Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Monday comes to an end.....

Happy Monday to all......

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.....I had to work.  And, on Sunday, I played in my first co-ed softball game in 5 years.  I was excited as well as nervous.  I've had a strained muscle in my arm/wrist which majorly affected me at work.  I've been wearing a brace to give extra support when I carry the heavy plates.  It's still a little sore, but it is much better.  I have been rehabbing it which is really helping.  

So, as you can imagine, I was very very nervous about how I was going to catch and swing the bat.  Luckily I didn't have to do any catching and I was up to bat 3 times....and hit the ball each at bat.  It was honestly a little sore afterward, but I stretched it out and it's feeling a lot better.  And the best part was that our team won 11-7!!!!

This morning I got up early (yuk...cuz it's my day off) and went for a 5 mile walk with one of my good friends.  My legs were still very sore from not only all of the running I did during the game (on and off the field and when at bat) but also from working all day Sunday from 8-4 (and we were busy!!).  My game was at 5pm so all I had time for was to run home, change clothes, stop at Starbucks (yeah, seriously.....I hadn't eaten since 9:30 am), and head on over to my game. 

I wasn't able to stretch out before the game.  I did manage to stretch out a little bit after the game when I got home, but honestly I was sooooo exhausted that I didn't stretch like I should have and ended up laying on the couch and falling asleep watching TV.  :(

As you can imagine.....I was super sore this morning and not really in the mood to walk.  But, I had promised my friend and I knew that I really needed to do it so I went.  It was another beautiful day here in California and even though my legs were hecka sore.....I really really enjoyed my walk.  And, we're doing it again tomorrow.  We are doing different routes around town.  Nice way to get to know the neighborhood and city.

The rest of the day was for errands and a little housework.  I've been tired all day so I didn't really feel like "cooking" dinner so I steamed some broccoli and made some whole grain pasta drizzled with a little EVOO.  So yummy and so much healthier than going out.  It filled me up without making me feel stuffed.  So, right now I'm watching DWTS and Real Housewives of OC.  I actually fell asleep too early last night and missed it. :(

Well, that's what I did on my day off.  I plan on going to bed early tonight.  Shocking, I know, since I am a night owl and always have trouble sleeping.  But I think with 2 straight days of some sort of exercise.....I am thinking I will have absolutely NO trouble sleeping tonight!! lol

Wishing everyone a great week.....


  1. I have been going to bed early lately, I usually stay up til 12 or sometimes 1.
    Good for you getting up early and walking :)
    gi gi