Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Productive Saturday and Happy Fathers Day

Let me start out by saying:


I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far?!  I've had a very busy and productive Saturday.  I just turned on the computer for the first time today about a half hour ago!!  

I got up early this morning, met my parents and went garage sale shopping.  My parents had never been and asked if they could go with me!  But of course!! 

They had a good time and found a few things.  My dad found some books and a couple little gadgets, my mom found some DVD's and I found a Barry Bonds bobblehead from 2002.  Yes, I collect San Francisco Giants bobbleheads.....crazy but true!! I love my SFGiants!! 

I had to be back at my house by noon so one of the maintenance guys could come by to finish doing something to my new water heater.  So, we got back to my house and waited.....

and waited.............

and waited some more.  We were all hungry and ready for lunch and I told them if he wasn't there by 1:00 we were leaving to go have lunch.  The guy called at 12:55 to let me know there was an emergency at one of the other places and wanted to know if he could stop over at 4:00 to finish.  That's perfect!!!  

We were so hungry that none of us could decide where to go.  My mom mentioned Fenton's Creamery, so that's where we headed.  I had a California Avocado burger with a salad (I'm really not into chips or french fries).  The hamburger was sooooo good!! But I only ate half to save room for dessert.  But of course you cannot go to Fenton's and not have ice cream!!  I had a petite sundae with Rocky Road ice cream with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top.......Can I just say yummy!!!

I finally got home around 3:00 and was exhausted!!  I laid down and watched HGTV (I'm now re-addicted) and waited for the maintenance guy.  He showed up, finished the job and was gone.  I watched a few shows on HGTV and decided to rearrange my bedroom.  I completely changed everything around and it finally feels.........right

Tomorrow I will be spending with my parents.  My mom wanted to take my dad out for Father's Day, but my dad said he would rather stay home and BBQ.  They are leaving for Disneyland in a few days and my dad said he'd rather have a nice dinner down there.  My mom didn't agree so my dad asked me what I would do.   I told them I agreed with my dad....I'd pick the nice dinner at Disneyland.  Sorry mom!!

As for my brother.....he and my sister-in-law are currently in Boston for a long weekend.  She surprised him with a trip to see his beloved Boston Red Sox play at their home:  Fenway Park.  My brothers birthday is next weekend so it's a Father's Day/Birthday present.  Oh, my brother is a father to my nephew, Michael, who lives with his mother.  My mom talked to my brother this afternoon and she said he sounded so happy and excited to be there!!  That's good because he really doesn't like to travel.  What a great present!!

I forgot to mention that when I woke up this morning my left eyelid was swollen and "felt weird".  It didn't itch or anything and there was/is no puss so there's no infection.  I have no idea what the problem is.  So, unfortunately I couldn't wear much eye make-up today so, because I didn't want to scare anyone--lol, I wore my sunglasses all day (inside and out).  The swelling has, for the most part, gone.  I've been putting cold compresses on the eye area and it seems to help.  So I will continue to do that and, hopefully, by tomorrow the problem will be gone!!

Okay......I am sitting at the computer right now nodding off, which means it's time for bed.  So, good night to all!!  Have a great rest of the weekend!

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