Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A great run and it's Biggest Loser night!!

Yesterday was overcast and rainy....which always makes me lazy!! The "old me" would have skipped any and all workouts to just sit curled up on my couch reading or watching TV. Even though I did put it off for a while, I finally did the 30 Day Shred-Day 4.

It was a sweat-fest, as usual, but I did see a little improvement in my performance! That by itself motivated me to finish the whole routine!! I really did want to quit at the beginning...I'm telling you I become totally lazy and unmotivated when it's bad weather. Why do you think I hate wintertime so much?!

Today I am going to attempt 2 workouts....I am still not motivated to get up extra early to run or do any type of workout. I think I'll change my mind once summer is here and I can't run in the late afternoon/early evening, which I prefer!! But I did manage to run late this afternoon. It was 70*F and 50% humidity.

I'm not used to running when it's humid. I usually end up not running. However, I am trying to learn to get over all of these "ridiculous" excuses I've always had and just be the focused person I really want to be! Basically, I need to get over being lazy!!

Right now I'm going to watch my San Francisco Giants "hopefully" beat the San Diego Padres. And, at 8PM The Biggest Loser is on. This will be a good one (well, aren't they all really??) because they are training for a marathon, which I hope to do someday!! Can't believe this season is almost over......

After the Biggest Loser, I will do the 30 Day Shred. Yes it'll be late, but I am really a night person. I am just hoping that I don't have any problems with my knees!!

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