Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flu Shot

Happy Thursday my Blogger friends!!

Finally logged in on my iPhone!! I've had this app since I got my phone last year but am just now getting around to trying out the app's I downloaded oh so long ago.

It's finally slowed way down at work. It's much slower them the same time last year... Not so good for me. Hope it picks up soon.

Today at work some of my co-workers were talking about the flu epidemic which has hit this country and many of them got the flu shot.

I didn't know that it had become an epidemic and that so many people have died.

I've always said that I would never get a flu shot!! But my co-workers had me a little nervous so after work I thought about it and decided to bite the bullet, be a big girl and get the shot.

Sooo, I ended up at Costco, which was closest to my house as well as the most affordable. Oh yeah, I don't have health insurance at this time.

After the shot the lady told me that I wouldn't be 100% immunized for 2 weeks?! Yikes, I'd better not get that nasty flu in the meantime!!! (knocking on wood)....

Yes, that picture below is me getting that flu shot!!! :/

Until next time.....

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