Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hills and The City

I have definitely become a "reality show whore" (for lack of a better term). I just started watching The Hills last season when Kristin Cavallari came on. Never saw Laguna Beach or The Hills when Lauren Conrad was on.

Since I hadn't seen previous seasons of the show I wasn't familiar with the people on both The Hills and The City.

I enjoyed watching The Hills because of Kristin. I had heard that people didn't like her and I couldn't figure out why. I like the fact that she lives her life and isn't defined by a guy. In my opinion, more girls/women should be like that--they'd probably be much happier, instead of letting some guy manipulate and use them!

I didn't care for The City that first season because, again, I hadn't seen The Hills when Whitney Port was on and wasn't familiar with anyone on the show. However, I did keep watching each week.

Well, thanks to KRON channel 4, which re-broadcasts The Hills and, more currently, Laguna Beach I have been able to get caught up on all of these people. Now, a lot more makes sense to me....but I still like Kristin...."the man-eater"! lol

I didn't realize until late afternoon on Saturday that there was a weekend marathon for The Hills on MTV getting ready for the 6th and final season. Watching them right after the other is a lot different then waiting a day or a week to see the next episode.

While watching the marathon a thought came to me. Even though it's a scripted reality show and mostly fluff....I realized that it does have a purpose of sorts. We didn't have shows like this when I was in my early 20's, which is where these girls are now. This show, with all of its ridiculousness, made me think of where I was at their age. Maybe because I am older and "have lived a little", as they say, I have a different perspective than someone that age and I can appreciate this show for what it is, or could be.

The girls are trying to find their way in this crazy world, both personally and professionally. I think it is inspiring to see them going after dreams (even scripted ones). Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail--that's real life! Girls can be inspired to go after their own dreams by watching both of these shows, if they wade through the fluff stuff....

I have been happily anticipating the new season for both shows and am excited that the premieres are tonight.

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