Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Monday, with a weekend wrap-up

I'm always shocked at how fast the weekend just flies by!!  You'd think after all these years I'd get over it?!  Yet, surprisingly, I never do.  

So, another Monday is upon us.  The summer is just cruising by and last night was the start of football season.  Huh??  Yes, the NFL pre-season is here as of last night.  No, I didn't watch the game.  Don't get me wrong, I love football season but I don't like pre-season--of ANY sport!  I have tried over the years to get into it, but it doesn't have the same lure of regular season.  Sorry all you me August is still summertime....and summertime is all about baseball.  So, until Labor Day, I will NOT be following a whole lot of football, unless there is nothing else to do or watch.  But watch out after Labor Day, because my Sundays (yes ALL day and night) and Monday nights will be all about football only.  And, if you don't know...the Oakland Raiders are my MOST favorite NFL team.  My second favorite team for many years has been Philadelphia Eagles, but since they unceremoniously dumped Donovan McNabb (my favorite QB) I am no longer a fan.  Same way I am not a huge fan of the SF 49ers anymore after they treated former coach Steve Mariucci and a few players (stupid York family) like crap.  

I used to like the Pittsburgh Steelers too...but I now think Ben Roethlisberger is a jerk and I just can't watch that team or root for them anymore.  Sorry rest of the team that you have a loser of a QB who has no respect for girls or women.  Anyway, my new 2nd favorite team is the Cincinnati Bengals.  They have been climbing up the ranks of my faves for a while now and are now #2.  Can't wait to see Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens play together.  I remember T.O. when he was in San Francisco and he is an incredible wide receiver.  But, he was young and had too many problems and he has moved around a lot.  I hope with age comes wisdom for him and he is very successful in Cincinnati.  Can't wait!!

This weekend was busy for me but I didn't really go anywhere.  On Saturday I went to a few garage sales around town.  I picked up these:

Two bracelets at one of the last places I stopped at.  I asked the guy how much, and he paused for a minute and then said "Uh, you can have them both for $1.00".  I whipped out that $1.00 bill SO fast and gave it to him before he could change his mind.  I've already worn them and I love love them so much, especially the top one.  

Later, I went grocery shopping.  Never a good idea on the weekend, but I needed a couple of things.  I stopped in at Target before I went home.  I was wandering around and came across a purse which made me stop in my tracks!!  That never happens unless it's a high end designer, like LV. LOL  The purse itself wasn't special, it was a medium sized satchel...but it's the color that caught my eye--a darkish (burnt) orange.  I'm not usually attracted to orange, although I am one of those people who can actually wear the color.  Well, I just know I HAVE to have that purse.  No, I didn't buy it.  But I will, at some point.  I tried to find it on Targets website, but it's not there. If I'm meant to have it, it'll still be there when I'm ready for it.  And, if not, oh well....there will always be another purse!!

So, when I got home, I decided to work out in the yard.  Well, not the yard itself since I have yard maintenance people (it's in my lease, YAY!) but the patio area.  Apparently, I was not in a generous mood and ended up throwing away just about everything.  I only worked on half the area.  I have a huge patio and couldn't get to all of it.  I swept and hosed and sprayed.  That's right I sprayed the patio with a little RAID.  

In the few years I've lived here, the place has always been sprayed professionally (by the property mgmt--included in my lease, I guess) so I never had any problems with ants, spiders, or bugs of any kind--well, except mosquitoes, but can't have everything?!  I guess they no longer have any of the properties sprayed (I haven't seen anyone around in a long time) because all of a sudden I have a problem with spiders.  Luckily I haven't had much of a problem inside of the house (thank goodness), but on the outside, it's terrible.  Well, for me anyway!!  I've never lived in a place that hasn't been professionally sprayed (that sounds a little spoiled) and it's freaking me out.  I think that's why I've decided to empty my patio out.  Except for my chairs and 2 large pots w/plants in them.  Everything else, including a small bbq, went in the trash.  I sprayed around the patio I cleaned and a couple of large spiders came out from somewhere (EEEEK!!!) and I think I sprayed half a can on them until not only the spray killed them, but they drowned in it!  

Yesterday was spent cleaning and cooking.  And watching my San Francisco Giants lose, yet again, to the Atlanta Braves.  I knew this series would be a test to see if they (Giants) are ready for the postseason as everyone in the Bay Area thinks/hopes they will end up.  It was a colossal failure as far as I'm concerned.  Our starting rotation is great but the offense is hit or miss, and, quite frankly, that is not good enough for post season.  It's terrible when a starting pitcher only gives up 3 or less runs and can't get any run support from the offense.  This has been the bane of this team for a couple of years.  The SFGiants have one of the best starting rotations in baseball, but the offense has rarely been consistent.  It's completely maddening.   

This morning I got up and exercised.  I can't believe I did but thought I'd better just get it out of the way or I would find any old excuse to not do it later on.  It's my second day of doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.  Yes, I am attempting it again.  This time I hope to complete all 30 days!!  It's tough but I actually like it.  Also, I have had more energy all day today.  

Now, it's time to finish cleaning the rest of my patio.  I was going to do it yesterday, but didn't get a chance, so today's the day.  I have my gloves and am ready to battle any spiders I come into contact with (not really, but it sounds good, huh?! haha).

Later on I'll make dinner and get ready for my Monday night TV lineup:  SFGiants game at 7:00, followed by Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Three of the ladies are going to Italy tonight.  I can't wait!!  And, no, I will NOT be watching Bachelor Pad.  

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!!


  1. Tina,

    Can I tell you that I love the title of your blog?! It is so inspiring. I can see it be a book title one day.

    xo M