Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I love this weeks Top 2 Tuesday subject, although there are several things I'd like to list instead of just two.  But, I will be a good girl this week and stick with just two!! :)  If you'd like to link up and play along, head on over to The Undomestic Momma.  So, anyway, this weeks subject is:  

Top 2 things you want to accomplish before the end of the year

1.  Lose weight/be healthy
I keep getting in my own way on this subject.  I am definitely not disciplined and, as I've posted before, I don't have anyone in my life (either family or friend) to count on for support.  Isn't that totally beyond sad?!  Even when I'm telling family and friends that I need to eat properly (no more sweets, etc....) and exercise regularly, they literally, in the next sentence say....let's go get ice cream (or whatever).  It's like I didn't even say anything!  :(  Then they all wonder why I don't call or come around much anymore.  Luckily, with my new job, I don't eat as much as I have been eating.  That's usually because I've mostly been working nights and by the time I get off of work, after being on my feet for 8 hours, I am too tired to eat.  I have lost a few lbs without even trying!!  
But, honestly, I want to lose the weight in a healthy way which includes regular exercise.  Now that I think I've figured out why I have all of the pain in my feet: it was fallen arches (including the swollen ankle), I went and got inserts for my shoes and have been testing them out.  After wearing them all day yesterday on my day off, the relief was immediate and when I took my shoes off I was able to walk normally.  Go figure....I've been suffering with this immense pain for the past 3 weeks and it was something I could have fixed easily.  
Jackie Warner's Thintervention (On Monday nights on Bravo channel) couldn't come at a better time for me. I think she is very motivating (like Jillian Michaels).  Since my feet are now on the mend, I can resume exercising like walking, running, and Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  Since this year is almost over (there are 15 1/2 weeks left in 2010) I will give myself a goal of 15 lbs.....and hope for 20!! lol

2.  Learn to speak Spanish
I have taken Spanish in Jr High (2 years), High School (3 years) and college (2 years).  I have friends and family who speak Spanish, so you'd think I would be more proficient in this language....yet I'm not!!  Well, since the majority of my co-workers, as well as my bosses, are bi-lingual in English and Spanish, I think it's high time I finally learn.  

Well, those are the top 2 things I want to accomplish by the end of this year.  There is a third one (I know you are totally shocked by that!):  save enough money to attend the San Francisco Giants Spring Training in Scottsdale AZ in March 2011.  Like I said above, I am so NOT disciplined and that includes saving money.  So, this will be difficult for me but it's something I really want so let's see if I can finally do it!! 

Wishing everyone a great week!!   


  1. I just started on the rosetta stone program with Spanish! I took it years ago in school and now I'm trying to refresh in it. If you get a chance use this program. It's great!

  2. Oh Tina, I feel your pain on the feet, and the dicipline! I have a cleaning business, I bought some Earth shoes they really help! Not very cute, but comfy!
    I would like to learn spanish! I took four years of French in school! What was I thinking, oh well!
    Thanks for your lovely comment! Always nice to hear from you :)
    gi gi

  3. Hi Tina!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment! I am the world's least disciplined person ever, it is a real challenge for me to stay on top of anything, much less working out! I know what you mean about diet sabatogers too, we have to stay strong! Wish we lived closer so we could work out together and keep each other motivated and accountable :) 15 lbs is a great goal - You can do it girlfriend, I know you can! Here for you always! :)

    Hugs and xxx! - Trishy

  4. Exercise is hard and eating right, too. I always seem to get one or the other and just can't get them together. Good luck (or should I say Buena Suerte!)