Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

I can't believe it's already July and the year is half over.  I feel like I repeat myself every week or so when I am SO AMAZED that time is just flying by! lol

Well, my cousins wedding is in 3 weeks.  I have my dress and accessories but I still haven't made my airline reservations!!  I have NO idea where my head has I'm gonna pay through the nose :(

Honestly, I have been working just about every single day for the past month.  I've had 2 (maybe 3) days off during that period of time.  I even got called in on a day off during the whole a/c debacle (THAT took all week to fix).  I told my manager I was on my 7th day of our work week.  Although he tried calling everyone else, no one could (or would) come in so I came into work. 

Hey, my philosophy is: MORE MONEY FOR ME!!!!  I actually enjoy working.... but that can be a bad thing when it becomes all you do.  And, now that the weather has FINALLY warmed up I wanna enjoy being outside as much as possible. 

Something I've realized that I really enjoy doing meditating!! I've been doing it in my backyard lately and have found that it's the one place I can really relax and just be.

I have enjoyed meditating since my first experience several years ago in college when a Buddhist monk came to my History of World Religions class and talked us through a "quick" meditation session.  I swear it felt like I had slept for 8 hours---I felt totally refreshed!!

Unfortunately, life got in the way (aka I didn't find the time to incorporate it into my life) and I didn't pursue it like I wanted.  Honestly, it was when I was married and there was just too much drama in my life that even though I really needed it, I wasn't ready for it.  I have done it occasionally over the years, but never consistently.

Fast forward to now.  I am finally at a place in my life that I really really want to pursue it and make it a regular practice in my life.  I've been reading books about meditation and related topics to really learn more about it.

I'm sure most everyone else has fun 4th of July plans for this weekend or more specifically for tomorrow?!  I, as usual, will be working.  It's a morning shift so I will be off by around 3.  I will go watch the local fireworks...just not sure where.  I can go with a friend....or meet a co-worker and her family where they'll be "tail-gating".  The latter sounds like more fun, but will see how I feel after work tomorrow. 

Wishing everyone a safe and fun holiday weekend!!  Until next time.....

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  1. I know what you mean! I can't believe it's already July!!!