Sunday, April 25, 2010

One week to go.....

Last week I signed up for my very first 5K race. It's next Saturday, May 1st, and I am getting more nervous as the day creeps closer.

I have been training per my schedule and am feeling pretty good. I'm currently running 2 minutes/walking 3 minutes x 9 rep's. I was going to increase it this week to stay on schedule (2 min each run/walk X 10 reps)but may stay where I am until after the race--we'll see how I feel.

During my run/walk the other day I went for 3 miles and my time was 45:33. My longest run this month has been 3.4 miles so I know I will be fine.

I've read so many books & magazines. They all say to not worry about time for my first race, that I should only be concerned with finishing. I do understand that--logically--however, my competitive side jumps in and wants to have the best time in my age group. (who am I kidding?! I would love to win it--but, in my dreams!)

I'm only going to run twice this week, but I will include cross training: strength training and yoga. I have to make sure I take care of my calf muscles. They tend to get tight and that will cause injuries that I do not want or need.

Today I went for my run...but it was still 82 degrees outside at 5:00pm. So I ended up only doing 2 miles and did a walk/run as usual but didn't time anything. I had my ipod and just ran then walked when I thought I should. I ended up doing that 2 miles in 30 minutes exactly.

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