Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last nights Top Chef and other things.....

I got home from work last night in time to see the second airing of the penultimate episode of this seasons Top Chef.  But first, to recap my night:  I got to work and was asked if I wanted to be a breaker.  I really didn't, but told the manager it was his call, not mine.  So I broke the first person and everything was fine.  I had a full station during that servers break and all was good.  Then I moved on to the next server.  Well.....she wasn't so helpful.  I told her to let me know when she was ready and I would move over.  During that time I finished up with the tables I had.  A few minutes later I went to check on her station and wouldn't you know.....she was sat 3 tables and took them all!!  When I asked her she said she didn't want to take a break.  Okay, whatever.....Since everyone else got to work at the same time I did, there were no more breaks to cover.

I asked one of our "trainers"--actually she was hired as a hostess (2 weeks prior to my being hired last month) at one of our other locations and had only recently been trained as a waitress (a week before she started "training" us)--what I was supposed to do if there were no breaks to cover.  Honestly, I've never worked in a restaurant where we had someone strictly to cover our breaks.  Well, this annoying young girl (I think she's only 18 or 19) starting yammering on about something.  She didn't answer my question at all and, quite frankly, I was tired of listening to her, so I was going to try to cut her off and tell her that I was just going to go stock things for the dinner rush until advised by management.  She cut in with "Uh, is this another stupid question?".  Huh???  To say I was a little shocked is an understatement!  I just stared at her for a second and then said "Nevermind, I don't need anything from you."  And then walked away.  Luckily, she was off work and left soon afterward.  

Unfortunately, it's not the first time she has been rude to me or my co-workers, most of whom cannot stand her.  Well, I am now in that group!!  I've managed people before and I've always told my employees no question is a stupid question.  Everyone learns a different way.  Besides, I'd rather have someone ask me something several times to get it right rather than not ask and consistently do it wrong.....and then usually I have to fix it!! :(   Funny thing was, I wasn't even going to ask her a question...I was going to let her know what I was doing.  Sometimes it's best to let someone actually speak before cutting them off because, unless you have ESP, you really DON'T know what they're going to say.  She could have stopped herself from looking like an idiot, in front of those of us who were standing there, if she zipped her lip and let someone, other than herself, speak.

After we closed last night, I was in the back finishing up my side work.  There was one last table in the restaurant which belonged to the other closing waitress.  I saw her come to the back and sign out with a new waitress she was training.  So, I had assumed that last table left.  When I was done with my work I signed out and walked out front.  Guess what I found??  You guessed it:  the other waitresses table still sitting there chatting.  I figured she was still there somewhere and went and got my purse to leave.  I saw the trainee and asked where the waitress was.  She told me the girl already left.  Another "Huh?!" moment.  

I told her that we cannot leave a customer in the restaurant unattended.  She just looked at me and giggled and said "I don't know what to do?  Should I go get her?".  I told her it was up to her what to do, but that if I were them, they should stay--or go ask the manager what the policy is.  She just stood there for a minute or so (seriously).....then asked again "Should I go get her?".  I said yes if she's still out there.  The girl went out the door.  And then never came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, guess who had to stay and wait.  Finally, the couple got up and asked what time we close.  I told them 10pm (it was almost 11pm by this time!).  They apologized and left.  At that point, the manager on duty came out from the office after taking care of the money and I asked him the policy about leaving customers unattended.  And, YES, I did tell him what happened.  He said I was right and they would take care to make sure that never happened again!  Gosh, I really hate working with young about friggin LAZY!  FYI:  I have a life too (unfortunately on a Wed night it has to do with Bravo channel reality shows and not going out partying, but who cares? lol).  

The best part of last night was that I ended up NOT being the breaker and was asked to take over someone's station.  I don't know if he was fired or what....and didn't ask.  The manager just asked me to send the guy over to him and take over that station for the rest of the night.  And what I will say is that it was a very good night!!

Okay, so on to Top Chef.  Who watched last night??  Of the four left I figured Angelo would make it in and was hoping Kevin would also.  Between Ed and Kelly, I would rather see Ed make it in.  How happy was I to see Kelly "pack her knives and go"?!  Next weeks finale should be really good.  From the previews Angelo is very sick and Hung is supposed to be helping him.  I hope Kevin wins, though.......

Did anyone see Big Brother?  I missed it and it's still not on OnDemand to watch.  I saw Britney on CBS Morning Show and know that she was eliminated.  I can't wait to watch the episode....I am SO happy she's gone.  Who do you think will win this season???  At least it won't be someone I can't stand!! haha

That's all for now.  I got my schedule for the next week (our weeks go Thurs to Wed).  I was hoping to get today off like I did last week.  Well, my last day off was Saturday and I don't get another day off until this upcoming Sunday.  That's 7 days straight!! But, at least I get 2 days off in a row.  And even better, I work the morning shift, than get 2 days off, than come back to work a night shift.  So, it's not too bad, I just have to wait a while to get there.  

I'm now yammering on like that annoying girl at work so it's time to sign off and get some housework done!! Everyone have a great Thursday!!



  1. Wow! I can't believe she just left!!! That's crazy!

  2. I love Top Chef! It was a good episode. Ed appeared as Cat Cora'a sous-chef on Sunday's episode of Iron Chef (and Richard Blais)

  3. Hey Tina Girl! Happy Sat. :)
    Wow, sorry you had to deal with a lil snot! Good thing you are so Fab!
    gi gi

  4. Emy: Really?? Oh, I would have loved to see that episode!! I will look out for that episode. I also like Richard Blais. One of my faves!!

    Wed was a weird's been much better since then. Glad the majority of my co-workers are great to work with!! :)