Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello, I'm back.........

I know, I haven't posted since Monday night.  There are two reasons I haven't gotten around to it : 

1)  One of my kitties is very very sick.

My baby boy Cuatro (well, at around 14 years old he's hardly a baby, really) all of a sudden stopped eating.  Normally he is a voracious eater but somehow stays very thin.  So you know when he isn't that interested in food there is a serious problem.  He was diagnosed with FIV (which is basically feline HIV) back in 2007.  They think he's had it since before I got him.  He was a stray who wandered into my backyard back in 2001 with an infected ear from a fight.  I got him cleaned up and healthy and he's been mine ever since.  He is the sweetest cat but not very trusting.  Last year, for the very first time, he jumped up on the couch where I was sitting and laid next to me.....NOT on my lap, of course, but it was good enough for me.  

The vets have been amazed that he has FIV but has always been incredibly healthy.  They told me whatever I'm doing, just keep on doing it.  I have been but always knew that this time would eventually come.  I have been trying different foods to get him to eat.  I finally found something.  He will, at this time, only eat wet food and his favorite is Turkey & Giblets from Science Diet, so that's what he gets, as much as he wants to eat.  Today has been a pretty good day so I am hopeful that he'll be okay.  

2)  The other reason I haven't posted is that I finally got a job and my first day is tomorrow.  I've been running around getting needed clothing items (pants, etc..).  I have been out of work for almost a year and it has sucked!!  I hate not having anyplace to go each day and finally feel almost normal again!  Previously I worked in an office but it moved out of state last year.  As most people know, the unemployment rate in California is among the worst in the country.  The jobs most similar to my previous job are few and far between.  Unfortunately, those few jobs still here in California pay a lot less than I was making and the commute is farther so I knew I needed to figure something else out.  

After a lot of soul searching I decided to go back to serving (yes, as in waitressing).  I do have a lot of experience and did very well in the past.  It was difficult to figure out where I wanted to work.  Most of the restaurants here in my town are big chains who hire the very young and those with the least experience....which equals immature kids and lousy service.  I'm too old for that shit! 

Well, last week I saw an ad in the paper for an open house for a new restaurant coming to town.  It is family-owned but also a small chain.  I am familiar with the restaurant.  I thought about it and decided to check it out.  The open house was at the end of the week so I stopped in with my resume and filled out an application and had a short interview.  Luckily I'm old school and dressed nice.  I couldn't believe that most of the girls who came in for an application were in shorts/tanks/flip flops!!  UGH!!  Anyway, the guy interviewing me seemed pre-occupied and after 3 questions thanked me and said they'd be making a decision "sometime next week".  I left feeling a little dejected, thinking it apparently didn't go well. 

Well, imagine my surprise when I got a phone call Sunday afternoon from the Asst Manager asking if I could come in for an interview that day.  I changed my clothes/got ready and was down there within 20 minutes. (I live about 5 minutes away by car).  I was interviewed by two managers and was hired on the spot!!  They said they were only hiring servers with experience.  The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They were very interested in hiring someone who knew how to do breakfast and the final questions had to do with that.  Luckily I have that, I have total availability.  So, tomorrow is orientation and we are supposed to open this upcoming Monday.  That's in 5 days.  I hope we have more than tomorrow's orientation to get ready?!  They haven't even given us a menu to study yet.  Luckily they have it online so I printed it and am studying it.  

I haven't had time to really be nervous but as I sit here and write this post I am starting to feel anxious.  But it's a good anxious and honestly, I really can't wait to start!!  I finally feel like a useful member of society again.....besides, how many times can you clean your house every single day????? lol

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  1. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that your poor kitty is sick! I hope things get better.

    That's great about the job though!