Monday, June 7, 2010

It Pays to Twitter!! (and social network in general)

I am on a couple of social network sites:  Facebook, Twitter, DailyMile, Bebo and MySpace.  Well, 5 to be exact, but I really only use 3 of them on a regular basis.  I do spend a lot of time on the computer on one or more of these sites.  But, this weekend was about enjoying the beautiful weather we had so I spent very little time indoors and even less online.

Each of these social networks I belong to fills a need--well, 3 of them do anyway.  DailyMile is for logging my workouts. I haven't been on it that long but have a small group of friends (i.e. fellow runners and athletes) who motivate, and converse with, each other.  When you work out, a strong support system is so incredibly important.  Since I do not have that in my everyday life I do rely on my DM friends.  And, they never disappoint!!  These are truly remarkable women (I don't have any male friends as of yet) who inspire me every day!!  Thank you ladies--you are awesome!!

Facebook is for my family and friends to keep in touch from across the country and world.  I have reconnected with many people from different stages of my life and I am truly grateful for the chance to do so.

Twitter is something I didn't understand when I first signed up a year ago.  I had heard about it and one day just had to know what it was all about.  At first I fumbled my way around, thinking "What the hell is this and why does everyone think it's so great??".  But then one day I let it be known I was a San Francisco Giants fan and then I slowly started getting followers.  Ooohhh, okay I get it now!!

Many of the people I follow are SFGiants fans.  That's what I use Twitter for mostly:  My beloved SFGiants.  As a matter of fact, at the end of last years baseball season we had a Tweet-Up, where several of us met at a SFGiants game.  We bought out a section of the bleachers so we could meet and enjoy the game together.   This is a great group of passionate SFGiants fans and I'm so lucky to have met them!

Recently, I responded to a question a local sports station posed it's Twitter followers.  I was watching Comcast SportsNet Bay Area (CSNBA) a while later......and my tweet was posted on the air!! I was pretty shocked and excited!

Besides tweeting about the SFGiants, I like to tweet about reality TV shows.  One of my favorites to tweet about is BravoTV's Real Housewives franchise.  Well, the same day my tweet about JaMarcus Russell was on CSNBA, a tweet of mine about the Real Housewives was chosen to air during the RH episode!! Wow...twice in one day!! Things like that never happen to me.....

Well, to get back to not having been on the computer this weekend....I logged on this afternoon and found that in my direct messages on Twitter there was a note from BravoTV to email someone to "claim my prize".  What???  Well, I found out that I had won a prize from BravoTV:  The book "Real Housewives Get Personal".  All because I tweeted about the show!  And, yes, I did email the person back and, hopefully, soon I will get my lovely prize!!

It really does pay to Twitter!!

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