Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Human Garbage Disposal

Yes, I am referring to myself! I don't know what's going on but I've been hungry all week long.....almost non-stop.  At first I thought maybe it was due to being thirsty, which can cause "hunger pangs", but I've been a good girl and have finally gotten myself back on track to at least 8 cups of water a day.  I'm sure it'll take me awhile to become fully hydrated again, but I'm on my way.

So, what is causing this non-stop eating fest I have going?  I don't know.  For the most part I've been eating healthy foods (thank goodness) but just a lot. I was craving something sweet the other day, but luckily I had dumped all of that out a while back.  Or so I thought!! Unfortunately I still had a box of devils food chocolate cake mix and a container of frosting in my cupboard and I couldn't help myself.  I also had cream cheese and powdered sugar which I took and made a filling (with a little butter, vanilla, etc...).

But, instead of making a cake, I decided I would make cupcakes (thanks Cupcake Wars).  So, I made said cupcakes, let them cool, then filled them with the cream cheese filling, and then frosted them.  They are/have been soooo good.  I didn't eat all of them, but I did eat quite a few. 

Last night I was craving In-N-Out burgers and, after watching the San Francisco Giants game, drove across town to get a cheeseburger (with grilled onions) and fries.  I can't believe I got french fries because I never order them anymore, but they just sounded good, so......  I do have to say that after I finished the burger and fries I felt full....but in a satisfied way and didn't eat the rest of the night.  However, today I am grazing again and am trying to stay busy in hopes of not shoveling food down my throat. anyone else watching The Hills marathon this weekend on MTV? I like watching the episodes one right after another.  Somehow you get a different perspective on things.  There's no time to "stew" over anything.  As a result, my views on a couple of people have changed.

I'm looking forward to the finale on Tuesday and the after-show.  Lauren Conrad is going to be there, which will be a treat for LC lovers.  I like her, and I do miss her on the show, but I don't get why everyone just loves her so much.  She seemed so miserable a lot of the time, was a bit negative, and, let's face it, the girl knows how to hold a grudge!!

I have enjoyed seeing Kristin on the show.  I would have liked it if both she and LC were on The Hills together.  Now that would have been ratings gold, I think!!  Much more interesting than Audrina whining, yet again, about Justin.  Or, anything about Stephanie and Holly (what a waste of airtime).  And, my least favorite person on the show...Lo Bosworth, or as I like to call her: The Shit-Disturber.  She's rude and a troublemaker.  And when she, Lauren, and Audrina lived together, I thought it was Lo who tried to edge Audrina out of the picture.  Jealousy, perhaps??  Or, just a faux storyline to get us to watch?  But that storyline and her attitude made me dislike her so much.  Who am I kidding, I didn't like her on Laguna Beach, either!!  I don't understand why she is still on the show?  Her BFF isn't on, shouldn't she go away already???

Quite frankly, I haven't missed the Speidi show at all this final season.  I enjoyed them when they first got together, but after she got her first surgery a couple of years ago, they just started to get too weird and the storyline became totally boring.  So, adios Mr and Mrs Pratt.  Hopefully they, and their craziness, will not be back on the finale or the after-show.  Fingers crossed!!

Also, tonight I am looking forward to one of my favorite shows: The Next Food Network Star.  It wasn't on last weekend because of the holiday and I was bummed, so I am looking forward to the 90 minute episode tonight.

Now, I need to get back to housework, then get dinner started:  Baked Chicken, whole-wheat pasta w/ fresh grated Parmesan cheese and Shredded Brussel Sprouts sauteed in a little olive oil and seasoned w/salt and pepper (well, pepper, anyway) and fresh lime juice.  

Wishing everyone a happy Sunday!!


  1. Baked Chicken and whole wheat pasta... sounds so yummy!:D
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  2. My new obsession is the Real Housewives. I use to love the hills but now my love has moved over lol