Friday, July 23, 2010

Five Question Friday

It's Friday and time for....

If you want to play and link up, head on over to My Little Life's blog.  So, here we go:

1.  What were your school colors?
They were green and gold.

2.  What's the best compliment you ever received?
Well, professionally, I get a lot of complements that my work ethic is outstanding.  I'm always surprised because, really, I think I'm just doing my if that is outstanding, geez...what the heck is everyone else doing??!!  But, I'll take it!!  On the personal side, well....I've never been good at taking a complement and it makes me (to this day) embarrassed and unsure how to act......

3.  Do you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper?
I have always bought Quilted Northern TP (the regular one).  It was in protest because my parents always bought the cheap stuff--and I always hated it!!  Recently, my parents tried Ultra Northern ultra plush and my mom brought a roll over for me to try.  I told her no...I thought it was too expensive (I have my limits!).  Well, don't argue with mom.  I ended up trying it and am now hooked.  At Costco they have coupons in their monthly books every couple of months and I stock up at that time.  Actually, I use less, so I am really saving money......

4.  Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you?  Or, have you had one for someone else?
People have given up trying to give me a surprise party because somehow I always find out!! Honestly, though, it's definitely NOT because I was trying to find out.  I am just always in the wrong place at the wrong time and find out :(.

But I love love love throwing surprise parties and have done so many times!! 

5.  What is one material possession that you "can't live without"? 
I will have to go with my car--a Honda Accord. I live in a suburb, so.............

I know most people say their cell phone.....but honestly, I can live without it!!  I often leave it at home because I forget to put it in my purse....and I didn't take it with me when I spent a couple of weeks in England.  The only time I cared that I had it was when I got a flat tire on the freeway and had to call AAA.  Otherwise, I have other things to do than play with my phone......but, than again, I don't have an Iphone!!  Check back with me when I finally get one! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Lovely post!:D I don't like cheap toilet papers too!
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