Saturday, April 30, 2011

Enjoying a beautiful Saturday!!

Yay, it's Saturday!!!  I, of course, worked today.  I am in the restaurant business and if you want to make any money, you just HAVE to work the weekends.  And, where I'm currently working, weekend breakfasts and lunches are where it's at!

It was busy today (double yay!!).  I was surprised when I got cut at 1pm (my shift started at 7am) because usually I end up working until 3pm.  But we had slowed down enough to where they didn't need all of us.  Everyone at work knows that I am a workaholic and will always be willing to stay as long as I can (hey, unlike many of my co-workers I do not live with my parents, I am not married, and I do not have a roommate.  I am not there to "make enough money so that I can go out and blow it all partying tonight", I actually have real bills to pay).  Anyway, when one of my co-workers asked me if I was "okay" with getting cut, I actually said....."yeah, it's all good".  She looked totally shocked!! 

The reason I was okay with it was that my a$$ was hecka tired--which NEVER happens!!  They scheduled what seemed like a ton of servers today and most everyone had 3 or 4 tables only.  I was the only one with 5 tables.  Also, the girl in the section next to me was new and the manager asked me to watch her.  Uh......after 2 weeks of training, she had no clue about the menu--either myself or another girl had to help her enter EVERY.SINGLE.ORDER. into the computer.  On top of that, she wrote 2 letter abbreviations for her orders but then had no idea what they were (OMG).  Needless to say she got many orders wrong.  And, since I don't read minds, I couldn't help her figure out HER abbreviations!!!!

Finally, I had had enough and advised the manager that she had no idea about the menu.  I guess he already knew about all of the messed up orders.  He advised me that he was taking her off the floor and I had to pick up her section (of 4 tables) addition to mine!!  Uh, that's great cuz I can REALLY use the money (rents due this week!!)  I kinda got slammed after that.  But I had the BEST busser and he helped me out so much that I didn't get behind. 

So, normally, yes I would have been disappointed to have been cut.  The girl who asked me if I was okay with it, I think, actually wanted me to stay for her.  Oh, well.  I checked my sales and they were more than good.  I can usually accurately guestimate how much I make by what my sales are.  Unlike most servers, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to individual tips, I just count it out at the end of the day. 

Since the weather was beautiful outside today (except for the wind) I wanted to go enjoy the sunshine!!  So I finished up my tables, did my sidework and ran out of there!!  And, yes, I have been enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon!!!

Here's wishing everyone a very Happy Saturday

Until next time......................

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Happy Friday friends!! many of you stayed up, or got up, in the middle of the night to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding? 

Yes, I was one of those who did.  Here on the west coast that meant things started happening at 2am.  I guess it's a good thing I decided to be inactive on Thursday, because I was nice and rested to stay up all night.  I only dozed off twice for about 10 minutes each time.  Luckily it was during non-important things. 

What did everyone think??  I thought it was beautiful.  I never used to cry at weddings!! Ever! Not even at mine.  I'll be honest though---I did cry during this one.  But to be totally honest.....I cried during the wedding ceremony on Bethenny Getting Married?.  Actually, I have found that in the past couple of years I have cried during weddings---both those I've attended, or watched on TV. 

Maybe it's the fact of having been there and am now divorced.  I have a different perspective on marriage.  I'm not all misty-eyed and innocent anymore.  I know how hard marriage is and how great, as well as how bad, it can be.  It's a fine line and it all depends on whether or not you made the right choice of a mate.  I realize now that I made a bad choice for me.  He wasn't a bad guy, we just weren't suited well for each other.  

But, I digress.  Prince William and Kate look well suited for each other.  There's an ease between them that isn't always seen in couples.  And, looking back, an ease that was missing between Prince Charles and Diana. 

Now, since my divorce, I've always said I will never remarry.  And I have yet to find a guy to change my mind.  So, why the tears??  Honestly, they are tears of joy.  Now, for me, weddings are a promise of hope.  I wish all couples who enter into marriage great happiness and success!!

For this particular wedding of William and Kate, I also cried for a mother who couldn't be there to see her eldest son marry.  Yes, Diana died in 1997 and I think she would have been so proud of her son and his choice of a mate.  I'd like to think she was watching from above.....and maybe she had a little to do with the sun coming through instead of the rain that was forecast??!!

Didn't Prince William look so handsome in his uniform?  I could still see the little boy in him.  He was so cute!!!  Kate's dress was beautiful.  It did remind me of Princess Grace.  She looked incredible. 

Well, cheers to this newly married couple.  I am wishing them all of the love, happiness and success possible!!  And, long live the British monarchy!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Change of Scenery

As you can see, my blog has changed a little.  I was reading other blog posts today and seeing that some have changed since last I saw (yes I'm still trying to catch up!).  Feeling a little restless, as well as a need for change, I updated my blogs look.  I hope you like it.  

Thursday is my day off.  Normally I'm always doing something....whether it be housework or errands or other things.  This morning I woke up and, since I didn't have any plans, decided that I really didn't feel like doing anything!!

So......that's what I did.  Yes, really!  There was a marathon of Law & Order: Criminal Intent on USA channel.  They are getting ready for the season premiere (and return of Goren and Eames) on Sunday.  Now, I love Jeff Goldblum and enjoyed seeing him on CI, but no one is better than Vincent D'Onofrio.  I am saddened that this will be the final season of this great show.  It has become my favorite of the Law & Order franchise (although the original Law & Order is thisclosebehind).

So, after spending the afternoon lounging around and watching CI, I finally got myself showered and ready to head over to Starbucks for my daily latte.  After that was accomplished, I came home and started watching the Charles and Diana wedding on TLC channel. 

Now.....who will be watching the royal wedding tonight in just a few hours??  Out here on the west coast I believe it starts around 2am.....I haven't really been following the daily updates of this wedding.  Funny because growing up I loved the royal family and was a big fan of Princess Diana.  Anyway, I will probably be one of the millions of people around the world who will get up and watch the festivities.  Luckily I work the night shift tomorrow and can sleep afterwards! lol

Well, time to go veg out in front of the TV again.  Unfortunately, I accidentally came across the results of tonights American Idol elimination show here on the internet.  Needless to say I won't be watching because I'm NOT happy with the results.  What do you think??  Who is your favorite?? 

Tonight I will be watching Real Housewives of NY.  What do you think of the season so far?  Are you watching the other Housewives shows currently on?  And, are you watching Bethenny Ever After?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A few of my new favorite things

Even though I haven't been blogging regularly I do actually enjoy the process.  I would like to blog daily, but I'm not always the best at budgeting my time (usually BravoTV gets in the way when I'm at home--haha).  Also, I don't always know what I want to write about (hence the rant on Monday). 

So, I will try and be a good little blogger and not just write about my daily life, especially since it really isn't that interesting!!  There are other ways to get to know someone besides their daily grind, right??!!

I love trying new things.  But with the bad economy I can't just go out and purchase every single new thing that comes out.  So, I usually do my research then pick and choose the things I think will benefit me the most.  However, sometimes curiousity gets the better of me and I have to try the thing RIGHT.THIS.MINUTE. 

The following are a few of my new favorite things:

1.  Yes, that's the Shake Weight.  I've been intrigued by it for some time but never thought to buy it.  But now that I'm playing softball again, I've found that my arm and shoulder muscles are out of shape.  I've heard from others that it works if you use it consistently so I decided to try it out.  I've had it for about 3 weeks and have been using it 3 times a week for 6 minutes at a time.  I haven't watched the enclosed cd (I"ll get around to it).  I actually do see a difference in my throwing stamina during my softball games.  I actually love it and I love the fact I can do it while watching my favorite TV shows :P

2.  Garnier Nutrisse's Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller.  I was sitting at my bedroom window one day putting on my makeup and realized that my dark circles were OUT.OF.CONTROL.  At first I thought it was smudged eye liner I didn't wash off, but no such luck!!  I had seen this product a few weeks before but figured it didn't work so.......  But I looked horrible, and the concealer I was using wasn't doing anything but making it worse.  So, I headed to the drug store and picked up this item.  I came home immediately and tried this product on one the mirror at my bedroom window.  I saw the difference immediately!!  It doesn't take away the dark circles but it does make them LESS noticeable.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.  I will say that a co-worker of mine tried it a week or so before me and she didn't care for the product.  She said the tint wasn't compatible on her skin.  But honestly, she wears little, if any, makeup, and she doesn't have any dark circles (lucky girl). 

3.  Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Lift Anti Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream.  I bought this item at the same time as the Anti-Dark Circle Roller.  I keep it in the refrigerator so it's nice and cool when I apply it morning and night.  Even though I have very oily skin, I was noticing that the area around my eyes were getting that "crepe"-y look due to dryness in that area, I guess.  Since I've been using this product I have noticed that the "crepe"iness is gone!!  Yay!!

4.  Last but not least is this product:  Olay Age Defying Intensive Nourishing Night Cream.  I bought it a couple of months ago and at first I kept forgetting to use it at night before bed.  Again, because I have oily skin I am reluctant to put anything on it because products usually just clog my pores and cause breakouts!  Lately, I've been trying to be more consistent in using it.  Sometimes when I forget (yes still!) to put it on at night, I have used a little in the morning.  Well, last week I got a compliment from a co-worker on how fresh my skin looked.  I'm guessing it's because of this product......because, honestly, I haven't been using anything else new except whats listed here,  or doing anything different!!

Well, these are the products I've recently started using and luckily it seems I've had success with them.  What new products are you using??  I'm always looking to try new things. 

Until next time........

Lightening Up a Bit (or a lot!!)

Happy Wednesday to All!!

It's been a great day here in California.  The weather was sunny and warm (70*F)....although it was a little windy after I was off of work.  It looks like the beautiful weather is here to stay for awhile.  This makes me sooooo happy!!!  As I've said over and over, I don't like cold weather.  I do not thrive in this weather at all!!  So, I'm happy to see that the forecast shows beautiful weather for the rest of the week!  I really really hope the ugly, cold weather is gone for good. 

I felt so good yesterday that I decided that I wanted to start running again.  However, my body was having none of it!!  Even though I've been playing softball I am in no shape to run for any kind of distance, so I ended up walking instead.  It wasn't exactly the same, but I was happy and it felt good to be moving again!!  I was planning on walking today when I was off of work, but ended up running errands and now I need to get ready for dinner plans.  Luckily I'm off tomorrow, so I will get some outdoor exercise in at some point :)

As you know, I don't post picture's very often but see beautiful pictures on other's blogs.  I'm still trying to figure out how to find different pictures on the internet.  So, here's my beginners try at posting something other than just words (don't worry, I'll get better)....these are pictures I've found on the internet of places that I've been to and love.....and are making me so very happy right now:

Los Angeles, CA

LA, CA at night

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

London, England

Hearst Castle

Philadelphia, PA

home of the SFGiants

None of these are pictures I took. They aren't even necessarily the best pictures, but the best ones I could find. Unfortunately I haven't downloaded any of my pictures to my new computer.  And also some of my most favorite pictures I took before I got my digital camera and still need to transfer them to disc.  Especially the pictures in Hawaii!! 

Well, that's all for now.  Wishing everyone a great Wednesday.  Until next time!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Point of View

It's Monday and after running errands and doing some housework, I am sitting here watching the History Channels "The Third Reich:  The Fall".  Prior to that I caught the last half hour of "The Third Reich:  The Rise".  Now, I was a history major in college so I did study a lot of this.  I am also smart enough to realize that we are not always taught "everything" in school like we should be, so I have always made sure to educate myself of all sides of a subject to get a better overview and understanding. 

This show is stirring up many feelings inside of me.  Most importantly, the word fear comes to mind.  It makes me sad that so many people could just blindly follow another human being based on propaganda without questioning anything.  Unfortunately, it can (and will) happen again and again.  And, that is my biggest fear.

It also makes me think about our own political system here in the USA.  I see the same thing happening here in the "land of the free".  And, fearfully, it is always the extremists of a political party/ideology who are the leaders stirring the pot.  I wish people would just think for themselves and not just believe everything they are told at face value. 

I even see it in my own family.  The very people who taught me to think for myself, never just take things at face value and question everything, have become mindless followers who regurgitate extreme views that they heard from some talking head on TV who knows squat about anything except starting trouble and stirring the pot for no other reason except to expand their already over-blown egoes (oh, and let's not forget all of the wealth and fame that comes with it). 

Now, at this point it would be easy for these people to say "Oh, she's some extreme liberal or conservative" and discount my thoughts.  However, I am not an extremist on either side of the political spectrum.  I always listen to both sides of any argument and don't believe that either extreme of any system is a good one.  There are good points and bad points to both the conservative and the liberal points of view in my opinion.

So, instead of just saying one side is better and smarter than the other, why can't our politicians just work together to make this the best country it can be.  Isn't that REALLY what our forefathers fought for and would have wanted??? 

Am I the only one who thinks that the gridlock in Washington DC is stupid, ridiculous and completely unnecessary??  Does anyone else want this country to get back on the right track and do what's best for EVERYONE and not just what's best for one political ideology or another (or what's best for the lobbyists funding both sides)???

Geez......I can't believe what started as my feelings about a viewing of a show on the History Channel has turned into my views of our current political system.  But in the beginning of this post I used the word fear and, quite honestly, I do fear that people here in the USA are just blindly following politicians or talking heads because it's easier than actually taking a stand or doing their own research or even thinking for themselves.  And God-forbid one actually listens to the other sides views without prejudice. 

What has happened to this country???  I am a proud American.  So for those of you out there who don't think it's possible, you CAN actually be a proud American and NOT be an ultra-conservative or an ultra-liberal.  It's possible to be a proud American and still think our politicians are completely out of touch with what needs to be done to improve this country.  And, you CAN be a proud American and think our political system sucks right now. 

How can that be?  Because I believe that we have all of the capabilities to get back on the right track, but only if the idiots running things got out of their own way and thought about anything other than their own egoes and greed.   Also, that the American people really do have a choice.  Maybe it seems like we don't, but in this country we all have a choice.  That choice is called a vote.  

Unlike so many other countries, we get to elect our leaders.  We have this incredible gift that our forefathers fought for and we don't even appreciate what we have.  Look at all of the people who come to this country for a chance at a better life and a chance for the rights and freedoms that we take for granted.

There are some Americans who don't like all of the immigrants coming to this country and following their dreams.  Uh, I'm sorry, but last time I checked, unless you're a Native American, your ancestors are not from this country and at some point everyones family started out as immigrants to the good ole USA.  So, please, just get over yourselves. 

And just to be clear, I'm not speaking about illegal immigrants, because that's a whole other subject. Plus, illegal immigration isn't limited to just those who come from south of the border, but from everywhere else in the world.  Yes, there are illegals from many many other countries around the world. But like I said, that's a whole other subject, with no easy answers.

Maybe all of those Americans who feel so incredibly entitled should move to other countries to see what it's like in the "real world".  Then perhaps they wouldn't be so hateful to those who just want the same opportunities as we just take for granted.  Oh, and just so you know....I was born and raised here in the USA as were both of my parents. 

So to come full circle back to the beginning of this post, which was my watching of "The Third Reich: The Rise" and "The Third Reich: The Fall", it was very interesting because it was done using footage from Nazi Germany.  To me it's a cold reminder of what has happened in this world less than 100 years ago, and, if we aren't careful, will happen again. 

I really don't know why I felt the need to vent all of this, but apparently, it needed to be done.  I know it's an uncomfortable subject but it does need to be addressed and discussed. 

Well, it's time to go.  I will now get ready for my nighttime viewing of RuPauls Drag Race, Bethenny Ever After, and DWTS.  Some "Reality" TV.  LOL

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy (Good) Friday to all

I can't believe it's almost the end of another week.  Actually today is Good Friday....for those who follow the Lenten season.  And, for those who did, what did you give up for Lent?  I happened to give up "meat", which I normally do each year.  For whatever reason, giving up meat for Lent this year was excruciatingly harder than usual.  Maybe because the place I work at the menu is 95% meat?? 

Anyway, one of my co-workers gave up soda.  So, she and I are now doing a countdown to when we can eat or drink again--LOL.  What I really want is a nice piece of Prime Rib or a yummy cheeseburger.  We'll have to wait and see on Easter Sunday what I end up choosing.

Actually, I'm working on Easter Sunday.  It's the first restaurant I've ever worked at that's open 365 days a working on the holidays is new for me.  They tell me it's going to be busy.  I work the morning shift, so it probably will.  Also, it may rain on Sunday, which means we may be busy all day.....which I'll be really happy about!!!  If I'm going to work, it may as well be busy, right??!! 

I think I wrote in a post last week that I played on a womens softball team for the first time last week as a fill-in because they were short several players.  Well, they asked me to play again this past Wednesday.  It was cold and very windy.  The team was so bad they let about 16 runs score in the first inning due to lousy pitching (lots of walks) and terrible fielding.  The other team finally felt sorry for us and just swung at lousy pitching and struck out to get us out of our misery!! 

Seriously, most of the women on this team not only CAN'T catch a ball, but they can't throw it more than 1 or 2 feet.........I AM NOT JOKING!!!  I was in right field and only 1 ball came to me....only because it was a grounder and the first basewoman let it get by her (NOT even shocked by that).  I was able to easily throw it to an infielder.  The left fielder was also able to catch and throw the ball like someone who knows how to play.  The same can't be said for our centerfielder.  She couldn't catch the ball....couldn't field the ball.....and when she threw it, the ball only went maybe 2 feet in front of her--uh, that's NOT an exaggeration.  I just stood there in shock.  It was embarrassing!! 

There were 2 girls on the team who were really really good (our left fielder and short stop--both fill-ins like me) and 2 of us who were good (me and the 3rd basewoman).  After the game, the manager advised us that if we wanted to play again for the summer season we each needed to pay $38.  My friend told me that this team has NEVER won a game.  Sorry, no thanks!!  I just told my friend that I considered this team practice for our co-ed team.  She just laughed.  Hopefully, they won't need me again for the rest of the season, especially if it's going to be cold outside.....cause it's just too painful to watch.

As for just amazes me that our Friday nights aren't busy.  I've never worked at a restaurant that WASN'T busy on a Friday night.  I think it may have to do with not having a beer or wine license.  At first they weren't going to get one.  I talked to the managers and told them that we've had several people leave or say they won't be back even though our food is good because they can't get a beer or glass of wine with their meal.  Last I heard the managers were trying to get the license.  Fingers crossed that they really are.....I really believe it will make a big difference on all of the nights, but especially Fridays and Saturdays. 

Honestly, I should already be in bed since I have to be back at work at 7am tomorrow.  So, I will say goodnight and everyone have a happy and safe holiday weekend!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little Tuesday catch-up

Happy Tuesday from overcast California!!

I would normally say "Sunny California" except, after a short stint of beautiful weather, it's gone back to ugly overcast, rainy, and even humid weather!  Where is my springtime??? I fear we will go from winter to summer without having a real spring.....and that is sad to me because springtime is one of the BEST times of the year.....the beginning of ALL things possible, right??!!!

As for me, I have been working and playing well as slowly doing the spring cleaning of my household.  Unfortunately, this weather is NOT very inspiring to my getting a lot done.  I have been oversleeping on the days I don't have to be at work in the morning.....and pretty much procrastinating at everything but work. 

Lately, I feel like "Debbie Downer"  all of the time and I hate that feeling.  The weather does affect me because when it was nice outside for that short period of time, I was in a great mood.  Now......I just want to hibernate.  Uggghhhhh....when will the sun shine again????????

Softball has been great.  I was nervous about playing again since it had been 5 years, but I am enjoying it and even got an RBI in this passed Sunday's game.  We are still undefeated, which is great.  But, if we win the championship, that means we will move up to the intermediate league.  I've played all 3 levels before, so I know what to expect.  I am on a good team, but not sure if they are good enough for the next level.  They think they are, but.......we shall see.

I played in my very first womens softball game last week.  I was nervous, but the team wasn't very was actually a little uninspiring.  They got massacred!!!  Unfortunately, I pulled a muscle in my right quadricep and it has affected me ever since. 

Work has been slow.  I need to remember that it is slower from January through April, so that I can save my money accordingly and ride it out without stressing.  I have gone through all of the money I had saved and I am still waiting for it to pick up.  I am seriously contemplating getting a second job...for just 2 days a week.  I hate worrying about finances.  I'm just not used to having to do this.  My last server job I never had to worry about money so this is new to me.  

Also, getting a second job will be good for me to keep me a little more disciplined.  I will be honest, I have become very lazy (ie a procrastinator).  Even though I keep busy for the most part, I have a lot of downtime and keep putting things off because I know I have time "later"...which means it usually doesn't get done, or it gets done at the last minute. 

Unfortunately, I also had some extra expenses the first part of this new year, including my new computer, my car registration (including a smog check), oil/lube change on my car, a few other car expenses, that helped deplete my savings.  And, I didn't get as much back in taxes as I normally would have because I was unemployed for most of 2010. 

I am in a wedding this summer.  Or, at least I'm supposed to be.  Unfortunately, all of the money I had saved to pay for my dress and the airfare to fly down to L.A. both for the dress fittings and wedding....are gone.  I haven't even gone down to be fitted for the dress because I don't have the money.  The wedding is in July.  If I don't figure something out ASAP, I'm going to have to drop out.  I don't want to hurt or disappoint my cousin, so......

We shall see.  I am of the belief that everything happens for a reason, even if you don't know what the reason is at the time.  So, I just need to stay positive and know that things will turnaround soon enough.  Praying for some good fortune to come my way :)

Well......that's all for now.  It's time to get ready for work.  I'm hoping for a good night.  Usually, the night shifts aren't very busy......I wish all 5 of my shifts could be morning shifts....then I wouldn't have to worry about money at all.  Yes,  the morning shifts are much better then the night shifts....more hours AND more money!!   Luckily I work 3 day shifts a week...... 

Until next time.....wishing everyone a  great Tuesday!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Tuesday in Cali

Good morning my blogger friends

I'm still trying to get used to this laptop.  Not having a mouse takes getting used to since the little finger pad seems to be touchy and very sensitive?! 

Anywho, I slept well last night just like I knew I would.  And, yes, I did get up this morning and go walking with my friend again. She had a daycare kid this morning so he came along for our walk.  Unfortunately, he didn't want to cooperate and we had to keep stopping so it hindered the quality and length of our walk.  We ended up only walking 2 miles instead of 5 miles. 

However, I can't really be upset because if it weren't for my friend, my lazy butt would just now be getting out of bed!!  So, I slept well last night, got up this morning and went for a 2 mile walk in the beautiful California weather.  Gee, life's rough, right??!! LOL  So far I'm having a great day

Now that I'm cleaned up I'm off to run errands, which includes paying my rent (oops, didn't realize it was already the 5th) and having my daily Starbucks.  I'm hoping my great day continues with a money-making night at work.  Fingers crossed.

My muscles are feeling really tight so I'm not really stretched out enough.  Maybe I can find a little time this afternoon for a yoga session before work.  Although, a massage sounds sooooo much better, right???!!! 

I'm off to run my errands.  And here's wishing everyone a fabulous Tuesday!!     

Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Monday comes to an end.....

Happy Monday to all......

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.....I had to work.  And, on Sunday, I played in my first co-ed softball game in 5 years.  I was excited as well as nervous.  I've had a strained muscle in my arm/wrist which majorly affected me at work.  I've been wearing a brace to give extra support when I carry the heavy plates.  It's still a little sore, but it is much better.  I have been rehabbing it which is really helping.  

So, as you can imagine, I was very very nervous about how I was going to catch and swing the bat.  Luckily I didn't have to do any catching and I was up to bat 3 times....and hit the ball each at bat.  It was honestly a little sore afterward, but I stretched it out and it's feeling a lot better.  And the best part was that our team won 11-7!!!!

This morning I got up early (yuk...cuz it's my day off) and went for a 5 mile walk with one of my good friends.  My legs were still very sore from not only all of the running I did during the game (on and off the field and when at bat) but also from working all day Sunday from 8-4 (and we were busy!!).  My game was at 5pm so all I had time for was to run home, change clothes, stop at Starbucks (yeah, seriously.....I hadn't eaten since 9:30 am), and head on over to my game. 

I wasn't able to stretch out before the game.  I did manage to stretch out a little bit after the game when I got home, but honestly I was sooooo exhausted that I didn't stretch like I should have and ended up laying on the couch and falling asleep watching TV.  :(

As you can imagine.....I was super sore this morning and not really in the mood to walk.  But, I had promised my friend and I knew that I really needed to do it so I went.  It was another beautiful day here in California and even though my legs were hecka sore.....I really really enjoyed my walk.  And, we're doing it again tomorrow.  We are doing different routes around town.  Nice way to get to know the neighborhood and city.

The rest of the day was for errands and a little housework.  I've been tired all day so I didn't really feel like "cooking" dinner so I steamed some broccoli and made some whole grain pasta drizzled with a little EVOO.  So yummy and so much healthier than going out.  It filled me up without making me feel stuffed.  So, right now I'm watching DWTS and Real Housewives of OC.  I actually fell asleep too early last night and missed it. :(

Well, that's what I did on my day off.  I plan on going to bed early tonight.  Shocking, I know, since I am a night owl and always have trouble sleeping.  But I think with 2 straight days of some sort of exercise.....I am thinking I will have absolutely NO trouble sleeping tonight!! lol

Wishing everyone a great week.....