Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday, I'm in Love.....

Lately, to be honest, I've been pretty uninspired to blog about anything other than the concert I attended last Sunday and linking up to other blogs to answer questions. I'm hoping I can get over this soon!!  Until then, I will continue at least the lists and questions!! lol

It's Friday, I'm in Love with..............

My San Francisco Giants!!  They are beating the dreadful LA Dodgers right now.  That ALWAYS makes me so very happy! :)

My kitties!!  Of course, that isn't a surprise to anyone, now is it?? 

Mani-Pedi's.  Enough said, right!! lol

Adam Lambert.  I'm still thinking about the concert last Sunday.  He was incredibly awesome and I cannot wait to see him again

Summer weather.  The weather has been fantastic this week and I couldn't be happier!

The Carrie Diaries.  It was finally my turn at the library! I've been "in line" since the beginning of June & just picked it up yesterday.  I will start it this weekend! 

Project Runway.  So happy this show is back.  My cousin got me hooked a couple of years ago.

Fashion.  I'm addicted again, like I was in college before I got married.  It's like my long lost friend.  Devouring the pages of Vogue/Harper's Bazaar/Elle and can't wait to redo my wardrobe.

In that same vain:  The Rachel Zoe Project is back next week and I am beyond excited!!  She's a lot of the reason I have my fashion mojo back and have a brand new love of jewelry (especially vintage). 

Well, those are the things I'm in love with this beautiful Friday.  What are you in love with???  



  1. Great list! I just picked up the Carrie Diaries at the library! Can't wait to start reading!

  2. I can't wait for the new season of Rachel Zoe to start!