Saturday, June 9, 2012's June & the year is half over

Hello my Blogger friends...

It's June already.  How did that happen???  This year is flying by and I wish it would slow down just a bit so that I can enjoy it.....

As usual I am too busy working.  I know I need to stop and smell the roses but I have bills to pay so....

When not working I am reading or going to the movies.  I have read the current "hot" series:  Fifty Shades

TWICE already.  Currently I am loaning them out to friends and co-workers.  But, seriously, once I get them back.....I am DEFINITELY reading the series again!! 

Who else has read this series.....and what do you think of it?? 

As for movies I am loving summer because it looks like lots of good movies will be coming out.  One of the few movies I have not seen is MIB3.  I remember seeing MIB2 and truly disliked it so probably not going to see the 3rd installment. 

And, even though every single person who has seen the Avengers has LOVED's not really something I'm interested in seeing.  However....I WILL be seeing The Dark Knight Rises!! 

Who else is going to see Rock of Ages??  I know Tom Cruise may be all kinds of crazy?!?!  BUT, he does make some great looking forward to that one too ;)

National Running Day was this passed week.  And, even though I haven't run in forever.....once I was off work I put my running shoes on and did a little running.  Honestly I am truly out of shape but it felt good out there.....and I was definitely sore the next day!!

Somehow I need to make the time to run regularly because it made me happy to be out there.......

Unfortunately discipline is not my strong suit so fingers crossed I can ovetcome my laziness procrastination!!

This last Tuesday I had a flat tire.  I just got 4 new tires recently and thought it was because I had driven over a large amount of glass the day before.  What I was told was that it was a defective tire!!  So they (Les Schwab) swapped it out and it's all good now!  

May was slow at both jobs.....but this week was super busy due to all of the graduations.  I'm just hoping that since school is now out it will at least stay steady and NOT slow down again.....

Has anyone seen the premiere episode for the new season of Real Housewives of New York??  I'm a glutton for punishment and did see it.  I'm soooo over all of the fighting.....SERIOUSLY!!  I could care less about the feud LouAnn is trying to start with Ramona.  And, Ramona is looking even crazier than ever.  Sonja even annoyed me.  And, really, so far I can care less about the new ladies.  We'll see what the season brings.  But if it's a continued scream fest and constant fighting, I will turn it off.

After the first couple of episodes of the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey started I stopped watching.  I'm really OVER IT!!  I can't stand Teresa and don't care about anything that's going on.  The constant fighting and stupidity is tiring and ridiculous and I have moved on to other shows.

The only Real Housewives franchise that hasn't irritated the crap out of me is, of course, the original, OC Housewives.  Except for Alexis I love all the other housewives on this franchise and don't care about any fighting.  It's still entertaining!!

I'm so happy that Million Dollar Listings is back!!!  And, I don't think this season will disappoint. 

It's now baseball season.  I've been to one game and need to get it together and go to another before the season is over!!  Honestly I haven't been watching as many games on TV as I usually do.  I've really been into reading Fifty Shades!!  haha  Gotta love that Christian Grey!! ;P

Well, that's all for now.  It's time for bed before another day of work.  Wishing everyone a happy weekend and for any graduates.......a very BIG congratulations!!

Until next time......