Saturday, April 30, 2011

Enjoying a beautiful Saturday!!

Yay, it's Saturday!!!  I, of course, worked today.  I am in the restaurant business and if you want to make any money, you just HAVE to work the weekends.  And, where I'm currently working, weekend breakfasts and lunches are where it's at!

It was busy today (double yay!!).  I was surprised when I got cut at 1pm (my shift started at 7am) because usually I end up working until 3pm.  But we had slowed down enough to where they didn't need all of us.  Everyone at work knows that I am a workaholic and will always be willing to stay as long as I can (hey, unlike many of my co-workers I do not live with my parents, I am not married, and I do not have a roommate.  I am not there to "make enough money so that I can go out and blow it all partying tonight", I actually have real bills to pay).  Anyway, when one of my co-workers asked me if I was "okay" with getting cut, I actually said....."yeah, it's all good".  She looked totally shocked!! 

The reason I was okay with it was that my a$$ was hecka tired--which NEVER happens!!  They scheduled what seemed like a ton of servers today and most everyone had 3 or 4 tables only.  I was the only one with 5 tables.  Also, the girl in the section next to me was new and the manager asked me to watch her.  Uh......after 2 weeks of training, she had no clue about the menu--either myself or another girl had to help her enter EVERY.SINGLE.ORDER. into the computer.  On top of that, she wrote 2 letter abbreviations for her orders but then had no idea what they were (OMG).  Needless to say she got many orders wrong.  And, since I don't read minds, I couldn't help her figure out HER abbreviations!!!!

Finally, I had had enough and advised the manager that she had no idea about the menu.  I guess he already knew about all of the messed up orders.  He advised me that he was taking her off the floor and I had to pick up her section (of 4 tables) addition to mine!!  Uh, that's great cuz I can REALLY use the money (rents due this week!!)  I kinda got slammed after that.  But I had the BEST busser and he helped me out so much that I didn't get behind. 

So, normally, yes I would have been disappointed to have been cut.  The girl who asked me if I was okay with it, I think, actually wanted me to stay for her.  Oh, well.  I checked my sales and they were more than good.  I can usually accurately guestimate how much I make by what my sales are.  Unlike most servers, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to individual tips, I just count it out at the end of the day. 

Since the weather was beautiful outside today (except for the wind) I wanted to go enjoy the sunshine!!  So I finished up my tables, did my sidework and ran out of there!!  And, yes, I have been enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon!!!

Here's wishing everyone a very Happy Saturday

Until next time......................

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  1. That's great that you were able to get off work and enjoy the rest of the day!