Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shopping finds and Tuesday Night TV

Enjoying another summer day here in Northern California.  I can't believe the hot weather has finally arrived!! And I am one of the people who truly loves this heat!

I did a little shopping today.  I went to Marshall's and Ross Store's--I can always find something at one of them!  I tried on a ton of cloths, but I wore the wrong bra and nothing looked right.  Yes, there are right bra's and wrong bra's to wear when shopping....I learned that a long time ago.  I ended up with a turquoise top that I thought would be okay.  So when I got home I tried it on again (with correct bra) but it didn't work.  So, back to Ross it goes......

On my way home I stopped off at a local thrift store I had never been to before.  I found two items, a tank top and a dress.  And, when I got home, they both fit perfect!! 

Did anyone see last nights Real Housewives of New Jersey??  OMG, is Danielle crazy or what?  But I mean she is really crazy, not kooky crazy.....she (along with Kelly from RHONY) make me a little afraid.  

I tried to watch The Bachelorette last night.  I've never seen this show before this season but Ali is from the Bay Area so I thought I'd check it out.  I really don't get why people watch.  I don't really think she is the brightest girl in the world and the guys are bleh.  Why would anyone in their right mind think they can find love in a few weeks on a reality show??  Oh, yeah, they're all really there for their 15 minutes of fame and NOT to really find love.  C'mon producers.  Please take us out of our misery and remove this show from the airwaves.  It makes the people on it and the people watching it look ridiculous.  Sorry, that's just my opinion. 

Right now I'm watching my San Francisco Giants play the LA Dodgers.  Hopefully, they can pull it together and win, but they have the same line-up as last night so I'm not holding out much hope.  But Losing It with Jillian is on later and so are The Hills, The City and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List, so it's going to be a busy night of TV watching.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Well, I didn't keep track of my eating today.  It's probably better that way, though!! lol

I'm a little depressed right now....my San Francisco Giants just lost to the dreaded LA Dodgers 4-2.  Our offense couldn't come through.  Well, actually it was a couple of guys (especially Pablo Sandoval).  But it's time to shake it off and move on.  Better luck tomorrow!!

So, it's time for Top 2 Tuesday again, so here goes:

The topic this week is:  The Top 2 things you would take with you to a deserted island (not people)
At first I thought bringing my camera would be the obvious choice.  But, it's a deserted island, why would I need that?? And, I definitely would NOT bring my cell phone (unlike everyone else I don't have an iphone or a blackberry...just a regular cell phone).  I talk to people all day long.......so I really hate talking on the phone!! Seriously!!  So, what would I bring???

1.  My sunglasses
My eyes are sensitive to light so I wear my sunglasses every single day!!  So this is a definite MUST HAVE for me anywhere I go.

2.  Books
I love to read so I'd have to bring books.  See how I made it plural???  Yes, more than 1 book!! Sunscreen is very important, but I'm still gonna have to say books.  With the island being deserted, I can get a lot of reading done!! haha

If you want to play along and link up this week, head on over to The Undomestic Momma's blog.

Weekend wrap-up

I can't believe another weekend is over.  Why do the week day's go by so slowly and the weekends just fly by?  Well, anyway, I had a nice weekend.  I hope everyone else did too!!

Saturday morning I went garage sale shopping again.  I had all of the places marked on my map, etc.  But, as I was driving I wasn't really feeling it and I ended up at only a handful instead of the 16+ I had marked. 

One stop had lots of jewelry and as I mentioned in another post I have been really into jewelry lately.  After looking at everything I found a silver necklace w/a silver four-leaf clover for .25 cents and then I found a silver bracelet with turquoise for $5.00.  The bracelet reminded me of the late 60's - early 70's and I just had to have it....I was trying to take pictures but they weren't turning out right so I just gave up!

By 10:00am I was done so I ran to the bank and then went to the farmers market.  Everything looked so good!!  I ended up with some pattypan squash and some crookneck squash.  I already had zucchini and later on made some more Summer Squash Medley from Suzanne Somer's cookbook:

I love her cookbooks because it's all healthy eating.  This particular dish is great in summer time because it is easy to make and very light!!

Later in the day my high school friend had a Lia Sophia jewelry party and because of a previous appt, I was late.  The lady who sells the jewelry couldn't stay long so she was long gone by the time I got there so I couldn't see anything.  It's hard to pick things from a catalog or book.  I ended up with a really cute (I hope) gold bracelet.

On Sunday I had a mani-pedi and got to use my Essie polish in Watermelon.

I love love this color and it's perfect for summer!!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I bought L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze self-tanner
and I've been using it per instructions.  I even used it on my face.  I did see a little color change on my face and body but mostly what I saw was little glittery pieces--which was not what I was looking for!!!

Also, I really didn't like that my skin was turning that orange-y color.  I guess most people would call that bronze but now I remember why I don't use bronzers.  I am not an Oompa Lumpa from Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory, thank you very much.  So, I think I've had enough of that!!

So, I went back to Target and got Jergen's Natural Glow

but the one for the face in the Medium to Tan color.  After exfoliating my face last night I used it and then again this morning.  I think this will give me the more natural look that I'm going for.

Today is another scorcher.....101*F and I wanted to dress nice and cool.  I used to own a lot of summer dresses but I think I got rid of them (what was I thinking??).  I'm hoping I just packed them away and they're in one of the big rubber storage containers in my garage!!  While going through my closet I found this dress I forgot I bought about a month ago at Ross Stores.

I am on the short side (5'2") and don't wear a lot of prints.  I thought this was going to be too busy for me but since the background is black it worked out okay.  It really is cute on and was only $8.99.  You can't beat the price!  Oh, and even better, it's lined!!  I paired it with a pair of oyster colored flip flops and was on my way.

Since I got home this afternoon I've been working in my backyard.  The duplex I live in has yard maintenance included so I don't have to mow or prune or anything crazy like that--which is good since I've never mowed a lawn in my life!!  But, I do have to keep the patios swept and cleaned and water any of my own plants out there.  Honestly, I haven't done a whole lot so far this summer in the yards and it needed it so even though it was super hot, I was out there sweeping, cleaning, watering, etc.  It looks so much better and now I think I'm going to go read in my backyard for awhile.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting To Know You

I saw this on Heather's Harbor's blog and thought it would be fun.  It starts on A Daily Scoop of Chaos's blog, so if you want to join in and link up, head over to that blog!!

1.  If you had $5,000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done?

I would never have plastic surgery or do anything with needles!!  What ever happened to growing older gracefully??  Can I take the money and go shopping or go on a trip, instead???

2.  Do you watch soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why?

I have watched The Young and The Restless for many years.  Watching this show is a habit and I love the characters.  The only downside is that sometimes a storyline will go on for far too long and get annoying and boring!! Move it along already!!!!

3.  Favorite clothing brand?

I don't have one......I just buy what catches my eye :) 

4.  An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year?

Shopping spree of course!!  I would never want anyone else cleaning my house because they would never do a good enough job!!

5.  Would you ever vajazzle?

Uh.....that would be a big fat NO!!!

6.  Favorite Disney Princess?

I love Snow White.  My second favorite is Cinderella. 

7.  Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out?

My Sisters Keeper with Cameron Diaz.  I rented it a couple of months ago. 

8.  Have you ever broken any bones and if so what?

I was lucky enough never to have done so until Nov 2008 when I fell and broke my right arm.  Well, technically it was my elbow.  And, in reality, the doctor wasn't even sure if it was broken, called in a radiologist who also wasn't 100% sure, but had a cast put on my arm anyway for 8 weeks.  So, I think it was broken, but who knows????

Friday, June 25, 2010

Eat. Water. Sleep. Exercise.

Okay so this is my third post today.  But, don't worry, it's the last one for Friday.

Last night I slept 7 hrs but not straight.  I fell asleep around 1am and woke up at 6:40am, then I fell back to sleep around 7am and then woke up at 8:15am. 

What I ate:
Breakfast:  1/2 cup Shredded Wheat, 1/2 cup 1% milk, 1/2 cup blueberries

Snack:  Venti sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce Latte no whip (w/ 2% milk)

Lunch:  3 oz whole grain spaghetti, 1/8 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese, 2 slices watermelon

Snack:  1 small Fuji apple, 1 Tbsp peanut butter

Dinner:  1 turkey burger (no bread or condiments), 1 cup summer squash medley, 3 oz whole grain pasta, 1/8 cup Parmesan cheese

Dessert:  1 cup watermelon

Nutritional Value: 1,681 total calories, 43.25 grams fat, 293.5 mg cholesterol, 683 mg sodium, 177.5 g carbohydrates, 35 g sugars, 22g dietary fiber, 73 g protein

Exercise:  I ran 22 minutes/walked 22 minutes = 44 minutes. Total distance: 3 miles

Water: As of this writing I've consumed 6 cups of water.  I am on my way to the kitchen for some more water so I will probably end up at 8, but hope for 9, cups of water by the time I go to bed in an hour or so.

Friday Five: 5 Random Questions

I saw this on AOG Daily's blog and thought it would be fun to play along. It actually starts on Beth's blog Just Me and My Life so if you would like to play along and link up, head over there. 

1.  If given the chance to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
There are too many things I'd want to do, but I think having a spa day would rank a little higher than everything else!!

2.  If you could start fresh, what profession would you choose?
I would be a teacher.  I love inspiring and helping kids to want to learn.  I know I would have made an excellent teacher.

3.  What is your favorite candy or candy bar?
I don't really eat much candy, but when I do I'll have an Almond Joy or Snickers.

4.  Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial or bought an "As seen on TV item?
Principal Secret, Oxi-Clean, Space Bag, and Core Rhythms.

5.  What's the movie you ALWAYS cry at?
I cry throughout Beaches and The Way We Were. Also, The Holiday, Steel Magnolias, Sex and The City, and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

One year later...

When I turned on the TV this morning it seemed like everyone was talking about the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.

They discussed his kids, parents, siblings, his $$ worth before and since his death....it seemed like nothing was off limits in discussing this man's life and death.  I have always been a huge fan of MJ's and think, musically, he is/was a genius.  His personal life, well, I only know what I've read in the gossip columns like everyone else.  What's that saying "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"? Or, better yet, "Unless you walk a mile in someone else's shoes...".  My point is, we heard all of the salacious tidbits over the years in the tabloids.  We really don't know what his personal life was or wasn't.  I've learned a long time ago that just because someone says something doesn't make it true.  But on the other side, there could be some truth in what was said.  Whatever the truth was in his personal life, we will never know.  All I know is that a musical genius is gone and for that I am truly saddened.  So, instead of the press prying into his personal life and his children's lives, let's mourn the loss of the musician and move on.

Now, while I was watching all of the sordidness this morning, I noticed that I didn't hear about another celebrity who passed away on the same say--actually that morning:  Farrah Fawcett.

I remember the day both of these stars died.  I was at work and read about Farrah's death online in the morning.  In the afternoon one of my co-workers came over and told me Michael, too, had died.  I didn't believe her and checked it out. 

Yes, we all knew Farrah was dying due to cancer, but it was still shocking when it came.  They were both huge stars in their own right and it was sad that once MJ died, it seemed like everyone forgot about Farrah. 

It was made worse several months later when the Academy Awards didn't mention her during the "In Memorium" segment of the program.  But they didn't forget Michael Jackson, now did they?!  They came up with a lame excuse afterward about her being a TV actress, not a movie actress.  What was Michael, then?  He was never a movie star.  Although he did appear in 3 motion pictures (including The Wiz), most of his "films" were long music videos, not movies.  Farrah had made at least 15 motion pictures. 

Anyway, I would just like to remind everyone that 2 stars passed away a year ago today, not one. 

Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, may you both rest in peace........

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I ate and a little neighborhood crime

Okay--as I said yesterday, I need to get myself back on track so my body can start functioning properly again and I can have my energy back!!  The following is a list of what I ate today along with calorie counts and nutritional value.  I will also be adding how much water I'm drinking and how many hours of sleep I got the night before. 

To start out, last night was not a good night of sleep.  Here's how it went:  I slept for 4 hours, woke up for about a half hour, then fell back to sleep for a little over an hour, woke up for about 45 minutes, and then fell back to sleep for about 40-45 minutes.

I fell asleep around 2:30am.  Oh, yeah, I don't think I ever mentioned that I suffer from insomnia and have for most of my adult life!  The insomnia comes and goes.  Right now it's in full force and I'm really tired of it (no pun intended!).

I live in a duplex on a busy corner and my bedroom faces the street (aren't I super lucky?!).  I always have to have fresh air in my bedroom when I sleep so I have my window cracked open.  I tell you all of that because apparently, during that 4 hours of sleep someone came and broke into my across-the-street neighbors car.  The first time I woke up I heard talking and opened my blinds to see police at my neighbors house and her cars back window was busted out. Thank goodness I parked my car in my garage!!  I don't know why but the previous 3 days I had left my car parked in my driveway.  Someone was watching out for me.....and Thank You!!!!

Alright, so back to the point of this post.  The following is what I ate today:

1/2 cup Shredded Wheat
1 cup 1% milk
1/2 cup blueberries

1 small Fuji apple
1 Tbsp peanut butter

1 Turkey burger (3 oz)---just the burger, no bread or condiments
2 slices watermelon 

1 wedge Laughing Cow cheese
2 Wasa crackers--Light Rye
1 cup chocolate milk (1% milk and 2 tbsp of Nestle's Quik--yes really)
1 cup of watermelon

6 oz of whole grain pasta
1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan Cheese
1 cup Summer Squash Medley (zucchini, crookneck squash, pattypan)

I really did measure all of my food today.  I do own a food scale that hasn't been used for a long time!  And I really did look up the nutritional value of everything.  I honestly hated every second of doing it, but I know it needs to be done.  And I know I'll be grateful later on.

Nutritional Value:
1799 calories, 41 1/2 grams fat; 583 1/2 mg cholesterol, 1236 1/2 mg sodium, 208 1/2 g carbohydrates, 29 g dietary fiber, 51 1/2 g sugars, 79 1/2 g protein.

I know, that's too many calories.  I would have been alright if I'd only had the 3oz of pasta and 1/8 cup Parm cheese....but it's pasta and I couldn't help myself!!  Now, if I had exercised, this wouldn't even be an issue!!

So far I've had 4 1/2 cups of water, but I'm still drinking. Why is this such a problem for me now???? Ugh!!!  I estimate that I will be at about 6 cups of water by the time I go to bed.....

I didn't exercise today.  It was very windy and warm.  I could use the "very windy" as an excuse for not exercising, but, in all honesty, I just didn't feel like it......I'll try again tomorrow.

Don't worry, my food posts won't normally be this wordy....I promise to keep them short in future.

Hopefully I am not up until 2:30 and can sleep for at least 6 hours.  That will make me happy.  Fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scrapbooking and My Lack Of Energy

About 4 years ago, after I came back from a trip, I decided I wanted to start scrapbooking.  I went to Michael's and bought a bunch of supplies and a couple of books and got started.  Yeah, well, it's not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  I didn't get too far before I "didn't have time" (lost interest) and moved on to other things.

So, here I am 4 years later with tons of pictures and not much scrapbooking done.  I do have a couple of pages I finished of my cats, one completed scrapbook of my many trips to Las Vegas, and one book of my 2005 road trip through California (well, it's 95% done).

Last night I was going through old negatives from my 35mm camera because I am going to have them transferred to a disc so that I can upload them onto my computer.  Now I wish I had done it way back when I was having my film developed!!  My dad found out that I can do it at Costco.  He said it is $2.99 for 40 negatives and .29 cents for each additional negative.  I just need to see which ones I want transferred.

While I was going through everything, I decided that I wanted to start scrapbooking again---especially my trips.  I have tons of materials, I just need some creativity to start flowing through me lol!!  Here are 2 pages I started last night:

The top one is, yes, one of my kitties!!  I couldn't help myself.  Right after I took those pictures on the right she actually walked inside the fireplace.  How she didn't catch on fire....I'll never know!?  Wish I would have gotten a picture of it, though, but I was too freaked out at the time.  I haven't used my fireplace since......

The bottom is, of course, London, England.  I have tons of pictures from my tour of England and thought I would start with the greatest city in the world (in my opinion).  I am still working on both of these pages and will be excited when they are done.  I just have to figure out how best to finish my cat page and what lettering and color of lettering I want to use on my London page.  It's fun being creative again!!

I have been concerned lately at my lack of energy, which has made me lazy in the exercise department.  Everything I've read about weight loss says ones success is a combination of counting calories, cutting out processed food, plenty of sleep, reducing sodium, drinking plenty of water, and exercise.  I know I, for the most part, eat right: lot's of fruits and veggies, whole grains, no processed foods (at home), cut out a lot of sugar from my diet, no soda, I'm not a big salt fan and only add it when required in a recipe (mostly baking), I've cut down portion size and only eat off of my small (salad) plates.

I don't count calories.  I've tried over the years, but I have always found it tedious.  It's part of the reason I eat the same foods all of the time, because I already know the calorie and nutritional counts and don't have to look them up!!  (I think that was an "aha" moment.....I never thought about that until I just wrote it now)

In the last year or so I have been drinking significantly less water then I normally have in the past.  I used to drink 8-10 cups of water every single day (and more when exercising or during summer).  Now, even in this heat I'm lucky to get in 6 cups and I know that I am dehydrated!!  This doesn't help when I'm running or exercising.  And, a few months ago I read that someone actually died from dehydration.  That should have been a wake-up call (but apparently wasn't)!! 

Also, for several months I haven't slept for more than 5 hours a night.  Sometimes I've been waking up in the middle of that 5 hours (I've heard broken sleep isn't good for you either!).  One time I got 7 hours of sleep, but it consisted of:  sleeping for 4 hours, awake for 1 1/2 hours, and then sleeping another 3 hours.  I told my mom today that last night I slept for 6 hours straight!!  It's the first time I've woken up feeling awake instead of exhausted in a very long time.

I think maybe this lack of sleep and water have something to do with how my body has been performing (or not performing) lately.  I'm hoping if I correct these two issues, I can get back on track and start dropping weight again. 

So, I am back to the drawing board and will try and track my eating, drinking, exercising, sleeping and whatever else I need to do in order to find what works.  I am beyond frustrated and that doesn't help the situation either.  I just want my energy....and my old self.....back!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Is it Tuesday already???  Oh, okay, it's still Monday.  Guess we're just starting T2T early.....

This weeks topic:
  Top 2 Reality Shows you would be on.....

In the last 4 years I have become a reality show addict. I figured it out and I have watched over 100 different reality shows, and there are still a whole bunch I've never seen!!

"Hello, my name is Tina and I am addicted to reality TV......."

Anyway......there are just too many shows for me to pick only two, but I will try:

1.  Amazing Race

My brother and sister got me started on this show.  It is my favorite show on TV (along with Top Chef).  I love it because of the travel aspect (I LOVE to travel).  

2.  Real Housewives of OC 

Of course I have to pick a Real Housewives show!  And since I live in California (well, okay, I live in Northern California) I had to pick the OC! 

3.  The Biggest Loser 

Okay, so I couldn't just pick two.  Like I said, there are just too many I love.  I have watched this show since the very beginning.  I love love love Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels (I even liked Kim Lyons...does anyone remember her?).  I want both Bob and Jillian to be my personal trainers to give me motivation and just kick my butt into shape.   

4.  The Next Food Network Star 

Okay, okay....I know.  But, c'mon did you really expect me to stop at only 2???   I absolutely love this show.  Yes, Top Chef is my favorite show, but, having been married to a chef.....I am not worthy!! lol  But, I would be more comfortable doing Next Food Network Star.  You don't have to be a professional chef to make it on this show.  My favorite winner is Aaron McCargo Jr (season 4) who now has his own show:  Big Daddy's House.

(A few also-ran's are: Big Brother, Workout, Kell on Earth, The Hills, Tori & Dean, Rachel Zoe Project, So You Think You Can Dance, What Not To Wear, Celebrity Fit Club, The City, Flipping Out, Hell's Kitchen, Keeping Up W/the Kardashians, Dancing With The Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, Top Chef)

So, what are your two fave's??  If you want to play along, go on over to Taylor's blog and link up.....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Productive Saturday and Happy Fathers Day

Let me start out by saying:


I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far?!  I've had a very busy and productive Saturday.  I just turned on the computer for the first time today about a half hour ago!!  

I got up early this morning, met my parents and went garage sale shopping.  My parents had never been and asked if they could go with me!  But of course!! 

They had a good time and found a few things.  My dad found some books and a couple little gadgets, my mom found some DVD's and I found a Barry Bonds bobblehead from 2002.  Yes, I collect San Francisco Giants bobbleheads.....crazy but true!! I love my SFGiants!! 

I had to be back at my house by noon so one of the maintenance guys could come by to finish doing something to my new water heater.  So, we got back to my house and waited.....

and waited.............

and waited some more.  We were all hungry and ready for lunch and I told them if he wasn't there by 1:00 we were leaving to go have lunch.  The guy called at 12:55 to let me know there was an emergency at one of the other places and wanted to know if he could stop over at 4:00 to finish.  That's perfect!!!  

We were so hungry that none of us could decide where to go.  My mom mentioned Fenton's Creamery, so that's where we headed.  I had a California Avocado burger with a salad (I'm really not into chips or french fries).  The hamburger was sooooo good!! But I only ate half to save room for dessert.  But of course you cannot go to Fenton's and not have ice cream!!  I had a petite sundae with Rocky Road ice cream with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top.......Can I just say yummy!!!

I finally got home around 3:00 and was exhausted!!  I laid down and watched HGTV (I'm now re-addicted) and waited for the maintenance guy.  He showed up, finished the job and was gone.  I watched a few shows on HGTV and decided to rearrange my bedroom.  I completely changed everything around and it finally feels.........right

Tomorrow I will be spending with my parents.  My mom wanted to take my dad out for Father's Day, but my dad said he would rather stay home and BBQ.  They are leaving for Disneyland in a few days and my dad said he'd rather have a nice dinner down there.  My mom didn't agree so my dad asked me what I would do.   I told them I agreed with my dad....I'd pick the nice dinner at Disneyland.  Sorry mom!!

As for my brother.....he and my sister-in-law are currently in Boston for a long weekend.  She surprised him with a trip to see his beloved Boston Red Sox play at their home:  Fenway Park.  My brothers birthday is next weekend so it's a Father's Day/Birthday present.  Oh, my brother is a father to my nephew, Michael, who lives with his mother.  My mom talked to my brother this afternoon and she said he sounded so happy and excited to be there!!  That's good because he really doesn't like to travel.  What a great present!!

I forgot to mention that when I woke up this morning my left eyelid was swollen and "felt weird".  It didn't itch or anything and there was/is no puss so there's no infection.  I have no idea what the problem is.  So, unfortunately I couldn't wear much eye make-up today so, because I didn't want to scare anyone--lol, I wore my sunglasses all day (inside and out).  The swelling has, for the most part, gone.  I've been putting cold compresses on the eye area and it seems to help.  So I will continue to do that and, hopefully, by tomorrow the problem will be gone!!

Okay......I am sitting at the computer right now nodding off, which means it's time for bed.  So, good night to all!!  Have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Friday, I'm in Love....

Yes, it's that time again!!  So, what am I in love with this week:

1.  Garage Sales

Yes, seriously!!  I'm becoming quite addicted and can't wait for the Friday and Saturday newspapers to  come to plan my Saturday mornings.  And this weekend, there are a ton of garage sales here in town. 

2.  My Property Management Staff

They are awesome!!  I called them this afternoon (yes I'm a bit of a procrastinator) to let them know about my water heater leak and they came out immediately and a new one is being installed as we speak!!  Awesome!!  You guys rock!!

3.  As always, my kitties

Enough said, I think!!  If you love your pets, you understand!!

4.  Jewelry

Lately I have been really into jewelry.  Most of my life it's never been a priority!  I know, what's wrong with me?! lol  But now I just can't get enough.  I was so excited last weekend to find a really cute pair of earrings (for only .50 cents)!!  Before, I always skipped looking at jewelry in stores, but now it's the first place I want to run to.  I have to say that watching The Rachel Zoe Project helped to bring it out and now it's becoming a passion.  Who knew??!!

5.  The San Francisco Giants 

Yes they are my pick again.  It's baseball season and it's all about my SFGiants.  It looks like their offense is finally coming together and hopefully they can pass the LA Dodgers (boo!!) and the San Diego Padres and take back first place!!

6.  Top Chef

I'm so excited that this show is back for its 7th season.  And, as usual, the premiere on Wednesday night did not disappoint.  This is (along with Amazing Race) my most favorite show on TV. 

Well, that's what I'm in love with today.  What are you in love with???  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

Real Housewives, Running, Top Chef premiere and other things

So......I watched the third part of the RHONY Reunion.  What did everyone think??  I still believe that Kelly is crazy and needs to be removed from the show.  I'm not a fan of letting someone who is mentally unstable be on TV.  It's not entertainment, it's just sad.  Especially upon learning that Kelly was asked to leave and escorted away by a producer of the show!!!  I hope Bravo does the right thing.

I was shocked to hear Jill say she may not come back next season.  But was it real, or a publicity thing?  Her reason (Alex McCord "hating" her) was lame.  I'm a little jaded after this season.  Bethenny already mentioned on Watch What Happens Live last week that she may not be back.  But, from how she answered it last week, my guess is that she's waiting to see if Kelly's coming back.  I hope both Jill and Bethenny come back.  Like I said before, I want the original five ladies AND Sonja Morgan.  That's it.

I loved Bethenny's Getting Married? tonight.  And I loved loved loved Jason's parents. It's nice to watch a show that for the most part I laugh throughout, although there are some dark parts when she's in therapy.  But it is more of an uplifting show rather than women battling each other.....which, to be honest, can get tiresome!

I was excited that Kathy Griffin was in the house tonight of WWHL.  She is hilarious and I love Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D List.  Did anyone see the Law and Order: SVU episode that Kathy was on playing Bab's a while back? What did you think? I did and loved it!!  It's one of my favorite "regular" shows on TV.

Is anyone besides me a total fan of Top Chef?  I didn't start watching until season 3 when my brother told me about it, but instantly fell in love!!  I can't believe it's season 7!!  Top Chef and Amazing Race are the two shows that I never miss an episode.  If you watch, do you have a favorite so far?  What do you think about Angelo (is that his name) who won the quickfire and the elimination challenge??  A little arrogant, or what??  We'll have to wait and see, but an FYI to him:  the last couple of seasons the person who wins the first episodes challenges DOESN'T win the finale.  Just a thought.............  

So, I don't think I mentioned on Tuesday that I ran.  Lately running and I haven't been getting along.  I don't know why.  I was looking forward to it all day.  But when I got to the park and started running, I honestly felt like I was wearing a weighted vest the whole time.  I think I only ran 2 miles and it was torturous!!  By the end I could barely walk......

Later on I realized that I had a blister on each food in the exact same place:  on the inside above the arch.  I can honestly say that I've never gotten a blister from running or walking before and don't know what happened.  On top of that I really didn't stretch and my calves and hips got very tight to where it was difficult to move around and it hurt to sit too long.  Let's just say I was a mess Tuesday night.

Well, today, I still have the blisters but wanted to get outside and exercise so I thought I would just walk for 3 miles and that would be okay.  Especially since the weather was perfect for walking or running!  So I got to the park and walked for a mile and felt good so I decided to run a little bit to see how it felt.  I ran part of the second mile and it felt okay.  But I just walked the rest of the second mile because I didn't want to chance it.  The third mile I ended up running most of it but towards the end I felt the blisters above the arches and they were telling me to stop, so I did and walked the last bit back to my car.  Overall I felt good and stretched out more tonight.  I think I need one of those foam rollers.

So, on top of all that, I went out to my garage earlier tonight and saw some water on the floor.  Since it was near the side garage door leading to my backyard I thought it was from there.  But when I went and checked there was no water on that part of the patio.  My water heater is in my laundry room which backs up to the garage.  I think there is a leak.  I'm not sure, but that's the only thing I can think of.  See, when I was married, that would be his job to take care of it.

Well, luckily, I do not own the duplex I live in, so tomorrow I will call the property mgr to come out and take care of it.  After the divorce everyone kept telling me to buy buy buy after we sold our home, but I said no since in California the prices were ridiculously too high!!  Good call on my part.  I don't have to fix stuff and I don't have to do yard work.  (Yard work is included in my rent--YAY!!!).  

I finished reading Four Blondes by Candace Bushnell last night.  I thought it was eh.  The first story was okay but the other three stories were a drag and I couldn't wait for them to be over. I just couldn't figure out the point of those last three stories and, quite frankly, I really didn't care about any of those characters!!  I thought it was all just too much darkness.  The book felt like that weighted vest I thought I was wearing on Tuesday!!

I read Sex and The City a week or so ago and wasn't as enthralled with it as I am with the series or movies.  It was just a bunch of stories one after another, and not nearly as interesting as any of the series episodes.  And some just stopped without a point (in my opinion).   Also, the book kind of jumped around.  I could go on and on, but it makes me tired just thinking about it, so I won't.  I read some of the lines they actually put in the series but otherwise, how they came up with the series, and the four friends, from THAT book is beyond me.  It is much darker than the series and I didn't really see much resemblance except the title (and those few lines).

I just started to read Trading Up today, again from Candace Bushnell.  It is about the first character, Janey, from Four Blondes.  Janey's story was the only one I liked from that book, so hopefully I will enjoy this one.  So far, not liking Candace Bushnell's writing so much.  It's just too dark for me. 

After that, I will read Lipstick Jungle.  Then I am taking a break from Ms Bushnell and reading some of Sophie Kinsella's books (I've never read but I've heard good things)

I have a long day tomorrow so I am off to bed.........good night!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Night Reality TV

So much to watch, so little time......

Right now I am trying to watch:  San Francisco Giants baseball game, Hell's Kitchen and Losing It.  At 9:00 I will be watching Hell's Kitchen, the SFGiants game, and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List season premiere.  Then at 10:00 I will be watching The Hills and The City (and the SFGiants if the game isn't over).  Yes, I have Tivo, but in the 2 1/2 years I've had it, I have never used it once, so when it came up for renewal, I didn't.  It's sitting in a closet.

So, a little recap of RHONY Reunion special and RHONJ.  Did anyone else think that Kelly was crazy last night on the reunion??  Did she make any sense to anyone??  If so, please try to explain because I'm as lost as the rest of those housewives!! LOL  Hopefully, next season the powers-that-be at Bravo put Kelly and the rest of us out of our misery and release her from the show. 

As for RHONJ, I am sad that Dina Manzo is gone.  And, she's gone because of that crazy Danielle!!  Oh, Bravo, while you're releasing Kelly from her contract, please let Danielle go too.  I'm honestly not interested in seeing Danielle hang around with her thugs and loser friends.  And I definitely don't want, or need, to see her on a stripper pole.  That was just gross!!  And so are her "friends"--especially that Kim G.  Can that woman be any more obvious about wanting to be on TV?!  Danielle no longer has ties with the other women (with her friendship with Jacqueline over), so her storyline is irrelevant.  Please, let her go......

And, while I'm on the topic of Bravo.  I think I mentioned in another post that I won a prize from Bravo on Twitter.  I honestly didn't realize I was in a contest, but okay.  Well, today I got an email with an affidavit that I need to fill out, sign and have notarized.  Boy, they take this prize winning seriously!!  So sometime this week I have to make time to get the paper notarized and fax it in.  Again, this is what I won:

Yes, I won a copy of the book Real Housewives Get Personal.  It hasn't come out yet.  Being such a huge Real Housewives fan.....you know I am beyond excited to get this prize!!

Top 2 Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

The topic this week is:  


Wow...that's a hard one and I've been thinking about it all day since I saw it.  Well, here goes:

1.  Reality TV

.....in general.  BravoTV, more specifically.  I am addicted to just about all of the Bravo shows.  My family and friends think I'm crazy as they don't watch any of them.  My favorites are, of course, all of The Real Housewives shows.  I'm also addicted to The Hills and The City on MTV. 

2.  Gossip Magazines

Mostly I read Us Weekly and People, but sometimes I will also pick-up InTouch and Life & Style.

I have never admitted this, but I have bought The National Enquirer and The Star a couple of times in the past.  My family and friends don't know this.  They would be very disappointed!! haha


Monday, June 14, 2010

My weekend of shopping, good deals, and relaxing

Happy Monday to All.....

I had a nice, relaxing weekend and I hope you did too!

On Saturday morning I went over to Old Navy and picked up 5 (the maximum) tank tops for $2.00 each.  They were just the basic ribbed type--great for hanging out around the house or for running.  These are the 5 I got:

Peach, red, blue, and 2 black tanks.  I was going to go back in the afternoon and get more, but I went to several garage sales and by the time I was done I was hot, exhausted and hungry!!  It ended up being a very warm day....92*F.  So, I went home, ate lunch, and sat in my backyard (in the shade) and read.  

There were so many garage sales around town on Saturday, and I ended up at most of them.  At first I couldn't figure out why none of them were very busy until I remembered it was graduation day for the big high school in town.  Well, I only ended up spending $1.50 total for 2 items:

Yes, that's a Scarlett O'Hara Hallmark Christmas ornament (circa 1997) that was originally $14.95; currently worth around $25.00;  and I paid $1.00.

Then I found this pair of earrings.  I can't wear heavy earrings anymore because of a torn hole in one of my earlobes.  This pair is super light and for .50 cents I couldn't go wrong!!  I think I was more excited with these finds then my cheap tank tops! 

Well, late in the afternoon I got a call from a friend.  She asked me to meet her for a coffee.  I agreed and met her at a local coffee shop near my house, but I'd never been to (I am a Starbucks girl).  Since it was so late in the afternoon (and hot), I really didn't want a coffee drink (I always get a hot latte). 

I don't like trying new coffee houses because I usually don't like any of the drinks.  I have a specific drink at Starbucks that I get (sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce Latte no whip) and all of the baristas at my local store know me & my drink.....kinda spoiled, yes?!? Outside of my Starbucks drink, I like water (plain old bottled h2o), fresh-brewed iced tea (NO sugar), hot tea, milk/chocolate milk and maybe twice a year either a 7UP or a Sierra Mist.  Oh, and a new one, Snapple's diet Trop-A-Rocka (sugar free)  Yep, I think that's it. 

So....I get to this coffee shop and can't figure out what I want.  After a chat with the barista, who assures me their flavored tea is freshly brewed (none of that nasty Nestea powdered stuff...yuck!) and no sugar, I agree to try the Mango iced tea.  Can I just say.......I really liked it!!  It would have been better if they had adjusted their air conditioner so that my ice didn't melt so fast (it was pretty warm in the shop)!! But otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised.  

Sunday was completely uneventful, by choice.  I relaxed in my backyard with magazines and my book.  I also watched the San Francisco Giants game in between.  And, I didn't even feel guilty about not accomplishing anything!! 

I also watched (uninterrupted) Jillian Michael's new show "Losing It" this weekend.  Is that what the show's called?  Usually the couple of times it's been on I've also been watching other shows.  I really liked it.  It's very inspiring....just like Biggest Loser, one of my favorite shows!!

This afternoon I ran to Target (my second home) and wandered around for awhile.  I wanted to try a new self-tanning product.  I almost just got Jergen's again (it was in my basket), but decided to go ahead and try one of the new products.  So, after checking all of them out, I decided to try:

I've read both good and bad things about this product.  But, it seems there were more good reviews so I am giving it a try tonight.  So, I am off to take a shower and try it out before Real Housewives of New York reunion special (part 2 of 3) and Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I'm wondering who will be leaving RHONJ "permanently" tonight??  I hope it's not Dina.....

Wish me luck with the self-tanner.  Hope it works!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Friday love......

A few things I'm in love with this week:

I made these cookies last night.  They are No Bake and easy to make.  It's a recipe from my ex-mother-in-law.  I don't know what the name of the cookie is, but I call it an Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cocoa cookie.  

This book isn't out yet, but I won it from BravoTV through Twitter.  I'm super excited to have won something and can't wait to get it and read it!!  I am a huge Real Housewives fan.....

My favorite place....AT&T Park.  Home of my San Francisco Giants.  One of the most beautiful ballparks there is!!! I'm so happy they are home this weekend ......

Canyon Coral, Pansy, and Tangerine....great summer colors

And what I'm loving most this beautiful Friday is that it is finally:


Well, not officially....but the weather is summer-like.
Which makes me very very happy!!

Have a wonderful weekend.................

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pink & Green Thursday

Saw this on Julie's blog (by a guest blogger) and thought it would be fun.....

I love these colors together because it reminds me of summer and girly stuff!!!

I like these gloves and may have to get a pair.....nothing wrong with looking good while you clean!

Just wanted a reason to post this book! It's a great summer read....

I love these candles.........

perfect for my office.......

These would make my runs w/ my Ipod even better!  Okay, a bit of a stretch, but........

I collect teapots.........

Very festive and girly!!