Monday, October 4, 2010

My Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday to everyone!!

I know that I've been mostly M.I.A. since I went back to work.  It's been hard to find the time to sit and read everyone's blogs AND write a post of my own!!  So, unfortunately I've been mostly doing blog hops, etc....  So, I will try and be a better blogger starting today.  Let's see how long it lasts?! :P

So let me wrap up my weekend.  One of my co-workers asked me to work her Saturday night shift and she would work my Tuesday night (tomorrow) shift.  I said HELL TO THE YES to that since I would now get 2 days off in a row.  

On Saturday, my San Francisco Giants were playing the San Diego Padres and if they won, would win the NL West division.  It was supposed to be a night game, but since it was an important/significant game "they" (MLB) changed the time to afternoon and aired it on FOX (aka "national" tv instead of our local station).   It sucked for a lot of fans, I guess, but for me worked out perfectly.  I was able to watch the game and then go to work.  Unfortunately, they didn't win the game and, now that I was in a foul mood, I had to go to work and be nice!!

It wasn't as busy as I was told it was going to be.  It was an okay Saturday night.  I ended up closing, which is fine but then I had to be back at work at 8am on Sunday.  Well, I finally got out of there at around 12:20 am and then I actually took my tired butt over to have a drink with some co-workers.  Yes, seriously!!!  I had one Smirnoff Ice and was on my way.  I didn't get home until about 1:40am.  I was asleep by 2am.  

And, if you can believe it, I was actually awake by 6am and at work early!!  It was non-stop busy, of course, which was great and I was done and outta there by 3:30.  Got home just in time to see the end of the San Francisco Giants game (the last game of the regular season).  I watched our closer, Brian Wilson, retire the side and the pandemonium begin once my team became the NL West division Champions!!  And, yes, I really did get all teary-eyed!!  I'm a lifelong SFGiants fan and it's always a thrill to see your team get to post season.  Not that it happens much here in the Bay Area (for ANY sport!!).  

Oh.....and on Saturday night I had a phone message that my Aunt Patricia from Southern California called and wanted me to call her back.  I didn't even know she had my phone number but my parents just got back from visiting them (and Disneyland) so I guess they asked my mom for my number.  Well, since I got the message after I got off of work I wasn't going to call them then so it would have to wait until I got off of work on Sunday. 

I called and left a message with my aunt after work and she called a couple of hours later.  She told me that one of my cousins and his fiancee were getting married next July.  I told her I knew because my mom had told me a couple of months ago.  She then proceeded to tell me that my cousin and his fiancee wanted me to be a part of their wedding!  What??????

I totally was NOT expecting that!  My aunt and uncle moved to Mexico when my cousins were very small.  This cousin was about 7 or 8 years old when they moved and I have only seen him once since then and that was 2 years ago.  I met his fiancee at that time too.  I got teary-eyed again (twice in one day.....that HAS to be a record!!).  My aunt told me my cousin wasn't home and his fiancee doesn't speak English well and was afraid I wouldn't understand her on the phone so they asked my aunt to call and ask me.  Then she said my other male cousin (who is the wedding planner) said that I would be walking down with him and that I'd better say yes or he was coming up here to make me!! haha  Of course I said yes.  I take it as an honor!!  I have tons of cousins, and they know them better than me, so to be the only cousin chosen to be in the wedding.....all I can say is WOW!! I am so excited.  

I've never been a bridesmaid.  Like myself, when my friends got married, they didn't have bridesmaids.  I had an outdoor wedding and only had my exes niece and nephew in the wedding.  Now, the only reason for this was because I just wanted my 5 closest friends & sister in the group and HE wanted every guy who was even a remote friend in the wedding party (last count was at least 10).  He wanted me to "just pick some girls to make it the same number as the guys".  I told him I wasn't going to pick random girls just to even the numbers and since he wouldn't lower the number, he decided we wouldn't have ANY.  That was my first clue I should have run for the hills!!  My friends and brother all went to Reno, Lake Tahoe, or Las Vegas to get married.  And, my sister has yet to marry.  

I will have to take a couple (few) trips down to LA for trying on dresses, etc....Oh darn, I'm oh so upset about that!! :)  As I always say, things happen for a reason.  I have been trying to get back to exercise and eating right in order to lose weight but there's always an excuse (reason) why I never really follow through.  Well, I was told the dress will be black (possibly with a little hot pink) and strapless.  They didn't tell me if it was fitted or not but I am going to assume it is.  I'm sooooo NOT ready for that!!  They will be ordering dresses by January so since we are now into OCTOBER, I don't have a lot of time to lose weight.  Honestly since I started working last month I have lost almost 10 lbs!!  And that's without exercising at all....just eating less and drinking tons of water.  Let's see what happens when I finally throw some exercise into the mix?!?!?!  Fingers crossed I can lose another 10-20 lbs by January.  Jackie Warners book is going to come in handy right now!! 

Lately we've had a bit of a heatwave here in Northern California where the temperatures been in the high 90's to 100's.  I loved it, but most people did not.  This morning I awoke to MUCH cooler temperatures.  Normally I'm not happy about that, but it was a nice change of pace.  So I got up, took a shower and got ready.  

Now, let me preface the following by saying that I got a notice a week or two ago that the property mgmt company was going to paint the exterior of all of the duplexes this week.  Anyway, I went out to get my paper when I heard my doorbell ring.  I opened the front door and my door was taped off with plastic!!!  So, I went to my kitchen (I don't have any windows in my livingroom.  I know, it's totally weird!!) and looked out of the window and it too is taped off.  So was my second bedrooms window.  Apparently while I was taking a shower and getting ready the painting crew had arrived and started working.  So, uh, thanks for letting me know guys!!  

I didn't know if they were taping off my garage door too?!  I park my car in the garage and it would suck to be literally stuck in my house the WHOLE day!!!  Finally one of the guys came to MY bedroom window to tape it off and I peeked my head out to ask him if I could get my car out of the garage.  I think I scared the hell out of him because he jumped back when I said hello......He assured me that I could exit that way and I was on my way.  I got home a while ago and the front of my house is still taped off and doesn't look much different.  I guess they finished the back because the tape is off all of the windows/sliding door.  I haven't gone out there to see.  

Anyway, that's my weekend.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  And, Happy Monday!


  1. Hey Miss Tina :)
    You are one busy girl! I know sometimes it is really hard to visit everyone and do your own blog post! I don't know how the big bloggers do it!
    You'll have fun being a bridesmaid :)
    And I am sure you'll look beautiful!
    Thank you for your sweet comment!
    gi gi

  2. Wow! That's awesome about getting asked to be in the wedding! How fun!