Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Running Day

It's National Running Day and it's been 9 days since my last run, what better time for me to get back on track??  Today has been stressful so when I got home this afternoon I changed my clothes and did my part.

It was 79*F and 47% humidity.  Well, you could have fooled me that the humidity was only felt much much higher!! I wore appropriate clothing (running shorts and moisture-wicking top) and I remembered my water (thank goodness!!).  

I got to the place I usually run and when I got out of my car I was already sweating!  That didn't bode too well for a great run but I went anyway.  I started out slow but I still had a hard time catching my breath (darned humidity!!) and wondered if I would be able to complete 3 miles.  So, I decided to see how I felt after the first mile and go from there....

 Towards the end of the first mile I felt okay and decided to continue.  Before the first mile was done, my ice cold water was warm (yuck!) but I am so thankful I didn't forget it this time because I needed that water during this run!!  The second mile wasn't so bad but the third mile was tough and even though I had a small burst of energy during that last mile, it didn't last and the last 1/4 mile I almost threw up.  Sorry, I know, that was TMI....but that's how I felt.  

I was never so happy for a run to be over!!  I can honestly say I was pretty miserable through the whole run but pushed through it and am happy that I didn't quit.  I take this as a victory because the old me would have quit or just not run today.  But, I am trying to be a better person and push through that which I don't necessarily want, but need, to do.  Hey, baby steps are still steps, right!?!?

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