Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good-bye Bengie Molina: From the SFGiants to the Texas Rangers

(from left: Andres Torres, Bengie Molina, Edgar Renteria)

I read the news last night online and was stunned.  The veteran catcher for my beloved San Francisco Giants, Bengie Molina, has been traded to the Texas Rangers.  I, like Bengie, didn't see it coming yet.....although some of my fellow SFGiants fans have been clamoring for his release from the team all season since he was re-signed in the off-season.

No, he is not the quickest player on the team....his nickname (again from SFGiants "fans") is Molasses.  But he is still an excellent catcher and he is an excellent mentor for his younger, less experienced, teammates.  There are worse players on this team who make ridiculous mistakes and are forgiven by both "fans" and coaches.  I am appalled by fellow, supposed, SFGiants fans who have continually ridiculed him and constantly put him down because of his lack of speed. 

Since last season, everyone has been clamoring for Buster Posey to come up from the minors to replace Bengie as the starting catcher.  Buster is the up-and-coming starting catcher for this team.  He is not a natural catcher and is still learning the position.  I think in time he will do a great job, but I personally don't think he's ready to be the everyday starting catcher.  I could be wrong...we will soon find out.  I was shocked how most fans wanted to get rid of Bengie and bring Buster up last year!!  "Free Buster Posey" was the mantra from these people!!  All I could think was, what's the rush......give this kid a chance to learn the position....he's only 23 years old for God sakes!!

Buster was brought up this season and has been playing first base.....very well actually!!  I am never one to jump on a bandwagon, unlike most other fans.  I was hoping that the powers-that-be would let him slowly get behind the plate and do a gradual transition.  However, they and many of the "fans", have been drooling over Posey and think he is our savior (him and Madison Baumgarner, up-and-coming starting pitcher).

People are so obsessed with youth and think anyone over the age of 30 is old and useless.  It totally offends me because they may have youth (be physically ready) but are they mentally and emotionally ready??  People need to realize that there is value in every single person, regardless of age, and stop trying to toss aside anyone over whatever the current expiration age is at the moment.....

Now, don't get me wrong.  I like Buster Posey and think he's going to do a great job as the starting catcher.  But, I just don't get the rush.  This team has so many other problems, Bengie wasn't close to being the biggest (no pun intended).  Our offense, on paper, is great, but in reality....not so much.  They are inconsistent.  But I think that is a managerial blunder and not as much the players fault.  So, until they rectify the offense, I don't see the rush to push Bengie out the back door.  Add to that the seeming implosion of our starting rotation.....right now, I think my 9 year old goddaughter could hit a homerun off of any of them.   I am a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan and always will be.  The decisions made by the exec's sometimes astound me.  I want my team to succeed, I just wonder if the exec's really want the same?!  Or, is it just about the money????

So, I say good-bye to Bengie Molina.  Unlike most other SFGiants fans, I think you were a wonderful member of this team and I will definitely miss you.  I wish you nothing but the best as a member of the Texas Rangers (who, by the way, are in 1st place in their division unlike the SFGiants who are currently in 4th place in their division).  And, I thank you for always giving everything you have each and every game you played in for the San Francisco Giants. 

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