Friday, July 9, 2010

TGIF. The Hills/The City marathon weekend. Shopping.

TGIF......and how happy am I that there is a The City and The Hills marathon this weekend on MTV before the season finale (The City) and the series finale (The Hills) this coming Tuesday July 13th.

I didn't feel like searching for a picture for The City so we'll just have to make do with the picture I had of The Hills.

Originally I started watching The City around episode 14 or 15 of season 1 (when Whitney meets Freddie Fackelmayer).  So, it was nice to see it prior to that--although, I still didn't see the 1st two episodes.  Oh, well, next marathon!! lol

This week I found some bargains to add to my wardrobe.  Now that the hot weather is here, I realized that I really don't have too many summertime clothes so I have been on the lookout:

This was my first find.  It was on clearance at Ross Stores.  I think it was about $8. It fit perfectly and for that price I couldn't resist!!

These Liz Claiborne's were also found at Ross.  I have always been in love with over-sized sunglasses (a la Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn) but my face is very very small, and most look too big on my face (I look like a small child wearing her mom's glasses!).  So, I was happily surprised that these still fit my face but were over-sized!! And for $6...again, I couldn't resist!!

Another pair of over-sized sunnies (this time in black).  This pair of Nine West glasses are a little bigger on my face, but not too much.  These were a little more at $9 (again, from Ross) but still reasonable for glasses.

I do own a pair of Revo's (polarized #2508) purchased back in 2005 and a pair of Coach (Valerie S314) gifted to me by a friend.  My ex-husband bought me a pair of Calvin Klein CK4015 Havana's  several years ago when we were married because I kept losing the cheap ones I always bought.  He thought if he bought a more expensive pair (I have no idea how much they were) I wouldn't lose them.  I guess he was right, because I've never lost any of my more expensive sunglasses (although I have misplaced them a few times!!)

Anyway, my last find was today.  I have been looking for a pair of gold flat sandals for what seems like forever, but I couldn't find a pair in my size (I wear a size 6).  So, I went to all of the local stores without success. 

We recently had a Burlington Coat Factory open up in our town.   I have only been in one of their stores in another town and, quite frankly, was shocked and appalled at the terrible shoe selection (can anyone say stripper shoes?!) and cheap looking clothes.  I vowed I would never set foot in another one of their stores again.  So, yes, today I decided to check out the store here in my town (my mom always says never say never).  I was completely surprised by the shoe selection (regular shoes....nothing stripper-ish) and better clothing selection.  Anyway, I found my gold sandals.  Although they didn't (as usual) have my size, I went ahead and tried on the 6 1/2....and they fit.  I was shocked and, of course, I was meant to have them!!  They were only $9.99!!

So, those were my purchases this week.  I have a busy, fun-filled weekend planned so I'd better get to bed.  I hope you all have a great weekend too!!


  1. omg. i was watching the marathon too. it made me miss lauren:( oh and cute shoes:D

  2. I am actually enjoying Kristin on The Hills, but I do miss Lauren, too!! And, thanks!!

  3. I definitely agree that Burlington carries very stripper-esque shoes :) Those are very cute sandals though! I've seen them at Target, black and silver.