Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hill, The City finales and Walking

Happy Hump Day!  Can't believe the week is already half over, yet here we are. 

So, what did everyone think of The Hills finale?  I thought it was good.  I also liked that in the aftershow, they included a montage of Speidi (actually a couple of montages), since they really were an important part of the shows success.  Even though they went off the deep end after the wedding and really needed to go, I am still sad that they weren't there for the finale.  I really hope they can both get their lives together.

It was great to see Lauren Conrad at the aftershow, but I wish they would have had time to speak to everyone a little all seemed a little rushed.  Also, I really can't stand the two hosts--whatever their names are.  They were just way TOO much for me.

And, what about The City finale?? I love seeing Kelly Cutrone on both this show on MTV and her show Kell On Earth on the Bravo channel.  Hopefully Whitney sticks with Kelly and doesn't go with that idiot PR woman in pink!!  And, although Olivia is stylish and I enjoy seeing what she wears, I do not enjoy seeing her on this many chances does one person get?  But then again, this is a scripted reality show so....

Yesterday I was planning to walk, but a friend stopped by and a quick visit ended up being about 4+ hours and then it was too late.  So, even though it was so hot outside today, at 94*F, I made sure I got my walk in.  I ended up doing 3.1 miles.  My hips are still tight, but they didn't hurt like they did on Monday.  I came right home and did a half hour of stretching and feel a lot better!! 

Right now I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance, but Top Chef starts in a couple of minutes, so I'm going to have to switch channels.  But I really want to see Dominic and Jose dance their routine! Dominic has become one of my faves of all of the previous seasons dancers....and I feel bad about Jose's first routine tonight.  To see his face when the judges spoke, it just broke my heart and I almost started to cry.....


  1. I didn't actually watch the end of the hills. Once all the crazy drama started with Spencer and Heidi I stopped watching. Did you hear about the stunt he pulled at the finale outside? Weirdo!

  2. No I haven't heard anything about that!! What happened??? Spencer is a bit of a Whack-a-doo though, isn't he! lol I actually never watched The Hills until Kristin came on, and became addicted. Then I went back and saw all the previous seasons (as well as Laguna Beach)