Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Tuesday in Cali

Good morning my blogger friends

I'm still trying to get used to this laptop.  Not having a mouse takes getting used to since the little finger pad seems to be touchy and very sensitive?! 

Anywho, I slept well last night just like I knew I would.  And, yes, I did get up this morning and go walking with my friend again. She had a daycare kid this morning so he came along for our walk.  Unfortunately, he didn't want to cooperate and we had to keep stopping so it hindered the quality and length of our walk.  We ended up only walking 2 miles instead of 5 miles. 

However, I can't really be upset because if it weren't for my friend, my lazy butt would just now be getting out of bed!!  So, I slept well last night, got up this morning and went for a 2 mile walk in the beautiful California weather.  Gee, life's rough, right??!! LOL  So far I'm having a great day

Now that I'm cleaned up I'm off to run errands, which includes paying my rent (oops, didn't realize it was already the 5th) and having my daily Starbucks.  I'm hoping my great day continues with a money-making night at work.  Fingers crossed.

My muscles are feeling really tight so I'm not really stretched out enough.  Maybe I can find a little time this afternoon for a yoga session before work.  Although, a massage sounds sooooo much better, right???!!! 

I'm off to run my errands.  And here's wishing everyone a fabulous Tuesday!!