Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Hump Day Wednesday & Reality TV on Bravo

As I sit here at my computer it is about 108*F degree's where I am.  I know most people are saying "Ugh" right about now--but I love the heat.  I worked this morning and it was hot enough that my air conditioner came on right before I left for work, at about 7:40am.  I set my a/c at around 78*F  I, personally, wasn't very busy in my station today so I got to leave early, at 2:00pm. 

I came home in time to watch my San Francisco Giants game.  They were losing 10-1 against the Cincinnati Reds.  I sat and watched awhile.  They were able to make up a little ground while I sat and watched-- to 10-5.  But I had things to do so I left, thinking there was no way they were coming back to win this thing.

I was trying to listen on the radio between stops.  After my last stop I got in my car and heard that the SFGiants did the unthinkable--not only did they come back, but they passed the Reds.  11-10.  However, due to an error by Pablo Sandoval (or as SFGiants fans call him:  Fat Boy), who overthrew the ball from third base to first base, a run scored and the Reds tied it up  11-11 in extra inning.  Honestly, I didn't see any of that, I just heard about it.  Then, Bruce Bochy, the Manager, ran out of pitchers in the bullpen (including our closer, Brian Wilson) so they had to have one of our starters, Barry Zito, come in and pitch.  He gave up a run in extra innings and our offense couldn't score so the Giants lost 12-11.  At least they didn't lose 10-1.

Sorry to any non-baseball fans who had to read through that!!  Kind of sorry I left to run errands.  Even though my team lost, it was a great game to see!

While I was out and about today, I decided to stop by Costco to get a watermelon.  It is so hot outside, but I am not really hungry and that sounded really good and refreshing.  Once I got home, while watching the last inning of the game, I cut up the watermelon and am enjoying a nice bowlful of it! :)

So, who watched Real Housewives of New Jersey finale Monday night??  What did you think?  I still think Danielle is a total "loon" and her gangsta friend, Danny, is a puppet and wannabe tough guy.  He's one of those who tries to act cool and tough....but he looks short, so maybe he suffers from short man complex??  Anyway, I hope Danielle isn't back next season with her middle class, or lower, friends.  Honestly, I thought the Real Housewives franchise was supposed to be about wealthy people.  If I want to see middle class, I can drive around the suburb I live in!!  

I have really grown to like Caroline Manzo this season.  I loved the sitdown with her and Danielle.  Danielle is an idiot and never answered Caroline's question as to what did Caroline ever do to her (Danielle), or something like that.  She threw it back to Caroline to answer---and Caroline did.  Danielle knew she was wrong and thought she was being slick, but we are smarter than that!! haha  Anyway, I can't wait for next weeks reunion special.

I watched Flipping Out and Rachel Zoe Project last night.   I love both of these shows.  It seems like Jenni isn't really on the show anymore and they are mostly showing Sarah, who is a total ditz.  And, we all know that if she wasn't Jeff's sis-in-law's sister, she would NOT be working there.  I miss seeing Jenni all of the time.  

As for RZP, it was crazy as usual.  I think Rachel Zoe is so lucky to be married to Rodger, who really has to tolerate a lot!!  He's a great support system for her.  

Tonight is Top Chef.  I am not really into this show anymore this season because my favorite, Kenny, was eliminated on the Restaurant Wars episode.  I don't think most of the contestants this season are half as good or interesting as contestants in seasons past.  I only like Kevin and Tiffany......and Angelo, a little little bit (and only because he is a talented chef).  Ed is okay too.  But this season is just "eh" to me.

Who has watched Real Housewives of DC?  What do you think?  I am not liking it, and from what I've heard, it's gotten bad reviews.  Of the 5 ladies, I only like Mary.  I could really care less about the others.  And, except for Cat's husband, no one has anything to do with the political scene in DC and it's just a bunch of women who barely know each other or like each other.  I'll probably watch the rest of the season (or not, I haven't really decided) and if it comes back, I won't watch again.  Can anyone say:  BORING!!!  

Well, I think that's all for now.  I'm going to sit back and relax and have some more watermelon.  I have to call in to work tonight to see if I work tomorrow, and if so, what time because they didn't have the schedule done after today!!  So, I'm kinda hoping I'm off just so I don't have to worry about it.  But that means I'll work the weekend, which, since I haven't been working in a long while, is A-OKAY with me!! lol :)


  1. I'm addicted to the Bravo channel! I can't wait for the RHONJ reunion. I just started watching Flipping Out and I can't enough of jeff's comments. I'm a huge fan of Top Chef, although I agree when you say that these season's contestants aren't as talented as previous seasons.

  2. Emy: I started watching Flipping Out last year when I was working in Colorado Springs and was instantly hooked. I love Jeff Lewis--he is hilarious!! Yeah, the RHONJ reunion is gonna be great, I think!!

  3. I think the RHONJ finale was kind of a let down. Danny is so bizarre and I predict him to be back in prison in 2 years lol.

    I like Mary from DC but that's all I like about the show. It's BORING!

    I love RZP! She is bananas!