Monday, May 30, 2011

the holiday weekend is over.....

......and another work week begins.  Can the holiday weekend really be over??  Most everyone I know had the 3 day weekend off and either went away for said weekend, or had family get togethers.  Instead, I did what I always do:  WORKED!!!

I originally asked to work today.  Yes, you did read that right.  I don't get paid time and a half (I'm a server) but at my restaurant we are very busy and it is definitely worth my while to work.  When the schedule came out I wasn't on it. But yesterday, after I left work another asst manager called to let me know that one of my co-workers couldn't work today due to daycare issues (so glad for my cats!! :P) and he knew I wanted to work....and of course I jumped at the chance!! 

I requested my days off for my cousins wedding in July. I'm just hoping I get the days off without a problem.  I've heard horror stories from my co-workers about not getting requested days off and not finding out until the schedule is out.  I'll have my dress and plane tickets (it's in Los Angeles, CA) within the next couple weeks so......Also, I did tell him about it monthes ago.  Well, fingers crossed!!!!

OMG....this effing computer is driving me CRAZY!!! It keeps publishing this post while I'm in the middle of writing it.   I'm yelling at my computer as I'm typing this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, back to my post......

On top of working as much as I can.....I am trying to finally get ready for my cousins wedding.  My Uncle called me to let me know I don't have to fly down to get fitted for the bridesmaids gowns.  Apparently it was going to be too expensive and my other cousin said she wasn't going to pay that much for a dress she was only going to wear once!!  So all we have to do is each find a long black dress to whatever style we like.  Well, that makes it easier.  But I only have less than 2 monthes so I'd better get moving on it!!  I also need shoes and hot pink accessories.  We don't have to match at all except the dresses need to be long and black and we have to wear black heels.  It should prove interesting!!! 

Luckily they are having our hair and makeup done for us (yay cuz I suck at that!! haha).  I am excited because I will see most of my relatives at this shindig...some of which I haven't seen in years!! 

On another mom showed up at my door last week.  I hadn't seen or heard from her since October.  And, like always, acted like nothing was amiss and tried to take control. I hate that she uses her money to try and control's one of the many reasons I try to stay away. 

Is it weird that I feel uncomfortable and untrusting of my own mother??  Yes, I know it is.  I hate feeling this way, yet I always have.  Since I will see her at this wedding (it's her brothers son who is getting married) I need to make at least the appearance of a truce to get through this occasion. 

So, I am being a good girl and sucking it up for the cause.  But my dealings with her need to be on MY terms and not hers.  I hate conflict and arguing and that's the problem....I give in to just not listen anymore, then get mad at myself for giving in.  It's a vicious cycle so I need to be strong. 

I have one more day to work--Tomorrow (my 8th day in a row) and then I will finally be off on Wednesday.  They changed my schedule so now I guess I get Wednesday's off instead of Thursdays (I always have Mondays off...well, except for holidays).  I am so exhausted and can't wait to have a day off!!  I think I may finally head over to the local theater and see a movie (Something Borrowed if it's still here, otherwise who knows!!??)

Well, I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend!!  Until next time......

Friday, May 20, 2011

A week of work and drama... and a championship!!

Happy Friday to all!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  I can't believe it's Friday already.  The time just seems to fly by.......

It's been a long and stressful week for me.  Hoping that the weekend will be a busy and profitable one for me!!  That would make me very happy.

As I've written before I have started playing co-ed softball again.  Going into the championship game last Sunday we were undefeated.  We had to play 2 games, kinda like those bracket-type championships in sports.

Anyway, the first game we won 23-3.  Yes, it wasn't even close and on top of that their pitcher had NEVER pitched before.  I felt bad for him.

The second game was much much harder for us.  It went back and forth.  Since it was the last game of the night.....there was no time limit (usually it's 1 hour or 7 innings, whichever comes first).  The game started at 8:30 pm and lasted until after 10pm!!  The other team was very very good and most if their girls hit as good as the guys.  Luckily we were the home team since in the middle of the 7th inning it was 23-28 they were winning. 

We were batting toward the bottom of our rotation.  Honestly, I didn't think we were going to be able to do it.  Our team got some good hits (and a little good luck) and came through with the win: 29-28.

Somehow I was at the top of the lineup for our team.  The other team thought I was the best girl hitter, I guess, so I ended up walking at my at bats!!!  One of the runs I scored was more than comical!!  I was on first, and the batter after me hit the ball far into the outfield.  He is also super fast.  All I remember hearing is "He's right behind you".  So, I was trying to run as fast as I could.  Then I started stumbling around the bases.  I saw that the ball was still far out field so when I got to third I just kept going and ran home and scored a run!!!  That's when I finally lost my footing and fell on my butt!!  Everyone was laughing.......including me!!  Later, our third base coach told me he was telling me to stop.....honestly, I never heard it!! Luckily I scored a run and didn't get thrown out!!! 

So, as you can see from the picture we got our championship t-shirts (no trophies).  And, because we won our division, we were moved up to the next division (uh oh).  Normally, there are a couple weeks between seasons, but we start the Summer I season this Sunday with a DOUBLE HEADER!!  I don't know if I can do that

This week has been all about work.  Lot's of ridiculous drama (par for the restaurant world course).  I heard that several night servers said they would leave due to one of the managers.  I was asked by management the other day what I thought about my schedule.  I was honest and told them I liked my schedule and wasn't planning on leaving.  I told them that I was planning on talking to them about going to all day shifts ......due ONLY to financial reasons.  Right now I work 3 days and 2 nights.  I don't know about this other drama (I hear things, one ear out the other) and don't really care.  I told them I have bills to pay and that's ALL I care about.  

They didn't say whether or not I could go to all days, so I am hopeful.  I was honest and told them that if I couldn't go to all day shifts I would probably have to find a second job and left it at that.  I really do LOVE my job and don't want to get a second one.  I know that things happen for a reason and I will stay positive and things will work out however they are supposed to.   

Because of the stress of the week, as well as a return to beautiful weather, yesterday I finally went for that run that I've been wanting to do.  Normally, I'm off on Thursday's but was asked to work for someone who called in.  It was a profitable day  (yay) but afterward, I was pretty stressed (due to all the drama and tension at work).  Since the weather was nice and warm I came home, changed my clothes and went for a run.  I was still sore from Sunday so I only ran for 2 miles, but I could feel the stress fall away with each step. 

Well, it is time for me to get ready for work.  Fingers crossed for a good, and drama-free, night!! 

Until next time.......

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Real Housewives of the OC, so far......

Happy Friday to everyone......and it's Friday the 13th on top of that.  Hope your day has been a good one!!

I've been trying to write a post about the Real Housewives of OC and NY for awhile now.  I thought I would be able to do it at the beginning of the week.  But, wouldn't you know......I've been sick all week!!

I just got home from work and figured I could try and write the post now before I head off to bed. 

So.....who has been watching these shows??  I am addicted.  Even when I say I'm never watching any of the Housewives shows again......I always do!! lol

So, let's start with the OC.  What do you think about the current lineup of OC housewives??

1.  Vicki Gunvalson

I've had a love-hate relationship with Vicki since the beginning. I liked Vicki the first 3 seasons (although she was overbearing with her kids right from the start) but didn't much like her on season 4 (Gretchens first season I think).  She and Tamra acted a little immature to me.

Then, last season I felt sorry for her because I think she really wanted it to be a smooth season, but Alexis was having none of it....trying to assert herself in the group.  And then there was Tamra, as the BFF, who constantly stabbed her in the back throughout the season.  The best part of the season was when she and Donn recommitted themselves in Turks & Caicos.  I really had high hopes for them.

Then we come to the current season.  I'm not loving Vicki a whole lot right now.  She has been mean & neglectful to her husband, Donn.  How many times over the years has she thrown him "under the bus"?  She keeps saying she gets more respect at work than at home.  Uh, hello.....YOU GET RESPECT BY GIVING RESPECT!!!  And, you cannot compare your employees giving you respect (you pay them!) to your family (it's a 2-way street). 

In my opinion, I think she is going through a mid-life crisis of sorts. She is a very unhappy woman.  I hope she figures things out and finds some happiness in her life.  I wish her well.  I miss the old Vicki!!!!  Cheers to "the OG of the OC," as Andy Cohen put it on WWH.......

2.  Tamra Barney

I've always liked Tamra.  She is hilarious and always the comic relief!!  The only time I didn't care for her was in season 4 with the whole Gretchen-thing and then last season when she threw Vicki under the bus over and over again!  But, when you are in an abusive relationship (and just listening to Simon talk, I believe she was) you can say & do things you would normally not do just to "keep the peace" in your household.   So, I will cut her some slack. 

This season she seems almost back to her old self, with a better mate.  What do you think of Eddie?  He's cute....I personally don't think he's gorgeous, but that's just my opinion! lol    Welcome back, Tamra, we missed you!!!!

3.  Gretchen Rossi

I've been on the fence about Gretchen since she's been on.  Honestly, I don't care about the back story with the supposed other boyfriend that got Tamra all upset.  I'm only basing my opinion on what I've seen onscreen.  Gretchen is pretty and funny, and the first season she was on she was very different from the other women:  a breath of fresh air!!

However, she seems to have become mean-spirited and negative.  Maybe the change in attitude is due to the backlash from the other housewives.....a person can only take so much, right?!  Or, this is who she really is and her true self is emerging??  I don't know.  The only thing I do know is that Gretchen isn't a "breath of fresh air" anymore!

And, really, what's with the make-up and purse lines?  C'mon....I'm with Vicki, I'm not buying a Gretchen handbag!! 

And, what about her relationship with Slade Smiley? He was throwing Jo under the bus on the last episode as he was comparing her to Gretchen.  What a jerk!!  I didn't like him when he was on with Jo (slimeball) and I like him even less now. 

4.  Alexis Bellino

I've never been a fan of Alexis.  I dislike her and her husband.  I think she is an over-indulged prima donna who isn't very smart.  And, what's with the "couture" dress line??  OMG.....get a REAL job!  I don't think those dresses are anything special.  She isn't even the designer!!!  She can't draw, design or even sew!!  She's just slapping her name on a tag with her husbands money from his invisible job. 

Also, she hasn 't acted very Christian-like since she's been on.  And, she definitely doesn't dress like one either!!  I would say out of all of the OC housewives she (along with Lynn) are my least favorite (thank goodness Lynn isn't a regular anymore).  Enough said about her......

5.  Peggy Tanou

I really like the newest OC housewife.  I think she is a good addition to the group (finally!!).  The best part is that she makes an effort to fit in with the group instead of being combative (hint hint Alexis).  What cemented my liking her was her appearance on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen.  She was great..... hope she stays for a long long time!!

I also like that she is speaking out honestly about post partum depression.  I don't have children but all of my friends who have kids say it is real but each woman has a different level depending on their hormones.  Keep true to yourself Peggy!!!! 

I am somewhat enjoying this season.  I'm sick of the bickering between Tamra and Gretchen.  Although, honestly, I believe that this season Gretchen started it and needs to stop and move on.  I think if she hadn't done the "evil eye" hat stunt at Tamra's party, it would be a whole different season and they may even have gotten along.  But we will never know. 

Also, what's up between Alexis and Peggy?  They've been friends for a few years, but now that Peggy is on the show, Alexis seems to be a little too......jealous, is it?  First we've had to watch her try to "one-up" Peggy over and over---especially about the kids.  Now, she seems to have a problem with the fact that Peggy is fitting in very nicely (and very easily, I may add) with the other housewives.  Something that she hasn't really done....especially with Vicki. 

And, lastly, where's Jim Bellino been?  Oh, yeah, he doesn't want to hang out with the group anymore.  Really?? Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Jim!!  Unfortunately we had to see him during that ridiculous excuse of a photo shoot for "Alexis Couture". But, if he doesn't really show himself on the show anymore......I, for one, won't miss him at all!!

This Sunday night Jeana Keough and Lauri Peterson will be on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen.  I can't wait.  I miss Lauri so much on the show.  I always liked her.  I loved Jeana until I saw her on Jackie Warners Thintervention a few monthes back.  Not as big a fan of hers anymore. 

Plus, she seems to be too nosy and know-it-all about Tamra and Simon's marriage.  A word of advice for Jeana:  There is more than one side to every story.  Stop putting your nose in their business and just be a friend. It's not your job to pass judgement about what went on.  It's between Simon and Tamra.  You really DON'T know what happened.....

I'm exhausted and have to get to bed.  I will write a different post about my thoughts on the NY Housewives tomorrow.  

Good night and wishing everyone a wonderful and safe weekend.  Until next time.......    

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!

It's not only Sunday already......but it's also Mothers Day!!  I'm hoping that all of you mommies out there are having a MOST fabulous day today!!

I am not a mommy.  Instead of kids I have 2 cats.  My friends keep trying to assure me it's the same thing.  Uh......yeah, right....nice try!! lol 

But whenever I hear stories about (or see) childrens bad behavior, all I can think is that I'm glad I have cats!!!  They don't yell at me, they don't talk back, and they are ALWAYS happy to see me!!  What more can a person want?!

As for my mom.......I haven't seen or heard from her in MONTHES!  It's a long story and not one appropriate to explain on a day to honor moms and motherhood.  Let's just say that today I'm a little wistful and just a teeny envious of close mother/daughter relationships!!

I tried to read several blogs this afternoon, but honestly, it was a little too painful and I had to stop.  Don't get me wrong, it definitely brings me joy that many of you are so loving and close with your mothers.  I always wanted this too, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be for me.  Ladies (and gentlemen), be very thankful you have such terrific moms and cherish them every single day!! You are sooooo very lucky!!! I worked.  And, if you don't already know, the restaurant business is crazy busy on Mothers Day ALL.DAY.LONG.  There were tons of large groups waiting for tables.  I didn't have to deal with them.....except to try and get around them to get to MY tables!!  I had my usual station of boothes in the back and my tables turned faster then the bigger smaller parties (4 and under) didn't have to wait very long for a table!!

Needless to say after yesterday and today (yesterday was also pretty busy) I am exhausted.  After work I went for my daily latte at Starbucks and came home to relax.  I have no plans tonight except for Real Housewives of OC, of course.  Hopefully, I make it to 10pm!!!! :P

Tomorrow I think I am going to go see "Something Borrowed".   A friend of mine said she went and saw it Friday night.  She said it wasn't as good as the book (but when does THAT ever happen, right?) but it was still good.  Can't wait to see it!!

Also, National Running Day is June 1st....which is less then a month away.  I haven't run since last summer.  Lately, every time I plan to run, something happens.  I have been walking though.  So, my plan is to finally get a short run in tomorrow before the movies. 

Well......that's all I have. Again, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY......

And, until next time.........


Monday, May 2, 2011's May already!!

Happy Monday to all!!  And, can you believe it's already May??

Let's get this out of the way first......can you believe that Osama bin Laden was finally caught and killed yesterday??  Where were you when you first heard?

I had just walked in the door after my softball game, happy that I was going to be able to see the last half hour of "The Amazing Race" and "The Next Great Restaurant".  I turned on my TV to see our President, Barak Obama, speaking.  Then I noticed the headline!!!  I just stood there.  Talk about Shock and Awe!!  It's about time!!  

Okay, that's enough about that. 

This laptop is so touchy.  I'm still having a hard time with the touchy pad and everything.  I have to watch where the arrow is or the cursor moves, if the arrow sits on something too long it changes screens on me, and sometimes when I'm in the middle of writing this blog it'll post it mid-sentence!!  UGH!!  I know I will get the hang of it.  But I have to say that it is a huge pain in the you-know-what!!!

Sorry for the rant, but this pc is killing me!!  I'm just glad to have a computer again, but sometimes it does aggravate me!

So, back to my post.  I worked all day Sunday.  Glad it was busy.....was off by 3pm.  Since I had a few hours before my softball game I went home, freshened up & changed, and then headed on over to Starbucks for my latte. 

I then came home, did some housework and even had time to take a short nap.  When I woke up I had a bit of a headache.  I got ready and headed over to the ballpark for our game. 

We won 7-4.  It was a close game (3 of our main guys didn't play because they were in a tournament all weekend out of town).  We are undefeated and in the playoffs which start in 2 weeks.  After that, we have a couple/few weeks off before summer league starts. 

During the game though my eyes started to itch, my nose was runny (actually that happened most of the day), there was a tickle in my throat, and I was sneezing.  Hello, springtime!!  My allergies HAVE arrived.   Needless to say, I was at Target first thing this morning picking up my first box of Claritin for the season!!

I saw the forecast for this week and I'm so happy that it's going to be in the 70's and 80's :)  Hopefully, the rainy season is O.V.E.R. and summer will be here soon......

I'm getting ready to go running for the first time in a while.  It'll be a short one, though.  After last nights game...I ran ALOT. And, I realize I need to start shaping-up after hybernating for sooooo many months.  This girl is outta shape!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Monday!!

Until next time..............