Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Quick Update

Hello my Blogger friends......

I was thinking the other day that I hadn't posted a blog in a very very long time.......September 29th to be exact!!  Unfortunately, life gets in the way......or, that I've allowed the unimportant and mundane to get in the way......of accomplishing all that I need to do each day.  And, yes, that really does include blogging!

The past couple of months have literally flown by---I barely remember them!!

Yes, I am still working 2 jobs.  I've actually become more comfortable at the 2nd job and can honestly say I like it.  But even though I do like it, it can be exasperating and makes me LOVE my 1st job even more than I did!! 

It's been busy at both places, which I am most grateful for.  I'm trying to be good with my money and so far I've been somewhat successful....although a little more restraint needs to be learned!! lol  It's just so hard because I love Christmas time and shopping for my family and friends. 

Besides juggling 2 jobs I've also been dealing with worrying about a possible run-in with my ex-husband whom I haven't seen in 4 years.  The short version of the story as I've pieced it together from what I've heard from different people is this:

My ex (who remarried 3 years ago) cheated on his new wife (whom he left me for), she kicked him out but then later took him back.  Why should I care about this??  Uh, actually I don't....but gets better!!

He's been asking about me and having people inquire about my status (single, relationship, etc) and how I feel about possibly getting back together with him. 

HUH??????!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, you read that right......

What was told to me a couple of weeks ago was that my ex told a mutual friend to tell me hi from him and to let me know that he was coming to see me.....AT MY WORK.  When, do you ask?  Soon.  No date, just "soon".  My response:  Tell him not to bother coming to see me.....I do NOT want to see him.  Hopefully THAT message got back to him and he changes his mind.  I've learned my lesson and definitely do not want to go down that road again.......

But, honestly, that Karma really IS a Bitch now, ain't it??!! :P

I'm just getting over being sick....yet again.  I've always been very healthy and it's been aggravating that I keep getting sick.  On top of that I don't sleep much (insomnia) and I haven't been exercising.  Although I try to eat good foods I do for the most part eat whatever I want.  But, I also skip meals and sometimes only eat one meal a day....usually late.  And, I haven't taken my vitamins in a long while.....

Add to that I'm overweight.  Not Biggest Loser overweight, but I need to lose about 30-40 lbs.  And, although I have been overweight before, this is the first time I have really FELT it.....if that even makes sense.  I'm honestly starting to fear for my health!! 

My body is in pain, I have a hard time walking, especially after working all day.  I try to stretch out each night and I finally got a foam roller and that helps, but only temporarily.  Last week at work I bent over to tie my shoe lace and when I came up one of my co-workers came up to me and asked if I was okay.  I said yeah, why.  She said because my face was red.  Um......I'm thinking that's definitely NOT good!!!

So, although I always say I'm going to start taking care of myself but then NOT follow through,  I'm beginning to believe it's a matter of saving my life!!!  It sounds kinda dramatic, right?!  But maybe that's what I need to do to get myself motivated to take care of me!!! 

If I don't love and take care of me....who else is gonna do it, right?!  So, I am going to love myself back in to shape.  How??  By making myself a priority and doing all of the things I need to do to be healthy.

Well, that's all for now.  I need to get to bed since I have to work in the morning.....I will write soon.  Have a safe and happy Holiday Season.  Until next time.....