Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Premiere of The Hills/The City

Well, I watched the season premieres of both The Hills and The City. Neither one disappointed. My thoughts on each show:

I was confused as to why they "hid" Heidi Montag's face in the opening scenes since she was on the cover of People Magazine after she had the surgery--the new look was not a surprise. However, I have to say there was a big difference between seeing her pictures in a magazine and seeing her "live" on TV. To be truthful.....once she started talking, her new look was quite shocking. She really does look like a completely different girl and that isn't a complement. Her face looked rubbery and she couldn't really move it. Watching her try to eat was painful to see....and apparently painful for her to do. I totally feel for her mother. I don't have kids, but I can only imagine what she must be thinking & going through. Even her sister looked distraught.

As for the other girls, Audrina Patridge looks like she had her lips plumped some more. After watching all of the seasons it looks like she plumped them a little bit last season and this year they look even bigger. No she doesn't have big lips now, but she had a very very thin upper lip originally and now it's fuller.

Seeing Lo Bosworth confused me. She's friends with Lauren Conrad, who is no longer on the show. Why is she still on since she really has no ties to anyone else!? She doesn't bring anything interesting to the show, so why is she there??

Kristin Cavallari is still Kristin...doing her own thing. I'm a little confused as to why the girls confronted her w/drug & alcohol accusations just because she didn't return their calls/texts? Is there more to that story that they didn't broadcast, or is it just scripted in to add more interest? I don't feel that is a subject to joke about as that can ruin someones reputation! And to be accused of having a drug/alcohol problem because she's lost weight or that her legs are "too skinny"....huh?? She doesn't look any thinner than last season, so I don't really know what that was all about??

Well, can't wait for the season to unfold.....that would be great if they could get Lauren to come back for the last few shows. I'd like to see what would happen if she and Kristin came face to face again......

As for The City, I enjoyed it more than the first season. I like the Olivia v Erin "feud". It'll be interesting to see what happens.

As for Whitney, her show went well, although why is Roxy still there? She seems a little flaky to me, but that's just my opinion!

Also, love seeing Kelly Cutrone. I didn't get her too much the first season, but since watching the old Hills episodes when she was introduced and then becoming totally addicted to HER reality show Kell On Earth on the Bravo channel, I have come to really like and enjoy her!! I loved that she was so supportive of Whitney and really wanted her to savor that moment.

Again, can't wait until next week's episode!!

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