Monday, May 30, 2011

the holiday weekend is over.....

......and another work week begins.  Can the holiday weekend really be over??  Most everyone I know had the 3 day weekend off and either went away for said weekend, or had family get togethers.  Instead, I did what I always do:  WORKED!!!

I originally asked to work today.  Yes, you did read that right.  I don't get paid time and a half (I'm a server) but at my restaurant we are very busy and it is definitely worth my while to work.  When the schedule came out I wasn't on it. But yesterday, after I left work another asst manager called to let me know that one of my co-workers couldn't work today due to daycare issues (so glad for my cats!! :P) and he knew I wanted to work....and of course I jumped at the chance!! 

I requested my days off for my cousins wedding in July. I'm just hoping I get the days off without a problem.  I've heard horror stories from my co-workers about not getting requested days off and not finding out until the schedule is out.  I'll have my dress and plane tickets (it's in Los Angeles, CA) within the next couple weeks so......Also, I did tell him about it monthes ago.  Well, fingers crossed!!!!

OMG....this effing computer is driving me CRAZY!!! It keeps publishing this post while I'm in the middle of writing it.   I'm yelling at my computer as I'm typing this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, back to my post......

On top of working as much as I can.....I am trying to finally get ready for my cousins wedding.  My Uncle called me to let me know I don't have to fly down to get fitted for the bridesmaids gowns.  Apparently it was going to be too expensive and my other cousin said she wasn't going to pay that much for a dress she was only going to wear once!!  So all we have to do is each find a long black dress to whatever style we like.  Well, that makes it easier.  But I only have less than 2 monthes so I'd better get moving on it!!  I also need shoes and hot pink accessories.  We don't have to match at all except the dresses need to be long and black and we have to wear black heels.  It should prove interesting!!! 

Luckily they are having our hair and makeup done for us (yay cuz I suck at that!! haha).  I am excited because I will see most of my relatives at this shindig...some of which I haven't seen in years!! 

On another mom showed up at my door last week.  I hadn't seen or heard from her since October.  And, like always, acted like nothing was amiss and tried to take control. I hate that she uses her money to try and control's one of the many reasons I try to stay away. 

Is it weird that I feel uncomfortable and untrusting of my own mother??  Yes, I know it is.  I hate feeling this way, yet I always have.  Since I will see her at this wedding (it's her brothers son who is getting married) I need to make at least the appearance of a truce to get through this occasion. 

So, I am being a good girl and sucking it up for the cause.  But my dealings with her need to be on MY terms and not hers.  I hate conflict and arguing and that's the problem....I give in to just not listen anymore, then get mad at myself for giving in.  It's a vicious cycle so I need to be strong. 

I have one more day to work--Tomorrow (my 8th day in a row) and then I will finally be off on Wednesday.  They changed my schedule so now I guess I get Wednesday's off instead of Thursdays (I always have Mondays off...well, except for holidays).  I am so exhausted and can't wait to have a day off!!  I think I may finally head over to the local theater and see a movie (Something Borrowed if it's still here, otherwise who knows!!??)

Well, I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend!!  Until next time......

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