Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eureka!!! I think I've finally figured it out!!

It's been a LONG week and I'm so glad I have today (Saturday) off of work!!  I've been working 6 days a week mostly since the restaurant opened, which is great, but this morning I woke up more EXHAUSTED than I think I've been in a LONG LONG time!!  Like I've written in past posts, my feet have been KILLING me every single day for the last month.  I have tried everything, thinking each time that I had finally figured it out....but was wrong :(

Well, last night I came home from work in so much pain.  I've finally nailed it down and I actually have, in fact, found the REAL answer!!  It was so very simple and right in front of me, but it took a month for me to finally figure it out.  It was my shoes.

So.....after work last night I came home and looked online at local stores to see what type of "work" shoes they had.  The pair I'd been wearing I had ordered at my last server job from Shoes For Crews.  Um, I haven't waitressed since the beginning of 2007 and I ordered those shoes in 2006 (or maybe 2005).  And so, even though I was super exhausted this morning I got myself up and got over to Famous Footwear and tried on everything they had in stock.  I ended up with a pair of Skechers...which are oil- and water- proof (or whatever the heck you call it).  They were $55.00 plus tax.  I didn't care what the price long as this incessant pain would just go away!!!

I worked 8 hours tonight....and I was NOT in pain!!  Well, the pain that I had allowed to grow the past few weeks was still there--I know that's going to take a while to heal, but I wasn't hobbling (or limping) around by the end of my shift like usual.  LOL :P

I am so happy to finally have it all figured out.....but feel kinda stupid that it took so long.  It's the best money I have spent!!  I think I will go back and get another pair I love them so much!!  So, I think this is the last time you will have to read about this problem.....and I am one happy girl!!

After work tonight, I went out for a drink with one of my co-workers.  Her mom owns a local bar/restaurant and we stopped by and had a shot (or actually a couple of shots).  I usually don't like to drink shots but  she introduced me to one that I really really like!  It's called a Sunkist.  It has peach schnapps, Red Bull, and UV Vodka.  (apparently UV is the brand name---don't substitute it with a Citrus Vodka because it's not the same).  I don't drink a lot of vodka and don't like Red Bull, but all together with the peach schnapps, it's a very yummy drink!!  It was fun to kick back, relax and just chat and unwind after work!

I'm so excited to have today (Saturday) off.  I have no plans other than to sleep in, do a little housework and just relax and enjoy the hot weather.  I do have to work on Sunday in the morning/afternoon but than I have Monday off so it's not that bad.  On Monday I'm going to have lunch with an old friend I ran into at my new job.  She and her husband (who is a friend of my ex-husband) came in a couple of weeks ago and she made me promise to call her to get together.

I'm excited because this year I have really backed away from many of my long time friends because it just seemed like I was giving giving giving of my time and always there to support them in whatever it was they help, hang out, or whatever when THEY needed something, but it was NEVER reciprocated.  Plus, as I've stated before, they haven't been too supportive of anything I try to do.  Maybe I do need to take a little of the blame since I've never really asked much of my friends over the years so maybe they just didn't know how to respond??  I don't know, and quite frankly, I no longer care.  Life is much too short to spend on people who only care about their own wants and needs.  I've always been there for my friends, even when I was too tired or busy, but when they can't even hear me when I'm just talking to them, well.....that's not a real friend!!   But one friend in particular made me feel like I was just being used and I just had had enough....I actually haven't spoken to her since January...and we've been friends for over 20 years!!

Anyhoo....I am slowly feeling people out and trying to make new friends.  It's a new thing for me since most of my friends I've had for many many years.  But I think it's time to shake things up a bit.  Meeting and getting to know new, or long lost, people will give me the chance to see what I really want and NEED in my life.
Okay, so I've rambled on enough for this post.  Hope everyone  has a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. That's great that the new shoes helped make you feel better!