Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!

It's not only Sunday already......but it's also Mothers Day!!  I'm hoping that all of you mommies out there are having a MOST fabulous day today!!

I am not a mommy.  Instead of kids I have 2 cats.  My friends keep trying to assure me it's the same thing.  Uh......yeah, right....nice try!! lol 

But whenever I hear stories about (or see) childrens bad behavior, all I can think is that I'm glad I have cats!!!  They don't yell at me, they don't talk back, and they are ALWAYS happy to see me!!  What more can a person want?!

As for my mom.......I haven't seen or heard from her in MONTHES!  It's a long story and not one appropriate to explain on a day to honor moms and motherhood.  Let's just say that today I'm a little wistful and just a teeny envious of close mother/daughter relationships!!

I tried to read several blogs this afternoon, but honestly, it was a little too painful and I had to stop.  Don't get me wrong, it definitely brings me joy that many of you are so loving and close with your mothers.  I always wanted this too, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be for me.  Ladies (and gentlemen), be very thankful you have such terrific moms and cherish them every single day!! You are sooooo very lucky!!! I worked.  And, if you don't already know, the restaurant business is crazy busy on Mothers Day ALL.DAY.LONG.  There were tons of large groups waiting for tables.  I didn't have to deal with them.....except to try and get around them to get to MY tables!!  I had my usual station of boothes in the back and my tables turned faster then the bigger smaller parties (4 and under) didn't have to wait very long for a table!!

Needless to say after yesterday and today (yesterday was also pretty busy) I am exhausted.  After work I went for my daily latte at Starbucks and came home to relax.  I have no plans tonight except for Real Housewives of OC, of course.  Hopefully, I make it to 10pm!!!! :P

Tomorrow I think I am going to go see "Something Borrowed".   A friend of mine said she went and saw it Friday night.  She said it wasn't as good as the book (but when does THAT ever happen, right?) but it was still good.  Can't wait to see it!!

Also, National Running Day is June 1st....which is less then a month away.  I haven't run since last summer.  Lately, every time I plan to run, something happens.  I have been walking though.  So, my plan is to finally get a short run in tomorrow before the movies. 

Well......that's all I have. Again, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY......

And, until next time.........


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  1. If you see Something Borrowed let me know what you think of it. I've read the book and saw it on Friday and I liked it but they did change a lot from the book.