Monday, May 14, 2012

Fifty Shade of Grey

Hello my Blogger friends!

I have been a voracious reader as of late. 

My current addiction is the Fifty Shades series by E. L. James. 

I heard about the book one morning watching GMA.  They were talking about how the book was flying off the shelves.  I was half-listening as I was getting ready for work but the only thing I remember was that it was "steamy".

A few days later I was at Costco and saw the book.....only then did I realize that it was actually a trilogy!!  So I got all three books.  I was still reading another book so I didn't start it right away.

While watching another show I heard that the books were about S&M.  Hmmmmm, I don't read romance books so I knew I was going to be completely out of my element.  But, isn't it fun to sometimes get out of your comfort zone and try something new???  So, that's what I did.

I couldn't put the book down.  And, the only time I did was when I was at work, asleep, with friends or running errands/driving! 

I'm almost done with the 2nd book Fifty Shades Darker.  I'll finish up tonight.  Then it's on to the 3rd and final book. 

Like I said, this book is definitely out of my element.  But I'm always willing to try to read something new.  Even though it made me uncomfortable at times, it kept my interest and I have become invested in the characters! 

I've got a few of my co-workers now reading the books.  I'm waiting to see what they think. 

That's all for now.  Until next time....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hello my blogger friends........

This is my 2nd attempt at this post.  I was almost done with my first post and I accidentally deleted it because of my STUPID laptop and the crazy cursor with a life of it's own....

So I will try to rewrite from memory, which means it will be different since my memory hasn't been so good lately!! lol

So, here goes......

Yes, as usual, I have been a neglectful blogger.

I do think about blogging daily and feel guilty for not being able to find the time.  I could use the "I have 2 jobs" as an excuse.....yet it would only be excuse!  I'm not the only person out there with more than one thing going on in their lives. 

Time management....or lack thereof....would be the honest answer.

Besides working, reading and hanging out with friends.....I haven't been doing all the other things I should be, and need to be, doing.

Now, with a new month here I want to turn over yet another leaf and get myself back on track.  Let's see if May can be the answer to my prayers??!!

Soooo, speaking of reading.  I finished reading the Twilight series about a week or so ago.  I started reading it the first week of April and read whenever I wasn't working, sleeping, doing errands or visiting.  Yes, I mean all 4 books within 3 weeks! 

My friend said she read the series in 3 days.  But then she didn't work at the time and she said that all she did was read the series and barely slept in that 3 days.  Is that possible??  Each book grows in page count culminating in a 700+ page finale in book 4.  I'll have to take her word for it. 

I've seen all of the movies, except of course for Breaking Dawn Part 2, and loved them. 

I thought that the books were AMAZING!!  And the books made me love the movies even more.  I never thought that THAT  would ever happen...especially since everyone told me that I wouldn't like the movies anymore after reading the books.  See they don't know anything! haha

But, after completing the series, I became depressed that it was over.  I am still going through Twilight withdrawals.  I have watched the movies and have contemplated reading the books again! :P

What in the hell is this sickness????  I am so totally Twilight-Addicted!!!

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn Part 2

And, even though I said I would NEVER do another midnight movie after The Hunger Games, I find myself thinking it's totally possible........

Oh, and I am totally Team Edward!!!!!!!!
Even though I am mid-Twilight withdrawal I have moved on to read other books.  Right now I'm catching up on James Pattersons Alex Cross series.  CrossFire is what I"m reading right now. 

I picked up Fifty Shades of Grey the other day and once I'm done with CrossFire I will start reading it. 

I heard about the book on Good Morning America a while back.  I found the book at Costco the other day and didn't realize that it was a trilogy.  I only got the first book but hopefully when I go back in the next day or so I can still pick the other 2 up.

From what I've heard about the book it may be out of my comfort zone, but I wanna see what all the fuss is about......

Now with summer just around the corner, I've realized I've wasted time not exercising and getting into shape.  I keep saying I want to start running again.....yet I haven't done so.  Now that it's cooled down this week here in California I should take advantage and hit the road.....literally!!

Well, that's all for now.  I have to get up at 4am to get ready for work.

So, until next time......