Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yoga, Meditation, and a little Redecorating

Happy Wednesday to all!!  I hope everyone had a Happy Hump Day today!

Today was my day off.  It started out nice and relaxing.  I had a nail appointment midmorning and a work meeting at 2pm (nice, right in the middle of my day off!!).  Otherwise I didn't have any other plans then to enjoy the day. 

On my way home from my nail appt one of my friends was sitting outside at our local Starbucks and saw me drive by.  She texted me and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her for "coffee".  So, I turned around and hung out with her for a couple of hours.  And, by the way, I did not have my latte but instead had an Unsweetened Black Iced Tea.....and it was perfect for sitting out in the hot sun!!! lol

Then it was off to my work meeting, which started out late due to people wandering in LATE!!  Two of my co-workers didn't even show up until the meeting was almost over!!!  So incredibly rude and annoying!!  I don't even know why I'm surprised because most of my co-workers are late for work!!!! 

Anywho, after the meeting it was time to head on home.  I've been wanting to start redecorating my house for a while now.  I kind of started on my 2nd bedroom a while back but I was working so much I didn't get as far as I wanted.  And, honestly, I've been antsy to start back up.

I decided to start on my main bathroom today.  I was originally going to completely re-do it, as in color, but decided I really do like the bright bathroom I now have (oranges, pinks, and off-whites).  So, instead, I pulled everything out that wasn't bolted down, completely cleaned the room from ceiling to floor, and only put back the clean shower curtain, rug and towels, and the bare necessities needed.  I am in a minimalistic mood right now!  It looks so much better...and feels soooo much bigger.  Phew, one room done, too many more to go! lol

Figured that was enough for today so I decided to finish reading the book I was reading: "Quiet Mind", which is about different meditation practices.  Then I meditated for about a half hour, which is a long time for me.....usually I do it for about 10 minutes.  I felt so refreshed when I was done. 

Meditation is something I have tried to integrate into my life for about 10 years.  I always said I didn't have time.....but the reality was that I didn't make the time!  But that just meant I wasn't ready.  Well, it's 10 years later and I am more than ready to make this a part of my daily life.

After meditating, I figured that since I hadn't exercised in a few days, due to my foot/ankle injury, I would do my yoga dvd.  My body has felt really tight and I knew that I really really needed to exercise.  So glad I did because I feel so much better.  Don't know why I always put all of these good-things-for-me off??  I am ALWAYS happier when I work out and exercise.  It's amazing I don't just do it?!

As for the cleanse, it isn't anything like I thought it was going to be!!  All I know is that I have slept better the last couple of nights then I have for a very long time!  I wake right up in the morning and don't feel drained and exhausted.  And, I don't feel tired and worn out throughout the day.  As for the other issues. 

I'm wondering if this is because it is a "First Cleanse" for first timers and it's meant to be gentle and that other cleanses will not be as pleasant (for lack of a better term).  I guess I will find out at some point when I try one of those other cleanses......

Right now I'm watching Rocco's Dinner Party, after watching Big Brother and SYTYCD.  Then it's off to bed since I work in the morning. 

Good night and.....until next time

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