Friday, July 20, 2012

TGIF......and some thoughts on last nights tragedy

Happy Friday to all.....

As usual I've been a terrible blogger.  Since the restaurant business slows down a bit this time of year while people are on vacay......I've been trying to pick up extra shifts to compensate.

This is my last week to "sleep in" on some of my morning shifts.  One of my friends/co-workers is leaving my main job and tomorrow is her last day.  Since I'm one of the very very few servers who actually shows up to work ON TIME (and usually very early!!) I have been designated to receive her opening shifts (she only works 2 days a week)......which means I have to be at work at 6am instead of 8 or 9. 

Now, I already open one day a week...which is fine.  But now I will be opening 3 mornings in a row!!  Starbucks---watch out!!  I'll be there bright and early at 5:30 in the AM!!  :P 

The great part is that I got my Fridays back!! Yay!!!  But this time it's the morning, instead of the night, shift!! Also, for some odd reason I went from 8 am on Sundays to 6:30am.  I'm not sure why, but okay we'll go with it......

I still have my 1 night shift during the week which I am fine with.  I like the shift and the crew that night.  Hopefully it won't change.

As for my 2nd job....I still work only 2 mornings a week.  The manager asked me if I wanted to pick up a few nights shifts.   Uhhhhhhh, that'll be a big N.O.  Thanks but no thanks......

Also, my friend that got me the 2nd job quit.  I found out from my co-workers at my main job that she quit.  I've only seen her briefly and she said that yes, she quit...she was just tired of that place.  Funny, how can she be tired of it when she calls in "sick" for half her shifts????  Anyway, the manager from my 2nd job asked me what happened with her.  I said that I hadn't really talked to her about it much and that all I knew was that she quit.  He (the manager) said that she never quit.....she just stopped showing up for her shifts last week and hasn't called or anything!! 

Nice....and sooooo professional!  NOT!!  I heard that she once told the manager that if she quit she would take all of her friends with her....... Uh, no, there are some of us who actually need to work this 2nd job!!  Luckily we aren't close friends.  I'm just really disappointed in her.  :(

Besides working as much as I can, I've been going to the movies.  It's really the only thing I have time for (besides reading).  I really need to get a life!! lol  But, I'm back to working 6 days a week so that's gonna be a little hard to do.....

I've seen some really good movies this summer!! Really been looking forward to seeing Dark Knight all summer......But now of course everyone has heard about the tragedy in Aurora CO last night???  It's horrifying to think someone would really do something like that.   There are just too many crazies in this world today. 

I haven't had a chance to hear too much about the suspect and whether or not they've revealed a motive.   I have soooo much to say but will refrain until I hear more.  No use putting more "useless chatter" out there without anything to back it up, right??!! haha

What I will say is that I still plan on seeing the movie...if not this weekend, then definitely on my day off!  Just depends on how busy it is at the movies after I'm off work.  We'll see if this tragedy keeps people out of the movie theatres this weekend out here in California??!!

My philosophy has always been that Life is too short and you have to enjoy each and every day.  Yes, sometimes it's hard to do when you're dealing with the minutiae of life.  But I refuse to let the crazy people of the world keep me from living my life!!  I will try to be careful but I'm still gonna do what I wanna do. 

Just like back on Sept 11th....everyone was terrified to fly.  I never was.  As a matter of fact a friend of mine got married soon afterward and out of state.  Did I hide in fear and not get on that airplane?  No of course not...I packed my bags and went.  And had a fantastic time!! 

I went to England a few years ago even though some people told me not to go because of the terrorism problem in Europe.  Did I stay home scared and hide??  No, I not only went to England but I went BY MYSELF!!  And had the TRIP OF A LIFETIME!! 

We can't make decisions based on other peoples stupid actions.  All we can do is be mindful and try to stay as safe as we can.  If we all run away and hide each time these people come around....they win and I refuse to let that happen!! 

So......don't let this lunatic stop you from going to the movies, or seeing Dark Knight.  Just be safe!! 

As always, I'll end this by saying that I'll try to be a better blogger. 

I also want to say that my prayers go out to all of those who were in that movie theatre last night and to those who lost loved ones in the tragedy......

And......everyone have a great (and safe) weekend!!

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