than looking worse?!
(4) My father is getting ready to have hip replacement surgery.
(5) One of my mom's cousins was murdered a couple of weeks ago by his daughter.  The funeral is this week.....And, yes, she is in jail.....
(6) I was recruited to be on the committee for my high school reunion.  It's a combination of 2 classes.  The other class has a few people helping locate people.  I am the only one for my class.  Luckily a couple of the girls from the other class are now helping me.  It's been difficult trying to contact people & getting some to respond back at all. 
(7) And, lastly, due to the upcoming Obamacare.....I was just informed that I will be losing one of my shifts at my main job sometime this summer.  They want to make sure none of us will go over 30 hours a week so that they don't have to offer us benefits.

This whole healthcare benefits issue is completely ridiculous!!  How can the government FORCE us to get healthcare??  When did the USA become a socialist country??  I didn't realize I lived in Russia for God sake!!

Anyway, the bottom line is this:  because of this new STUPID law.....not only am I losing 1 shift a week...which means less money to pay my bills......but I will not be able to afford the healthcare benefits that the government is MAKING ME GET!! 

So, oh-wise-one US Government......when this law takes effect & all of us current middle class employees who work in places that don't offer benefits are losing shifts & trying to figure out how we're going to pay our bills, buy food to eat & gas for our cars etc.....and then try to pay for this overpriced healthcare......have you even thought about how the economy will be affected??

If you haven't figured it out yet......the economy will probably tank again because the middle class won't have the extra money to spend on non-essentials.  Some of my co-workers and I have already been talking about it. 

But I honestly don't believe any politician from ANY side cares about the middle class.  It's apparent to me that the politicians and rich want the USA to be a 2 class country:  the poor and the rich.

And, sad to say, they are getting their wish.........

Well, on to a little bit of a happier subject.  I am still going to Zumba class a couple of times a week.  And, I am running in a 5k in a couple of weeks.  I haven't run in one in a couple of years and am looking forward to it.  The only problem is that I haven't been running lately.  I have 2 weeks to get ready!! lol

Well, that's all for now.  It's getting late and I have to work tomorrow. 

Until next time......