Wednesday, June 22, 2011

...and the a/c went kaput!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

It's already been a long week for me and it's only half way over!!  Normally I am off on Monday but was added to the schedule because someone was terminated.  That's okay. 

It's been a very HOT week so far this week with temperatures at or over 100*F.  Also this is okay with me.  However, when I got home Monday night from house felt a little warmer than it should since I left the a/c on.  Wouldn't you know, the a/c had stopped working sometime after I left for work. 

Okay, that's fine, I'll call the property mgmt Tuesday am and they can take care of it.  They came out and checked everything but the maintenance mgr said they would call a "professional" in to take care of it. 

Within half hour a guy from D & D Plumbing was at my door and spent the next 3 hours trying to fix the darned thing.  He said that the motor was broken and he needed to go get another one.  Told me he would be back in a few minutes as the place was very close. HOUR later he shows back up with NO new part---it was out of stock.  So he spent another hour "cleaning" the motor I had and put it back in.  Lo and behold the a/c came back on and you could feel the cool air immediately!!

So, after about 5 minutes of cool air the guy left.  I SWEAR.....before he could drive away, the a/c stopped again.  I ran out the door and got him.  He told me to shut everything off and that he would let my maintenance mgr know that a new motor needs to ordered, etc......Everything okay so far.

Tuesday night I went to work and had to stay until 11pm due to late customers.  I checked my messages when I was off and heard from the night maintenance guy wanting to know how my a/c was working and if everything else was okay.  HUH???????

Cut to this morning.  One of my managers called me at 7:30am to see if I could come into work (I have Wednesday's off now) because 3 people called in sick.  I told him it would be my 7th day since I worked on Monday (my other day off).  He said he would call everyone else to see if he could cover the shifts. 

Well......I had this feeling, so I got up, took a shower and was starting to put my makeup on when he called me back around 8:30am.  He said he couldn't get ahold of ANYONE to come in.....and one of the owners gave permission for me to work on my 7th day.  So I worked. 

But before that I had to call the property mgr again to find out about the message I got.  So I called the office and spoke to the maintenance mgr and I asked him what the guy told him yesterday.  He told me that the guy said he fixed everything and the a/c was working great and blowing out cold air!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES, REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told him what happened and he told me he would take care of it.  So, off to work I went.  I only worked from 9:30 to 2:30 and was hoping to come home to a nice cool house.  When I walked in I could immediately tell that the a/c still wasn't working.  I checked the unit and knew someone had been there so changed my clothes and went and ran my errands.  When I got home I got a call from the night maintenance guy who told me that the motor needed for my a/c unit was now obsolete and the maintenance mgr would figure something out and contact me by noon tomorrow.  I advised him that I would be at work at that time and would be unable to check my phone.  I gave them permission to enter my duplex and do whatever needs to be done to fix that darned unit!

I honestly don't care about's my poor little kitties.  They are stuck in the hot house all day, not me.  But I left windows partly open and a fan running full blast in my bedroom (the coolest room in the house).  I also left a couple of huge bowls of ice with some water along with their normal water dishes.  So far so good.......hopefully it will be fixed and I can come home to a nice cool house after work tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Until next time.......

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  1. Oh man! It's been soooo hot. I can't even imagine not having AC right now! I hope it all gets fixed soon!