Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wrapup and a little Reality TV catch-up

Happy Monday to all...... I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!  I was off on Saturday and planning to blog and catch up but for whatever reason my internet service kept crashing each time I tried to get onto my blog!!  I didn't do anything on Saturday for the most part.  As I said in my last post, I was exhausted on Friday and was so happy when I was cut for the night.  But, instead of going home to bed, I went for a drink (or two) with a co-worker.  

This isn't usual for me but once in a while you just need to unwind and relax with others after work--with a drink (or two).  So, absolutely NO guilt!!  Anyhoo, I ended up sleeping in on Saturday.  After I finally got up and ate breakfast, I turned on my computer but wasn't able to access Blogger at all so I checked emails and Facebook and then (slowly) got myself ready and went to Starbucks for a latte to wake myself up.  The only other thing I did was go to Outback for dinner.  Besides those outings I was totally lazy ALL day!!  And I'm okay with it!  

I didn't do any housework (well, I did do one load of laundry--but really, how hard is that?? lol).  I vegged in front of the TV and watched my San Francisco Giants lose and watched a Law and Order marathon and mindless reality TV of course.  I was asleep before midnight on a Saturday and was happy about it!!  OMG... how sad is that?! :P

I had to work all day Sunday.  It was, of course, busy but not crazy and the time flew by.  Before I knew it 3pm had arrived and since it had slowed down, I was cut :).  I did my side work SO fast and was outta there!!  I got home just in time to see my Oakland Raiders lose (Janikowski SUCKS as the kicker so far this year!!).  I was excited to see that the Amazing Race season premiere was well as Desperate Housewives!!  A great night of TV for me :)

Today I had lunch with an old friend I hadn't seen in years.  She and her husband came into the restaurant I work at a few weeks ago and we promised to get together.  I have mostly been working 6 days a week so it's been difficult to find the time.  But this week I had 2 days off so we made plans.  We had a great time catching up and can't wait to get together again.  

Tonight I'm watching Dancing With The Stars.  Even though I wasn't thrilled with all of the contestants this season when they were announced, after watching them dance I can honestly say that this is the first season I really didn't want to see ANY of them go!! 

I have never seen Jersey Shore but am familiar with The Situation and company.  I have boycotted the show because I saw them on Lopez Tonight a while back and felt my IQ drop several points after listening to them for a few minutes.  He wasn't so bad (except he is very pigeon-toed!!).  And even though I am NOT a Palin (any of them) fan, I thought Bristol did a good job.  Oh, just saw her mom in the audience......

Has anyone watched The Event??? I watched it and really liked it (plus I am a HUGE Blair Underwood fan).  The show flashes back and forth and all over the place.  Now, I never saw the show Lost, but is it kind of like that???  I just remember friends say that Lost was always so very confusing......I was just wondering. 

I started watching the new Hawaii 5-0 last week but didn't see the end.  I actually liked the show, but I wish they had made it a new show with different characters.  I loved loved the original....and, let's be honest, there's only ONE Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams!!  I try to ignore when they call Alex O'Loughlin "Steve McGarrett" but other than that I am liking the show so far. 

Has anyone been watching Real Housewives of DC?  I have continued to watch although Michaele and Tariq are both bizarre people and if this franchise comes back, I hope they do not!!  I am starting to warm up to the other ladies on the show...but I still think they are a little too snooty and pretentious (except Mary, of course!)

I am loving Thintervention with Jackie Warner and just got her new book!  Super Jillian Michaels!  Did anyone see the season finale of Rachel Zoe Project?  I hope Rachel and Rodger get on the same page either way with the baby issue.  Rodger is right though....she does need another outlet besides just fashion.  I'm also enjoying Flipping Out this year.  Jeff Lewis is crazy as ever but Jenni isn't on as much anymore.  I'm not a huge fan of Sarah....kind of a ditz.  If she weren't family, I don't think she's be working there. 

And has anyone seen Top Chef: Just Desserts??  As always I love me some Top Chef!!! :) I watched the Top Chef reunion last week where they announced the cast for Top Chef: All-Stars.  One of my faves who didn't win was Tre (from a few seasons ago).  So glad to see he'll be there.  But I was sad that Kenny wasn't chosen from this season.  I was disappointed that Casey (from the season that Hung won) was chosen.  I always thought she was overrated and never deserved to be in the finale in her season.  Oh, well, just my opinion!! 

Has anyone besides myself seen Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock on TruTV??  I became addicted to this show several weeks ago.  It's on Tuesday nights at 10pm PST.  Of course, I love Las Vegas so how could I NOT love this show??  But, I'm trying to be a good girl and start watching "real" TV shows again besides just the reality shows I've become hopelessly addicted to over the years! :P

Well, I need to get back to my shows (yeah, I lead a super exciting life, I know!).  I work all week and am not off again until Saturday.  Thinking I will go see the new Wall Street movie.  I haven't yet read any reviews.  For me it doesn't matter, I will go see the movie regardless!! 

Wishing everyone a GREAT Tuesday........


  1. I am LOVING the new Hawaii 5-0! It's great! I haven't watched Real Housewives of DC because I think it's boring. It's the only one in the franchise that I haven't tuned in for.