Saturday, April 10, 2010

My love of Baseball & how I started scorekeeping

Baseball is my favorite sport! My love for it started as a young girl listening to the games on the radio, & then later, going to watch my brother play Little League. At the age of 9 a friend of my moms (who was also the wife of my brothers coach)asked me to be a scorekeeper. I said okay & she took me to a class to learn.

I've always wondered if anyone else started as a scorekeeper at this young age. The other scorekeepers I saw were adults. In junior high we moved & there was no Little League in the new town, so my brother played in a Babe Ruth League and I became a scorekeeper.

In high school I was the head scorekeeper for the varsity baseball team. I enjoyed my time & the team was good--they ended up league champs. I've always taken my job as scorekeeper very seriously and was always fair & honest. I never played favorites, even for my brother.

I remember once my brother got on base & I listed it as an error. Our coach didn't think so & requested I change it to a hit. I refused. He fought me on it & felt I was being unfair to my brother. I don't remember if it was ever changed by the coach. I know I never did. My brother never got mad at me for it.

I also was a stat for the girls varsity basketball team. I kept track of the rebounds. I have never really liked basketball and don't really understand the game. The coach explained what I was supposed to record & I did it. Don't ask me anything else about basketball, because I have no idea!

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