Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I don't think I've done a Top 2 Tuesday for awhile.  But, since I'm home early from work tonight, I thought it was time to play along again!!  If you want to link up and play along, head on over to The Undomestic Momma.

This weeks topic is:   

Top 2 Favorite Songs

WOW!!  This is a hard one for me since I LOVE music so much--I don't have just two favorites!!  
1.  Home    by Daughtry

Sorry, only putting a picture of Chris Daughtry.....my favorite current singer!!  And, my favorite American Idol contestant EVER!!  I love this song!! Honestly, I love all of their music.
2.  What's Going On    by the late great Marvin Gaye

Everyone who knows me knows that I've been a lifelong Marvin Gaye fan.  I will listen to absolutely anything this man ever sung!!!  He is the BEST!!!!!!!!

3.  Dreams    by Fleetwood Mac
One of the greatest bands!!  E.V.E.R.  Enough Said.....

4.  Superstition    by Stevie Wonder

Enough said, I think!!

When it comes to music I am certainly eclectic.  I will listen to just about anything.  I do have to say I'm not much of a country music fan though.  I do love the old country classics, but not really the new stuff (although I did list a couple below).  I really do love music and there are way too many songs that move me in some way or remind me of something or someone.  It's very very hard to only pick a couple!!

I also LOVE anything sung by the Temptations, Madonna (from the 80's and 90's), Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Barbra Streisand, The Beatles, Teena Marie, Prince, Luther Vandross, Anthony Hamilton, Frank Sinatra, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, U2, Carole King, Rod Stewart, The BeeGee's (yes I love disco music), The Eagles, "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns n' Roses, "Enter Sandman" by Metallica (I normally don't like metal, but c'mon this song is a classic!).  I could go on and on and on as you can tell.  

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wrapup and a little Reality TV catch-up

Happy Monday to all...... I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!  I was off on Saturday and planning to blog and catch up but for whatever reason my internet service kept crashing each time I tried to get onto my blog!!  I didn't do anything on Saturday for the most part.  As I said in my last post, I was exhausted on Friday and was so happy when I was cut for the night.  But, instead of going home to bed, I went for a drink (or two) with a co-worker.  

This isn't usual for me but once in a while you just need to unwind and relax with others after work--with a drink (or two).  So, absolutely NO guilt!!  Anyhoo, I ended up sleeping in on Saturday.  After I finally got up and ate breakfast, I turned on my computer but wasn't able to access Blogger at all so I checked emails and Facebook and then (slowly) got myself ready and went to Starbucks for a latte to wake myself up.  The only other thing I did was go to Outback for dinner.  Besides those outings I was totally lazy ALL day!!  And I'm okay with it!  

I didn't do any housework (well, I did do one load of laundry--but really, how hard is that?? lol).  I vegged in front of the TV and watched my San Francisco Giants lose and watched a Law and Order marathon and mindless reality TV of course.  I was asleep before midnight on a Saturday and was happy about it!!  OMG... how sad is that?! :P

I had to work all day Sunday.  It was, of course, busy but not crazy and the time flew by.  Before I knew it 3pm had arrived and since it had slowed down, I was cut :).  I did my side work SO fast and was outta there!!  I got home just in time to see my Oakland Raiders lose (Janikowski SUCKS as the kicker so far this year!!).  I was excited to see that the Amazing Race season premiere was on.....as well as Desperate Housewives!!  A great night of TV for me :)

Today I had lunch with an old friend I hadn't seen in years.  She and her husband came into the restaurant I work at a few weeks ago and we promised to get together.  I have mostly been working 6 days a week so it's been difficult to find the time.  But this week I had 2 days off so we made plans.  We had a great time catching up and can't wait to get together again.  

Tonight I'm watching Dancing With The Stars.  Even though I wasn't thrilled with all of the contestants this season when they were announced, after watching them dance I can honestly say that this is the first season I really didn't want to see ANY of them go!! 

I have never seen Jersey Shore but am familiar with The Situation and company.  I have boycotted the show because I saw them on Lopez Tonight a while back and felt my IQ drop several points after listening to them for a few minutes.  He wasn't so bad (except he is very pigeon-toed!!).  And even though I am NOT a Palin (any of them) fan, I thought Bristol did a good job.  Oh, just saw her mom in the audience......

Has anyone watched The Event??? I watched it and really liked it (plus I am a HUGE Blair Underwood fan).  The show flashes back and forth and all over the place.  Now, I never saw the show Lost, but is it kind of like that???  I just remember friends say that Lost was always so very confusing......I was just wondering. 

I started watching the new Hawaii 5-0 last week but didn't see the end.  I actually liked the show, but I wish they had made it a new show with different characters.  I loved loved the original....and, let's be honest, there's only ONE Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams!!  I try to ignore when they call Alex O'Loughlin "Steve McGarrett" but other than that I am liking the show so far. 

Has anyone been watching Real Housewives of DC?  I have continued to watch although Michaele and Tariq are both bizarre people and if this franchise comes back, I hope they do not!!  I am starting to warm up to the other ladies on the show...but I still think they are a little too snooty and pretentious (except Mary, of course!)

I am loving Thintervention with Jackie Warner and just got her new book!  Super inspirational.....like Jillian Michaels!  Did anyone see the season finale of Rachel Zoe Project?  I hope Rachel and Rodger get on the same page either way with the baby issue.  Rodger is right though....she does need another outlet besides just fashion.  I'm also enjoying Flipping Out this year.  Jeff Lewis is crazy as ever but Jenni isn't on as much anymore.  I'm not a huge fan of Sarah....kind of a ditz.  If she weren't family, I don't think she's be working there. 

And has anyone seen Top Chef: Just Desserts??  As always I love me some Top Chef!!! :) I watched the Top Chef reunion last week where they announced the cast for Top Chef: All-Stars.  One of my faves who didn't win was Tre (from a few seasons ago).  So glad to see he'll be there.  But I was sad that Kenny wasn't chosen from this season.  I was disappointed that Casey (from the season that Hung won) was chosen.  I always thought she was overrated and never deserved to be in the finale in her season.  Oh, well, just my opinion!! 

Has anyone besides myself seen Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock on TruTV??  I became addicted to this show several weeks ago.  It's on Tuesday nights at 10pm PST.  Of course, I love Las Vegas so how could I NOT love this show??  But, I'm trying to be a good girl and start watching "real" TV shows again besides just the reality shows I've become hopelessly addicted to over the years! :P

Well, I need to get back to my shows (yeah, I lead a super exciting life, I know!).  I work all week and am not off again until Saturday.  Thinking I will go see the new Wall Street movie.  I haven't yet read any reviews.  For me it doesn't matter, I will go see the movie regardless!! 

Wishing everyone a GREAT Tuesday........

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eureka!!! I think I've finally figured it out!!

It's been a LONG week and I'm so glad I have today (Saturday) off of work!!  I've been working 6 days a week mostly since the restaurant opened, which is great, but this morning I woke up more EXHAUSTED than I think I've been in a LONG LONG time!!  Like I've written in past posts, my feet have been KILLING me every single day for the last month.  I have tried everything, thinking each time that I had finally figured it out....but was wrong :(

Well, last night I came home from work in so much pain.  I've finally nailed it down and I actually have, in fact, found the REAL answer!!  It was so very simple and right in front of me, but it took a month for me to finally figure it out.  It was my shoes.

So.....after work last night I came home and looked online at local stores to see what type of "work" shoes they had.  The pair I'd been wearing I had ordered at my last server job from Shoes For Crews.  Um, I haven't waitressed since the beginning of 2007 and I ordered those shoes in 2006 (or maybe 2005).  And so, even though I was super exhausted this morning I got myself up and got over to Famous Footwear and tried on everything they had in stock.  I ended up with a pair of Skechers...which are oil- and water- proof (or whatever the heck you call it).  They were $55.00 plus tax.  I didn't care what the price was.....as long as this incessant pain would just go away!!!

I worked 8 hours tonight....and I was NOT in pain!!  Well, the pain that I had allowed to grow the past few weeks was still there--I know that's going to take a while to heal, but I wasn't hobbling (or limping) around by the end of my shift like usual.  LOL :P

I am so happy to finally have it all figured out.....but feel kinda stupid that it took so long.  It's the best money I have spent!!  I think I will go back and get another pair I love them so much!!  So, I think this is the last time you will have to read about this problem.....and I am one happy girl!!

After work tonight, I went out for a drink with one of my co-workers.  Her mom owns a local bar/restaurant and we stopped by and had a shot (or actually a couple of shots).  I usually don't like to drink shots but  she introduced me to one that I really really like!  It's called a Sunkist.  It has peach schnapps, Red Bull, and UV Vodka.  (apparently UV is the brand name---don't substitute it with a Citrus Vodka because it's not the same).  I don't drink a lot of vodka and don't like Red Bull, but all together with the peach schnapps, it's a very yummy drink!!  It was fun to kick back, relax and just chat and unwind after work!

I'm so excited to have today (Saturday) off.  I have no plans other than to sleep in, do a little housework and just relax and enjoy the hot weather.  I do have to work on Sunday in the morning/afternoon but than I have Monday off so it's not that bad.  On Monday I'm going to have lunch with an old friend I ran into at my new job.  She and her husband (who is a friend of my ex-husband) came in a couple of weeks ago and she made me promise to call her to get together.

I'm excited because this year I have really backed away from many of my long time friends because it just seemed like I was giving giving giving of my time and always there to support them in whatever it was they needed....to help, hang out, or whatever when THEY needed something, but it was NEVER reciprocated.  Plus, as I've stated before, they haven't been too supportive of anything I try to do.  Maybe I do need to take a little of the blame since I've never really asked much of my friends over the years so maybe they just didn't know how to respond??  I don't know, and quite frankly, I no longer care.  Life is much too short to spend on people who only care about their own wants and needs.  I've always been there for my friends, even when I was too tired or busy, but when they can't even hear me when I'm just talking to them, well.....that's not a real friend!!   But one friend in particular made me feel like I was just being used and I just had had enough....I actually haven't spoken to her since January...and we've been friends for over 20 years!!

Anyhoo....I am slowly feeling people out and trying to make new friends.  It's a new thing for me since most of my friends I've had for many many years.  But I think it's time to shake things up a bit.  Meeting and getting to know new, or long lost, people will give me the chance to see what I really want and NEED in my life.
Okay, so I've rambled on enough for this post.  Hope everyone  has a fantastic weekend!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

M.I.A. this past week......

Hello everyone!!

I just realized I haven't blogged for a week!  Honestly, yesterday was my first day off since LAST Monday.....and, unfortunately, I spent yesterday doing housework, laundry, and errands.  Also, I spent part of the day with my left foot up with ice on it.  Yes, I am still having problems.  It seems that once I figure out one problem, another one pops up! :(  Right now the TOP of my left foot is hurting (like the arch wasn't enough, right?!).  On Sunday by the end of my shift I could barely walk.  Luckily I'm not the only one having problems....several of my co-workers are also.  

Anyhoo, my arches are doing so much better since I got arch supports (gosh that makes me feel SO old....) although I have to say that my right arch is still a little sore to the touch but easier to walk on.  My left foot I can't really flex too much and is making me walk awkward.  Yeah, that's great when you have to run all over a restaurant, right?! lol

I've been trying out all kinds of exercises as well as icing, resting (the best I can) and elevating.  I've also put ACE bandages on periodically.  Overall, the arches are getting better, now I just need to deal with the top of my left foot.  

Other than that.....I have just been working.  No time for my San Francisco Giants--although they are doing well and are currently in 1st place in the NL West!!  My Oakland Raiders won on Sunday, although I was at work and missed their game.  I was able to catch the Monday Night Football game last night.  Geez.....if it weren't for the turnovers the Niners would have won the game......against the defending Super Bowl Champions no less!!!

Well, at some point I will catch up on everyone's blog.......but for now, I have to get ready for work.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and wish you all a fabulous week!!  

Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

I love this weeks Top 2 Tuesday subject, although there are several things I'd like to list instead of just two.  But, I will be a good girl this week and stick with just two!! :)  If you'd like to link up and play along, head on over to The Undomestic Momma.  So, anyway, this weeks subject is:  

Top 2 things you want to accomplish before the end of the year

1.  Lose weight/be healthy
I keep getting in my own way on this subject.  I am definitely not disciplined and, as I've posted before, I don't have anyone in my life (either family or friend) to count on for support.  Isn't that totally beyond sad?!  Even when I'm telling family and friends that I need to eat properly (no more sweets, etc....) and exercise regularly, they literally, in the next sentence say....let's go get ice cream (or whatever).  It's like I didn't even say anything!  :(  Then they all wonder why I don't call or come around much anymore.  Luckily, with my new job, I don't eat as much as I have been eating.  That's usually because I've mostly been working nights and by the time I get off of work, after being on my feet for 8 hours, I am too tired to eat.  I have lost a few lbs without even trying!!  
But, honestly, I want to lose the weight in a healthy way which includes regular exercise.  Now that I think I've figured out why I have all of the pain in my feet: it was fallen arches (including the swollen ankle), I went and got inserts for my shoes and have been testing them out.  After wearing them all day yesterday on my day off, the relief was immediate and when I took my shoes off I was able to walk normally.  Go figure....I've been suffering with this immense pain for the past 3 weeks and it was something I could have fixed easily.  
Jackie Warner's Thintervention (On Monday nights on Bravo channel) couldn't come at a better time for me. I think she is very motivating (like Jillian Michaels).  Since my feet are now on the mend, I can resume exercising like walking, running, and Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  Since this year is almost over (there are 15 1/2 weeks left in 2010) I will give myself a goal of 15 lbs.....and hope for 20!! lol

2.  Learn to speak Spanish
I have taken Spanish in Jr High (2 years), High School (3 years) and college (2 years).  I have friends and family who speak Spanish, so you'd think I would be more proficient in this language....yet I'm not!!  Well, since the majority of my co-workers, as well as my bosses, are bi-lingual in English and Spanish, I think it's high time I finally learn.  

Well, those are the top 2 things I want to accomplish by the end of this year.  There is a third one (I know you are totally shocked by that!):  save enough money to attend the San Francisco Giants Spring Training in Scottsdale AZ in March 2011.  Like I said above, I am so NOT disciplined and that includes saving money.  So, this will be difficult for me but it's something I really want so let's see if I can finally do it!! 

Wishing everyone a great week!!   

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last nights Top Chef and other things.....

I got home from work last night in time to see the second airing of the penultimate episode of this seasons Top Chef.  But first, to recap my night:  I got to work and was asked if I wanted to be a breaker.  I really didn't, but told the manager it was his call, not mine.  So I broke the first person and everything was fine.  I had a full station during that servers break and all was good.  Then I moved on to the next server.  Well.....she wasn't so helpful.  I told her to let me know when she was ready and I would move over.  During that time I finished up with the tables I had.  A few minutes later I went to check on her station and wouldn't you know.....she was sat 3 tables and took them all!!  When I asked her she said she didn't want to take a break.  Okay, whatever.....Since everyone else got to work at the same time I did, there were no more breaks to cover.

I asked one of our "trainers"--actually she was hired as a hostess (2 weeks prior to my being hired last month) at one of our other locations and had only recently been trained as a waitress (a week before she started "training" us)--what I was supposed to do if there were no breaks to cover.  Honestly, I've never worked in a restaurant where we had someone strictly to cover our breaks.  Well, this annoying young girl (I think she's only 18 or 19) starting yammering on about something.  She didn't answer my question at all and, quite frankly, I was tired of listening to her, so I was going to try to cut her off and tell her that I was just going to go stock things for the dinner rush until advised by management.  She cut in with "Uh, is this another stupid question?".  Huh???  To say I was a little shocked is an understatement!  I just stared at her for a second and then said "Nevermind, I don't need anything from you."  And then walked away.  Luckily, she was off work and left soon afterward.  

Unfortunately, it's not the first time she has been rude to me or my co-workers, most of whom cannot stand her.  Well, I am now in that group!!  I've managed people before and I've always told my employees no question is a stupid question.  Everyone learns a different way.  Besides, I'd rather have someone ask me something several times to get it right rather than not ask and consistently do it wrong.....and then usually I have to fix it!! :(   Funny thing was, I wasn't even going to ask her a question...I was going to let her know what I was doing.  Sometimes it's best to let someone actually speak before cutting them off because, unless you have ESP, you really DON'T know what they're going to say.  She could have stopped herself from looking like an idiot, in front of those of us who were standing there, if she zipped her lip and let someone, other than herself, speak.

After we closed last night, I was in the back finishing up my side work.  There was one last table in the restaurant which belonged to the other closing waitress.  I saw her come to the back and sign out with a new waitress she was training.  So, I had assumed that last table left.  When I was done with my work I signed out and walked out front.  Guess what I found??  You guessed it:  the other waitresses table still sitting there chatting.  I figured she was still there somewhere and went and got my purse to leave.  I saw the trainee and asked where the waitress was.  She told me the girl already left.  Another "Huh?!" moment.  

I told her that we cannot leave a customer in the restaurant unattended.  She just looked at me and giggled and said "I don't know what to do?  Should I go get her?".  I told her it was up to her what to do, but that if I were them, they should stay--or go ask the manager what the policy is.  She just stood there for a minute or so (seriously).....then asked again "Should I go get her?".  I said yes if she's still out there.  The girl went out the door.  And then never came back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, guess who had to stay and wait.  Finally, the couple got up and asked what time we close.  I told them 10pm (it was almost 11pm by this time!).  They apologized and left.  At that point, the manager on duty came out from the office after taking care of the money and I asked him the policy about leaving customers unattended.  And, YES, I did tell him what happened.  He said I was right and they would take care to make sure that never happened again!  Gosh, I really hate working with young people.....talk about friggin LAZY!  FYI:  I have a life too (unfortunately on a Wed night it has to do with Bravo channel reality shows and not going out partying, but who cares? lol).  

The best part of last night was that I ended up NOT being the breaker and was asked to take over someone's station.  I don't know if he was fired or what....and didn't ask.  The manager just asked me to send the guy over to him and take over that station for the rest of the night.  And what I will say is that it was a very good night!!

Okay, so on to Top Chef.  Who watched last night??  Of the four left I figured Angelo would make it in and was hoping Kevin would also.  Between Ed and Kelly, I would rather see Ed make it in.  How happy was I to see Kelly "pack her knives and go"?!  Next weeks finale should be really good.  From the previews Angelo is very sick and Hung is supposed to be helping him.  I hope Kevin wins, though.......

Did anyone see Big Brother?  I missed it and it's still not on OnDemand to watch.  I saw Britney on CBS Morning Show and know that she was eliminated.  I can't wait to watch the episode....I am SO happy she's gone.  Who do you think will win this season???  At least it won't be someone I can't stand!! haha

That's all for now.  I got my schedule for the next week (our weeks go Thurs to Wed).  I was hoping to get today off like I did last week.  Well, my last day off was Saturday and I don't get another day off until this upcoming Sunday.  That's 7 days straight!! But, at least I get 2 days off in a row.  And even better, I work the morning shift, than get 2 days off, than come back to work a night shift.  So, it's not too bad, I just have to wait a while to get there.  

I'm now yammering on like that annoying girl at work so it's time to sign off and get some housework done!! Everyone have a great Thursday!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Wrap-up of the past week and a little Reality TV

Time has been flying by!!  I didn't realize that it's been a week since I last posted.  I've been trying to catch up on everyone's posts and it's been tough.  I've been working a lot and when I get home I am usually EXHAUSTED!!  The restaurant has been busy every day (YAY!!) and I guess I have forgotten just how hard this work can be?!  Funny how being away for 3 1/2 years can make you forget things like that! lol

Also, it doesn't help that I've gained a few pounds since I last worked in a restaurant!  I want to start running again (see, I said that in September I always want to start running) but I have been having problems with the arches in both of my feet--with the right arch is actually a little swollen.  I have been in A LOT of pain every day since the restaurant opened (2 weeks).   I have been doing all kinds of stretches each morning and night for my hips down to my feet.  They've actually helped some but, like I said, my right arch is swollen as of Monday.  I'm trying to stay off my feet outside of work, but as most of you know.....uh, you can't get much done when you are laid up on the couch!  I have also stopped wearing my flip flops.  Yes, I live in flip flops during spring, summer, and fall.  Although I love me a flip flop.....I also know that they are the WORST things for your feet since there is no arch support.  So, I am going with comfort for now and wearing "regular" shoes (yuck, because it's still warm weather).and hopefully, the pain and swelling will go away....

Last Saturday my mom and I met up with my cousins and went to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA.  My cousins have been to the factory several times but, although we live about 10 minutes from the factory, my mom and I have never been!!  Unbelievable, right?!?!  We had a lot of fun on the tour and afterwards we ate at thei Jelly Belly diner.  

My cousin, Roni, was so thoughtful.  She brought me a little glass kitty ornament and a condolence card for the loss of my sweet little Cuatro!! Roni is like that...she even offered to switch weekends for our get together if I wasn't up to it.  Another cousin sent me the Rainbow Bridge Poem I posted last week.  I have the best and most thoughtful cousins!!

Anyway, that has been the excitement in my life this past week.....trying to make the arch pain go away, sleeping, and the Jelly Belly tour....Oh, and work of course!! :)  Now, don't get me wrong---I LOVE waitressing and I am glad I made the decision to go back.  For me, it beats sitting at a desk all day.  And the best part is that I get to talk to people all day!!  And, the money is so much better than my previous (desk) job (and I made good money there!).  And, lastly, I can't beat now living LESS than a mile from work!

So, now that I'm slowly getting re-used to this work pace, I need to get myself into "server shape".  And, until the swelling goes down in my arch, I have to do exercises that have nothing to do with running, walking, jumping, etc....so I am fully immersing myself in yoga and pilates and upper body exercises as well as squats, static lunges, etc.

I have also been watching all of my reality shows!  God love Bravo channel and the fact that they constantly re-air episodes so I don't have to worry about missing an episode!!  Did everyone watch RHONJ reunion??  I LOVE it and heard this morning that Danielle "officially" will NOT be coming back!  I'm so happy!!  But they said Teresa Guidice also may not be coming back.   I guess all of the financial stuff coming out in public was a little too embarrassing!  Oh, well......I saw that Real Housewives of Atlanta will be back soon.  I actually like this franchise.  Lisa isn't coming back and they have 2 new housewives.  Hopefully this will be a great season. 

I saw a trailer for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with Kelsey Grammars ugly ex-wife and Kyle Richards (child star and aunt to Paris Hilton).  I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not looking forward to this franchise.  We already have Real Housewives of OC (which I LOVE...except for Alexis) so why do we need another one based in Southern California??  I would have rather seen one from Northern California (based in San Francisco, Napa, or Marin County). 

Has anyone been watching the DC franchise?  I noticed that last Thursday was a repeat and that it's over in just a couple more episodes.  That doesn't bode too well for a season 2????  But it's way too boring for me.

I watched the premiere of Jackie Warners Thintervention on Monday.  Love Jackie Warner and glad to see her back on Bravo!  I like that Jeana Keough (RHOOC alum) is on trying to lose weight and gain her life back!  It's gonna be a great season, I think!!

Did anyone see Flipping Out and Rachel Zoe Project last night?  I love both of these shows.  I loved that Jeff was thinking about the future for Zoila and wants to take care of her (and her take care of any kids he may adopt).  As for Rachel and Rodger, I hope they have kids and she learns to slow down a bit and actually enjoy life as a whole--not just the fashion!  Interesting about Ashley being sick and Brad mentioning about her being fired since she was sick and didn't come into work....and the fact that she wasn't missed.  Is it "Bye Ashley, nice knowing you." already??  And, I too, thought that Cameron and Demi looked AMAZING at the Oscars this year.

Top Chef is almost over this season.  Like I've said in previous posts.....I'm not into it as much this season--especially since Kenny was eliminated.  I like the other finalists though (not Kelly) but still wish Kenny were there.  I'm rooting for Kevin to win. 

Does anyone watch Big Brother.  It is my most guilty pleasure! lol  I didn't really like anyone at the beginning of the season but I'm now really enjoying it.  I don't know that I have a favorite, but I do know who I DON'T want to win:  Britney.  I haven't liked her since Day 1 so I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE that she goes home this week.  If I have to pick someone who played the game well and deserved to win (although I didn't like him) it would have to be Matt.  Lane is funny in his little side bars, Enzo is annoying with his "meow meow" reference, and I don't really have anything to say about Hayden except that I hate his messy hair.  Lane is playing both sides so I'm not really liking him a whole lot, and Enzo hasn't really done much this season to deserve to win.  And, I know that Britney has won challenges and HOH....but I don't like her 2-faced lying and her bitchy attitude.  She probably deserves to win because of her wins, etc....but I don't really like her much so I will be happy if she goes to the jury house this week!  If she does win I won't be too mad because at least she will have earned it.....unlike LAST year when Jordan won due to her coat-tail riding!!  Again, I don't have anyone to say about Hayden one way or the other.....maybe he should win! haha :P

Well, I think that's all for now.  I am really needing a Starbucks latte right about now before I have to go in to work tonight.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday (a day late-Wed)

I'm trying to get through everyone's posts that I've been missing lately.  It's taking forever, but I just realized I missed Top 2 Tuesday!!  I love this blog hop!!  This week is just flying by....I didn't even realize it was Wednesday today :(  So, here goes my day-late Top 2

This weeks Top 2 is:

Top 2 Favorite U.S. Cities

1.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I visited this great city about 4 years ago and fell in love!!  I have been wanting to go back, but haven't had the chance.  It is full of history and the people are SUPER!!  And I also have to mention that I loved the Philly cheese steaks I consumed during my visit!!  This city is a must see for all Americans.  It is an incredible place!!

2.  Las Vegas, Nevada

This is "hands-down" my most favorite FUN city to go.  Like Philly, it's been awhile since I've been, but I never ever tire of it!  I really need to plan a trip soon!!!!!  
Wishing everyone a great week!!!


Rainbow Bridge Poem

My cousin sent me this poem last night when she heard I lost Cuatro.  It made me cry but I thought I should pass it on to anyone else who has (or will) lose a family pet.  I actually don't like the term "pet" because to me my kitties are a part of my family!!  And, I think all animal lovers will agree with me!  So, I will pass this poem on to comfort anyone in their time of loss--either now or in the future....

Rainbow Bridge Poem
By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,

Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.

Where the friends of man and woman do run,

When their time on earth is over and done.

For here, between this world and the next,

Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.

On this golden land, they wait and they play,

Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,

For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.

Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,

Their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.

They romp through the grass, without even a care,

Until one day they start, and sniff at the air.

All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,

Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.

For just at that instant, their eyes have met;

Together again, both person and pet.

So they run to each other, these friends from long past,

The time of their parting is over at last.

The sadness they felt while they were apart,

Has turned into joy once more in each heart.

They embrace with a love that will last forever,

And then, side-by-side, they cross over… together.