Friday, February 10, 2012


Happy Friday to all!!

Is it just me....or is this year just flying by??  I can't believe February is almost half over :(  And Valentines Day is just a few short days away.  I, personally, have never liked Valentines Day...even when I was married!  This day is just all about the $$$$.  Anyway, I will be working V's my double shift day.   So, hopefully, it'll be busy at both places and I'll make some of that $$$$. 

At my main job I was cut to 4 days a week.  I was told that everyone was going to get cut because the manager no longer wants anyone working 5 days a week, so they're going to be hiring a "whole bunch of servers"....uh, really.....that's ridiculous!!  They are overstaffed as it is and usually have way too many servers on during any given shift.  Well, thank goodness for my 2nd job!!  If that's really the case I'll be trying to pick up another shift at my second job.  Gotta do whatever it takes, right??  I have bills to pay!!

I'm trying to put a positive spin on this turn of events!  I'm definitely not happy with losing a shift but at the same time, I'm gonna use this time to work on me.  I always seem to forget to do that and I end up paying for it by getting sick or gaining weight or.......

I think I mentioned before I finally have a Wii system.  I set up Zumba before Christmas and was starting to use it regularly before I got really sick and had to stop.  I am finally doing better and have slowly gotten back to doing Zumba.  I also have Wii fit and finally got around to setting it up today.\

I tried out all 4 modes:  aerobics, strength training, yoga and balance games.  What the system informed me of was that I was "unbalanced".  Yeah, I already know that!!  I have always said that I have no sense of balance......and it was confirmed by Wii today :( 

Well, besides losing weight and getting into shape, I will be working on becoming more balanced!!  I think it's a good goal, don't you??

I am sad that football is over, and that baseball hasn't started yet.  I don't like this time of year!!  Even though I didn't like either team I watched the Super Bowl.  Since I have no allegiance, I really didn't care who won.  The NYGiants played better and deserved to win.  Congrats to them!!

I was excited to see Madonna during the halftime show.  There were some haters out there amongst my
FB friends...but I thought she was excellent.  No, she wasn't raunchy like her performances usually are, but it was a good show. 

I was happy to hear that she is going out on tour this year and has a date (now 2)set here in Northern California.  I was originally happy that I would finally get the chance to see her live in concert.  But now with my cut shift, on top of it being the slower time of year, I have to spend wisely until it becomes busy again.  Oh, well, I'm sure she'll tour again. 

That's all for now.  Wishing everyone a great weekend!!!