Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reality TV Thursday

The Real Housewives of New York

I can't wait for tonight's RHONY reunion on BravoTV.  I have watched all three seasons and this year was by far the most toxic.  But then so was RHOOC!!

I almost stopped watching after the first couple of episodes this season because it was so incredibly mean-spirited, and quite frankly, not much fun to watch.  And if you want me to be honest, the reason I watch these shows is to be entertained, not to see everyone hate on each other and act mentally unstable (maybe to get more screen time??)!  Now, don't get me wrong, a little tiff here and there is fine (like the first season), but the lengths to which these shows have gone is beyond what I think is entertaining.  But, that's just one girl's opinion......

My favorite housewife on the NY franchise has always been Bethenny Frankel.  Of course she, until recently, wasn't actually a housewife, but let's not nitpick.  She has always seemed to be honest....and c'mon, you have to admit, she is hilarious (and so quick witted!!).  

The picture I posted (above) is of the 5 original NY housewives because I didn't like (and still don't) the addition of Kelly Killoren Bensimon.  She really adds nothing to the series and, to this day, I have no idea why she was added to the mix.  Unlike the other women, she doesn't really let you get to know her.  Very little of her is shown outside of the scenes with her co-stars.  The only reason she got any screen time this season was that she acted a fool during the infamous Scary Island Trip hosted by Ramona Singer.  Other than those ridiculous scenes I really don't know who she is....and quite frankly, I don't care!!

I have also always loved Ramona.  She is crazy (but not in a mentally unstable way, of course) and I love that she just is who she is and doesn't care what other people think about her!  And, she looks fantastic!!  

Alex McCord has grown on me.  I like that she has come into her own and spoken up for herself  this season against the "mean girls".  Even Simon has grown on me.  

Oops, I am adding in the Countess, LuAnn DeLesseps...I forgot about her.  She has never been my cup of tea.  Since the very beginning I thought she was pretentious, phony, and thought she was better than everyone else.  She really has no clue.  This year my opinion of her didn't get any better.  I thought with her divorce she would be a little nicer and more real.  Alas, she is still the same classless person she was before.  And, don't even get me started on her singing.  But, I will say that I admire her for going after her dreams!!

That brings me to Jill Zarin.  Up until this season I really liked her.  I remember her being on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen a while back with her mother and she was trying to defend herself (and sell her book) against all of the negativity regarding her fight with Bethenny.  She said that we needed to keep watching and the truth will come out about their feud--trying to insinuate that later episodes would reveal that Bethenny was at fault, not her.  Well, Jill, I am still waiting for those episodes showing your innocence to air.  Don't worry, though, I won't hold my breath.......

As for the newest members of this franchise: Jennifer Gilbert and Sonja Morgan??  At first, I really wasn't happy that they added TWO more housewives.  C'mon many do we need?? Stop the madness already!!  Well, they barely showed Jennifer so I really have no opinion about her.  And, I recently read that she may not be asked back next season because Bravo didn't think her storyline was interesting enough to air.  Let's be serious, we can't have an hour full of fighting like this season!  It was just way too stressful!  A little real life may need to be added to the craziness that is this show.

As for Sonja.....she is now my second favorite housewife--after Bethenny, of course!!  She is just what the show needed, in my opinion, that they didn't get when they added Kelly. 

I know that my opinion doesn't matter but if they have a season 4 I would love to see the 5 original housewives back (although it looks like Bethenny may not come back) and Sonja Morgan.  They can get rid of Kelly and they really don't need Jennifer.  That's my dream cast for New York.  

But, until then, I will enjoy the first part of the two-part reunion of RHONY as well as Bethenny Getting Married? tonight.  And we will just have to watch and see what happens.........

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