Monday, August 2, 2010

A little Reality TV

As I stated in a previous post, I have been unmotivated lately.  Well, that's not entirely true, I figured out this weekend!!  The only thing that has been motivating to me recently has been all of the reality tv.  And, yes, I watch a lot!  So much that I don't even know where to start. 

Hello, my name is Tina and I am addicted to Reality TV

We'll just start with Mondays.  Tonight is Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of the Real Housewives franchise.  This season of NJ is definitely one for the books.  I am so done with Danielle Staub and her craziness.  I truly don't want to see her or her loser friends any more.  My favorite person on the show, Dina Manzo, is gone.....because of Danielle. Last season I did give Danielle the benefit of the doubt, but Caroline Manzo was right about her all along.  This season I have come to really like Caroline and she has become my new fave.  I'm kind of over Teresa, especially after all of the over the top spending, and the current state of her money problems.  I saw her on The View yesterday morning, and she can sugarcoat it any way she likes, but she is full of b.s.  As for Kim G.....can she be any more obvious about wanting to be one of the housewives?  I hope that never happens because she's disgusting--and two-faced.

Speaking of Real Housewives, let's talk about Bethenny Getting Married?.  This has been the one bright spot on Bravo.  Bethenny has always been my favorite of the NY Housewives and I am sad that she won't be returning to the NY franchise (well, that's what I've read.  I hope it's wrong) for season 4.  See, Bravo, you can make a reality show without people screaming at each other or flipping tables, or whatever and people really will watch!!  I'm sad that this season is almost over, but am so excited for next season.

Top Chef is my favorite reality show on tv (well, tied with Amazing Race).  I do have a couple of favorites, Kenny being one of them.  The only sad part is that this season there seems to be a lack of "star quality" of these top chefs.  Besides Kenny and Angelo (well, also Kevin) the rest seem to be second tier cooks.  Last year there were several stand outs but this season the pickings seem to be pretty darned slim.  But I am still enjoying this season and having Eric Ripert isn't too bad either!!

The Next Food Network Star is actually almost over.  Last night was Giada's last night as the contestants mentor.  The last four are off to the finals.  It's been a good season with a couple of whack-a-doo contestants.  My favorite is Herb, followed by Tom, then Aarti.  My least favorite of the final four is Aria.  She just seems too fake to me.  Of the four, if she wins, I wouldn't watch her show, but would watch the others.  I do watch the last two winners shows:  Aaron McCargo's Big Daddy's House and Melissa d'Arabian's Ten Dollar Dinners. 

I have just started watching two shows on VH1: The TO Show, about football wide receiver Terrell Owens, and Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, which is a dating show starring football wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco.  I love football and have been a fan of Chad's for a while.  I was super happy when he was on Dancing with the Stars last season!!  The girls on his show are low-class who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame and their meal ticket and not so much about finding "true love".  Let's get real!!  As for The TO Show, this is the second season and I didn't see season 1.  I didn't know what to expect. I always watched him when he played for the SF 49ers & have followed him around the league.  He has had a lot of problems over the years, but I have to say I am rooting for him to find his way.  I'm very happy that he's getting another chance to play for the Cincinnati Bengals.  Terrell Owens is a super talented WR .  I am really enjoying his show and wish him all the best!!!

The Bachelorette.  This is the first season I've ever seen either this show or it's male counterpart, The Bachelor.  But after all of the hype from last seasons Bachelor I thought I'd give it a try.  Plus, Ali is from the Bay Area.  I never really got into the show.  Ali is a little dim-witted and the male cast of characters are bleh.  I think I only saw 2 (maybe 3) full episodes and didn't watch again until the Jake/Vienna breakup hoopla.  Even though I didn't see their season, I felt like I knew them from all of the magazine articles, etc, and just had to see what was up.  They are both pathetic losers is my thought after seeing their "interview" with Chris Harrison.  I think tonight is the finale to the Bachelorette.  However, this is one bachelorette who will not be watching!!  And, no, I will not watch another season of The Bachelor, the Bachelorette, or the new spinoff, Bachelor Pad (seriously, is that what they're calling it??).  Ugh................

Has anyone else seen DC Cupcakes (Fridays on TLC) or Cupcake Wars (Food Network)?  I love both of these shows and am now addicted to cupcakes!!  DC Cupcakes is about 2 sisters who give up their corporate jobs to open Georgetown Cupcakes.  It tells their trials and tribulations of owning their business.  I find it a fun and funny show.  

The one guilty pleasure show I have is, without a doubt: Big Brother.  I'm always embarrassed to tell people I actually watch this show.  Especially since no one in my family and none of my friends watch it.  But I became addicted when it was All-Stars.  This season, however, is a bitter disappointment since it's the first time in the few years I've watched the show that I don't have a favorite.  I actually can't stand anyone on this season and don't think any of them deserve to be on it or to win.  I've always been able to find someone to like:  Janelle, Dr Will, Mike Boogie, Evil Dick, etc.....This season, they all wanna have bromances and shomances and no one is really playing the game.  I feel like I'm watching a bunch of floaters.  I can't stand any of the women: Rachel, Britney, and Kristen.  Oh, I forgot about Kathy.  I don't hate her.  She hasn't done anything for me to dislike.  Okay, so I don't hate ALL the women, just 3 of the 4 left.  As for the men, what can I say but "whatever".  The men are idiots, especially Brendan and Hayden, with their shomances.  Enzo is not the smartest one in the bunch, Lane and Ragan haven't really done anything good or bad, and Matt is--well-- Matt.  haha  And I give up 3 hours a week to this show.  It better pick up!!

Then there are the shows coming up soon on Bravo:  The Rachel Zoe Project (tomorrow), Real Housewives of DC, and coming in Sept Thintervention with Jackie Warner.  I just saw Jeana Keough (from Real Housewives of OC fame) as one of Jackie's clients.  Can't wait to see it!! I've missed Workout, Jackie Warners previous show on Bravo.  As for RHODC, I'm not sure how I feel about this new franchise.  Yes, I will tune in, but I am not liking one of the ladies already.  You all know who it is: the blond (and her husband) who snuck into the White House a while back.  Bad (illegal) behavior like that shouldn't be rewarded by continuing on the show.  Bravo should have replaced her.  C'mon, the lame excuse they gave about keeping her on was stupid.  These shows cost very little (compared to "regular" tv) and they could have (and should have) replaced her.  

So, what shows did I leave out?? I know there are so many more.  And, please don't mention Jersey Shores.  I have never, and will never, watch that show.   I happened to catch them on Lopez Tonight recently (only for a few minutes) and I felt my IQ drop several points.  But, that's just my opinion!! 

Happy Reality TV watching.......


  1. Hey Tina! Happy Tuesday! Ugh, I need to go to bed! I am addicted to Blogworld! We all have our addictions, huh! He He, could be worse, I think!
    gi gi

  2. I think this post just cemented the fact that we should be bff's!! I love reality tv and you mentioned some of my favorite shows! I love the Real Housewives and NJ is one of my favorites. I am SO over Danielle and the Kim's! Ugh! I hope none of them are back next season. I can't wait for the reunion though!!!

    I love Bethenny and I really hope she gets a season 2!

    I love love love Big Brother! Every summer, it's my show! I love it! I really love Lane. He cracks me up in his interviews!

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower! I found you on the Getting to know you list. I LOVE reality TV....cupcake wars is AWEsome!

    Lacey @

  4. so, i'm not the only one sucked into the t.o show and ochocinco! ha ha i blogged about it the past week :)