Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two jobs are better than none!!

It seems like forever since I've posted anything!!  Last week I did write a post and was going to publish it but hit something and somehow erased everything I had just written.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to re-write it so.......

As for the title of this post......yes, I do indeed have TWO, count'em, two jobs now.  I've been thinking about it for most of this year but kept putting it off because I really didn't want to get a second job. 

But then a co-worker of mine got a second job at another restaurant and they needed some new people to come in and help out with the customer service.  My friend asked me to come work with her.  I thought loooong and hard about it and then went ahead and talked to the manager. 

Honestly, what's the worst thing that could happen???  And, if I didn't really like it I could always quit.  I started 3 weeks ago.  I've always been of the belief that no matter how much experience a server has, there HAS to be a training period.  And, you NEVER put someone on the floor without knowing, or being familiar with, the menu. 

Not at this place!! Since it is a known chain, it shall remain nameless.  I went in on my first day with another girl and we watched videos and filled out paperwork.  The "trainer" said when the videos were done we would train on the computer. 

Yeah, uh......that is NOT what happened.  Once we were done, the other girl was set up at the register as a cashier and I was told to "go over there and pick up those tables." 

HUH????!!!!  Yes, that really happened!  I have many years of waitressing experience and my ex husband and I owned our own restaurant, yet I was still like a deer in headlights because I wasn't familiar with the menu or the computer or anything!!

So I headed over to the first table and took their order.  I had no idea what they were ordering but just wrote down what they said and headed over to where I had left the "trainer".  Well, she disappeared.  So, I was standing there like an idiot not knowing what to do because I didn't even know how to log into the system to put the order in.  Then one of the other servers came over and asked if I needed help and showed me how to put the order in.

Then the trainer showed back up.  Everytime I did ANYTHING she said I was doing it wrong.  Well, you know what lady........instead of setting me up for failure, why don't you train me on what I SHOULD, in fact, be doing so that you won't have to keep telling me I'm doing it wrong...  Gee, there's a thought!?!?!  I wish I actually had the guts to say that to her face! lol :P

I almost quit after that first day.  But, I couldn't do that to my friend so I went back the next morning and it was much better.  A different "trainer" (both the trainers are floor supervisors) was there and actually had me get the training I so desperately needed.  The second day went much better. 

I only work there 2 days a week (which is what I wanted) and it doesn't interfere with my main job.  After the first 2 days I really wasn't that happy there, but since then I have found that I enjoy my 2nd job very much and like my new co-workers!!  And, the extra money doesn't hurt either!! haha

As for my main job, I had to be at work early this morning (6am) because of a large (35 ppl) group coming in first thing.  Well....that LARGE group turned out to be 10 ppl.....and we weren't very busy in the restaurant.  So, thank goodness for the great tips from my customers today or it could have been a total bust!!  I was cut before 12:00 noon :( 

But it did give me time for coffee with a friend and then a little shopping!!  I didn't realize that Marshalls did layaway.  So, I spent part of the afternoon trying on lots of clothes for fall.  Since it's still in the 90's* + here in Northern California the fall clothes aren't yet needed.  And, since shopping was a spur of the moment thing, I didn't bring a lot of money with me.  So, thank goodness for layaway!! 

Afterwards I came home and started cleaning out my closet.  Two different donation places are coming around next week so I want to have all my bags ready to go.  I will give a couple (or more) bags to each organization. 

Anywho, that's the newest and latest 411 from this neck of the woods.  Here's wishing everyone a great week and upcoming weekend.

Take care and until next time.....