Tuesday, August 31, 2010

R.I.P. Cuatro-- 8/30/2010

Well, as you can tell from the title, my little Cuatro is gone.  As I said in my post yesterday, my parents took him to the vet.  When I got off of work last night, I called my mom who told me that they were going to keep him overnight and that when I got off of work today I was to call her and then go from there.  Okay, that's fine.  

So, today once I was off work, I called my mom.  She said she would be over to my house to pick me up and we would head over to the vet.  She told me she would explain everything at that time.  I asked her if they were going to have to put him to sleep.  She didn't say anything for a second, but then simply said "yes".  I started bawling--right there in my car (I was walking to my car when I called her).  Then when I wouldn't stop crying....she added "Well, I was going to tell you this when I picked you up because I didn't want you crying while you were driving home, but since you're already crying I'll just tell you.........Cuatro passed away sometime last night at the vets."  Apparently the vet told my mom that's what would probably happen, but my mom, knowing that I worked last night and then had to go back to work first thing this morning, decided to keep that from me until after I got off work today because she knew I would have cried all night and not been able to work today.  My mom knows me too well.  

I felt guilty because I thought I had missed something and waited too long to take him to the vet.  Well, apparently, he died from the FIV (or I guess you would call it "full blown feline AIDS").  The vet said he had nodules (about 5) in his stomach and he thought (but wasn't sure without tests) that other organs were shutting down, or whatever happens.  My mom said that it was a good thing we took him in yesterday because otherwise, when I came home from work last night, I would have found him dead. :(  But she told me that the vet said even if I had brought him in when I first noticed he wasn't well, nothing would have changed, he would have still passed away...there was nothing I could do.

I'm going to miss my little Cuatro.  For being a feral stray he was a gentle little guy.  My mom told me today that she loves all of my cats, but that Cuatro was her favorite.  She always looked forward to seeing him.  I am so incredibly sad.  I still haven't gotten over my other cat, Maddie, passing almost 2 years ago in October.  

I still have 2 other cats to take care of:  Shadow and Baby.  Shadow is about 14 years old and Baby is about 7 years old.  They are in very good health but to make sure, they are heading to the vet's office Thursday for check-ups and shots to put my mind at ease.  

I know this is a part of life, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.  I will miss him every day, just like Maddie.  But I know life has to go on, it'll just be different......


  1. I'm so sorry for what happened to your cat :-(


  2. Thank you....it's been a rough day.