Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunscreen is my passion

I have been doing spring cleaning throughout my house and I have finally gotten to all of my make-up and beauty products.  I have always loved trying out new products.  Somehow, while living my life, I got side-tracked and even though I still bought new products, I never had the time or energy to try them out.

Well, I now have the time and energy (divorced and currently not working), so I am getting rid of the old and trying out the new!!  I am excited about all of the products out there for me to try.  But because of limited funds, I can't just buy up everything like I used to.  I have to do my research and purchase wisely.

I am currently passionate about sunscreen.  Anyone who knows me is totally shocked by that statement because up until two years ago, I could care less about (and rarely wore) it!!  And, if I did, I would only use SPF 2 (yes, really!).  I have never burned in all my years of unprotected suntanning.  That luck ran out July 4, 2008 when I got sunburned at a pool party which ended up leaving me with a blotch on my forehead and one on each cheek.  I tried many products, including:

I tried the Clinique product first.  Luckily, it didn't cost me a thing because I had a gift card from Macy's which covered the price.  I used it for 4-5 months per instructions.  It didn't do a thing.

Next, I tried the Garnier Nutritioniste product.  I used that for about 5-6 months last year.  It didn't do anything either.

My friend also had the same blotchy patches on her face and used the Ambi product.  She said it was only $4.00 or $5.00 and really worked.  So, I figured, why not???  Well, I tried it and although the patches have not disappeared completely, they have faded quite a bit!!  Even my mom noticed it one day when she came over and I didn't have any make-up on.  She wanted to know what I had done to make the spots fade.  Go figure, the cheapest product did the best job!?!

I know I said earlier that I never had the time/energy to try out new products, but I really did try those creams out.  I just kept the bottles w/my make-up, etc so it was just a part of my daily routine.

So....back to sunscreen.  I read somewhere that the highest SPF you should use is 30 since anything on the market over that doesn't do any more than SPF 30.  So, last year I started using :
I even used it on my face.  I like it and the smell isn't annoying.  The only problem is that since my skin is oily it clogs up my pores and causes breakouts.  So, I have been on the lookout for a sunscreen for my face that isn't too greasy.  I think I've found it.  I finally took the plunge and bought this:
Yes, it's SPF 55, but it isn't greasy at all (and I got it on sale at Target!).  I only bought it last weekend, but so far I love it and use it every day!!

 But I still love color on my skin.  I have tried a couple of lotions:

I actually haven't used them on a regular basis so I can't say if they really work or not.  I  never seem to have the patience or time to stand around waiting for the lotion to dry before getting dressed.  I have used the Jergens Natural Glow on my face the past 3 days so we'll see if it works.  I guess since I now have the time I can have the patience to wait for the lotion to dry before dressing, right?!

At some point, I bought Banana Boat's Summer Cooler self-tanning mist.  I just found it in a cupboard in my bathroom......unopened!!  So, I thought I would now go ahead and test it out.  That, apparently, won't happen since it expired 6/2009. 

I found some after-sun lotions in my cupboard. Only the Solarcaine products are new (I bought them last year):
The Banana Boat Aloe After-Sun Lotion has been in my cupboard for probably 2 years or more, so I should probably let it go. Besides, I always keep a bottle of aloe gel in my fridge.

What sun products do you use??

I'm now off to tackle my moisturizers and make-up.  I know I'll be throwing a lot of stuff out!!  I'll be doing this while watching So You Think You Can Dance and then the Top Chef Masters finale.

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