Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adam Lambert at the Warfield

I was invited to go to the Adam Lambert concert this past Sunday at the Warfield in San Francisco.  I was told it was an added date to his tour.

Like millions of others, I saw him on American Idol and I always knew he was going to do well whether he won or not.  Well, we all know he didn't win.....neither did Chris Daughtry (my most favorite former Idol) a couple of seasons before, and look how well he's done!! 

I live closer to Sacramento than San Francisco, so we drove to Walnut Creek to the BART station and took BART in to "the City".  The concert started at 8:00pm and we got there at 5:45 (we had to pick up the tix at the window at 6).  The line was sooooo long!!  In the 1 1/4 hours I had to stand in line before the doors opened, we saw just about every different kind of person you could see!!

I love San Francisco so much!!  It's just a whole different vibe compared to the suburbs--which, by the way, has no vibe.  Every time I go I feel so comfortable there...more alive!  I always say that the suburbs are a place where souls go to die.  Sad, huh?!  Well, that's my opinion anyway.  Most people who live here in the suburbs actually love it!  Me, not so much.....  So, why do I live here?  Because my family and friends live here.  Although, quite honestly, that's becoming a less important reason to stay.

But, I digress.  We finally get into the venue and go right for the restrooms....unfortunately, they smell, but at this point I don't care.  There are individual stalls w/doors, TP, sink, soap, & paper towels--so I will survive!

I'm a little OCD....so I was totally horrified to see several women take their alcoholic drinks (there was a bar in the entrance of the Warfield) into the stalls with them.  Beyond Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We used the facilities first and then got our drinks.  I shudder even thinking about it!!! Does no one understand hygiene!!??

So, we got our drinks (Lambert-ini's, lol) and our t-shirts (well, I got a tank top since I don't wear t-shirts) and went to find a place to stand.  Yes, I said stand.  After standing for 1 1/4 hours to get in, and again to use the restroom, I have to stand for the entire concert.  Our tickets were "General Admission".  It really wasn't that bad but my feet did hurt when it was over and it took a few minutes of walking to get the circulation moving again.  I couldn't believe the age range of people....anywhere from teenagers to 70's.....it was amazing!

Allison Iraheta opened the show.  For those of you who watch American Idol, she was the young rocker chick with the red hair during Adam's season.  I had forgotten how good her voice is--very powerful!!  She was on for about 20 minutes and was very good!

Orianthi came on after her.  I had heard of her, but really didn't know anything about her.  Excellent guitarist.  Apparently she was supposed to be the guitarist for Michael Jackson's last tour before he died.  I really enjoyed her music.

Then came Adam.  His show is really what a concert is supposed to be, in my opinion!  I'm tired of seeing the lip-synching dance numbers. He is a wonderful showman and didn't get caught up in the intricacies of ridiculous dance routines which take away from the music.  He did have 4 dancers (2 male/2 female) but they played a minimal role....the show was about Adam and his music.  And, boy, was his voice incredible and powerful!!  It reminded me of concerts I attended back in the day!!  It made me so happy.  I would go to his show again in a hot second!!  There are people who may find his show too provocative, so if that's the case, you may have to pass.  But otherwise, I would highly recommend his show.

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  1. It sounds like it was a great show! I loved Allison on his season, she was great!