Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Tuesday.....

Hello Blogger friends.....

This month is just flying by!!  Didn't realize that it was already the 22nd of January?!  Huh... I still remember NYDay like it was yesterday!!

As usual I've been working, but I have also been working on my duplex.  I finally took down the Christmas tree and all of the decorations and started an early spring cleaning in between working. 

I figure that the more I stay home and clean and purge the more money I'll save because I won't be out spending it.  LOL  And then, maybe, this year I can actually buy new furniture?! 

Honestly, everything I have is from my former marriage.....and I've been divorced since 2005 :/  And, we got the furniture when we moved back in 2001.  Yeah, I'm thinking almost 12 years with the SAME old furniture is quite enough. 

On top of that, last week the TV in my bedroom went out.  Well, the picture did.  I've had THAT TV since 1995.  Yes, seriously!!  I think it's a sign.......

I'm trying to make this year more productive than previous years.  Making my time count for something.  I've started up my Zumba classes again after the holidays (which I love) and yesterday finally started running again.  Did 3 miles.  It's a start.  I want to run another 5k this year and then try a 10k at some point.

In between all of that I've been to the movies several times.  I'm already up to 6 movies and January isn't even over yet!!  I think I saw about 42 movies in 2012 and I hope to see even more this year!

I'm also trying to make time for family and friends.  Usually on the holidays like MLK Day I am added to the schedule because we get busy.  Well, for whatever reason I wasn't added this year.  Instead of being upset about it like I would usually be, I made the most of it and made plans to visit some of my cousins yesterday.  We had a great day visiting, eating, and then going to the movies.

I have to say that I was asked if I wanted to pick up a shift yesterday at the last minute, and usually I would have said yes, but I had already made plans so I said no.......and didn't feel bad about it.  I finally realized after this passed year that all this working isn't going to matter if I don't stop and enjoy life once and a while.  I work very very hard and really have little to show for it..... I guess you could say by choice. 

So, now I choose to enjoy my life.  I am trying not to waste so much money like I normally do, so that I can do other things besides just going to the movies.  Hopefully I will be successful in this endeavor.

Well, it's time to go,  Tuesdays are my only day I have a double shift between my 2 jobs.  So, enough rest....it's time for round 2.

Wishing everyone a great week!!  And, until next time..................

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