Friday, July 16, 2010

Favorite Fridays

I saw this over at Just Me and My Life blog and just had to play along!!  So, if you would like to play and link up, go over to A Girl In Pearls & A Boy With Toys blog.

This weeks Friday Favorite is:


Having been a bartender in the past, I have several favorites but in the summertime I love something light, so I'm going with a  Malibu Bay Breeze....

1 shot of Malibu Rum
Pineapple juice 
Splash of Cranberry juice 
in a tall glass with ice
I love this drink because of the low alcohol content....and pineapple is my fave juice.  It's a drink I always recommended to women who came in and never knew what to order but didn't want anything strong (especially when on a date!!).  Enjoy!!

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